Future Shock - Recap

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April 29, 2010

8:42 p.m.

At the Inmate Reception Center, Mark waits in a cell and considers the friendship bracelet his daughter gave him.

Olivia and Charlie sit on the beach and watch the fireworks in the distance.

Nicole sits alone at Bryce's home and looks at his sketch of Keiko. She picks up her car keys and leaves.

Keiko and her mother Yuuka at are LAX, preparing to take a flight back to Japan. Keiko insists that she needs to stay and find the man from her flashforward, but Yuuka wants her home.

At the Immigration Center, Bryce tries to locate Keiko. The guard informs him that Keiko was released an hour ago and is less than forthcoming with information about her Keiko's release. When Bryce notices that the guard is reading a romance novel, he describes his flashforward. She isn't impressed, but she accepts a $100 bribe to give him Keiko's phone number.

In Afghanistan, Aaron kneels over Tracy's corpse and wonders how he could have seen her alive in his flashforward. Kahmir examines her and finds a faint pulse, and manages to revive her. Aaron promises her that if she stays alive, they'll wind up where they're supposed to be.

Demetri, Janis, and Simon arrive at a NLAP . Simon insists that if he can access the mainframe, he can destroy the rest of the conspiracy. Janis reminds him that the plan is to identify the remaining conspirators. Simon explains that he needs to get his scanner near the security guard's access card so it can transmit to Simon's cell phone so he can open the gate. Demetri is still suspicious of the scientist's motives, and admits he is only going along because he trusts Janis' judgment. Janis starts to feel abdominal pains and Demetri wants to get her to the hospital. However, she insists that they go ahead with the plan, and asks Demetri to do it for her. Demetri reluctantly agrees.

Stan comes to get Mark released and wonders if he'll regret doing it.

9:02 p.m.

As he drives, Stan admits that he bears some of the responsibility for Mark snapping at Hellinger, and that he wasn't keeping an eye on his friend's personal burdens. They get a call that security has found two bombs in FBI Headquarters, and they suspect there's more. Stan calls in the bomb squad and they head for the office.

Janis drives up to the access point security booth while Simon and Demetri get to the gate. She manages to get close to the guard by claiming she's ill, and scans his access guard. Demetri worries that she looks truly ill, but Simon insists the guard will get her to the hospital and gets them inside.

On the beach, Charlie wants to go home. Olivia tries to explain and her daughter wonders if things can change. Lloyd and Dylan arrive, and Lloyd explains that he found them by having his FBI escort contact Olivia's FBI escort. He insists that they have to be together at her house to solve the formula. Olivia refuses but Lloyd insists that she has to be there, just as Gabriel said.

Bryce leaves the immigration center and starts to call the sushi restaurant using the number the guard gave him, and finds Nicole outside. She apologizes for hiding her knowledge of Keiko, and Bryce explains that it's all destined and he has to find Keiko. Nicole tells him to go and Bryce walks away.

At the airport, Keiko and Yuuka are going through security. Looking at her daughter and realizing her feelings, Yuuka tells her to run and then attacks the guards and demand that everyone pay attention to her.

As they arrive at FBI Headquarters, Mark insists that they need to determine who the bombers are after. Stan tells him to stay in the car and calls Aaron to talk to Mark. Mark explains what happened and Aaron tells him that people have to make their own choices. He wishes his friend well and hangs up. Mark notices a FBI escort bringing Hellinger out and gets out to confront the man. Hellinger taunts him again, warning that there's nothing for him in the building but Mark refuses to respond, and explains that he let Hellinger distract him before. As he leaves, Hellinger signals to two of his men, disguised as bomb squad members, and they go inside.

9:32 p.m.

Olivia brings Lloyd and their children home. As Charlie and Dylan run off, Olivia wonders what they do next and Lloyd says that they have to take their positions, but he'll keep his shirt on.

At the NLAP access point, Simon goes in first and the door closes behind him. Demetri insists it's a trick, until Simon uses the override to get the door open. To demonstrate he can be trusted, Simon gives Demetri the QED ring.

At FBI Headquarters, the bomb squads locate more explosives. Vogel confirms the information with Mark, who prepares to go inside. As he goes, he tells Vogel to secure Lloyd at the Benford house. Vogel admits that he saw himself there in his flashforward, and that he was telling another agent that Mark was dead. He insists that they need Mark alive as well as Lloyd.

At the house, Olivia and Lloyd discover that Dylan is writing the equation from Lloyd's flashforward on the bedroom mirror, just as Lloyd saw it. Lloyd realizes his son memorized it that afternoon. Charlie takes Dylan downstairs, while Lloyd explains that the formula links the QED, the blueprint, and the flashforward together using the tachyon constant. He has to solve it now.

Hellinger's six men don masks, get out weapons, and kill a bomb squad team.

Janis arrives at the hospital and finds the ultrasound doctor, Sarah Long, waiting for her in expectation of her flashforward of treating Janis.

Vreede tells Stan that Mark is in the building, and they have 23 minutes to get him out before the building goes.

At the house, Olivia realizes that answers will come at the proper time, and because both of them are there at that moment, and that despite her efforts the future they saw has come to pass. When Lloyd wonders if she means everything she saw, Olivia kisses him.

As Stan and Vreede head upstairs, they hear gunshots above. They split up.

In his office, Mark studies the Mosaic board and realizes he's exactly where he's supposed to be.

Bryce tries to get into the sushi restaurant but there's a private party. However, the waitress, Kitomi, realizes that Bryce is the man that Keiko described on her previous visits and gets him inside.

Keiko's taxi is caught in traffic. She finally pays the cabbie, gets out, and starts running to the sushi restaurant.

Nicole is driving home. Distracted, she swerves into the other line. To avoid an oncoming car, she swerves again, goes off the road, and into a lake where the car sinks.

9:55 p.m.

At NLAP, Simon searches for the missing file. He gets out some beers and assures Demetri that Janis will be okay because she saw that she was in her flashforward. Simon then prepares to send Lloyd the cell phone greeting that Lloyd saw in his flashforward.

It's 10 o'clock.

Keiko runs to the restaurant.

Bryce waits for her.

Nicole sinks to the bottom of the lake.

In Afghanistan, Tracy looks up at Aaron.

Janis watches her child on the ultrasound monitor.

Lloyd gets the text from Simon, complete with the wave call sign, and calls Mark. He explains that the wave is the key to the solution, and shows that the next Blackout will occur within the next two days.

Keiko runs inside and spots Bryce. She goes to him and they smile at each other.

A man hovers above Nicole as she drowns.

Dr. Long assures Janis that the baby's fine. However, unlike her flashforward, the baby is a boy.

Olivia looks down from the balcony and sees Lloyd in her living room, working on his equations.

Vreede and Stan have a running gun battle with the intruders, and Stan takes cover in the men's restroom.

At NLAP, Demetri is relieved that they have reached their future point.

Mark goes over the Mosaic board and realizes that Gabriel rearranged the strings. He gets out Gabriel's sketchbook, traces the strings, and realizes they lead to words and letters on the board. They spell out April 29, 10:14 p.m. The next Blackout is in 12 minutes. Outside, the elevator doors open and three gunmen emerge.

Simon realizes the conspirators copied the entire mainframe and created a clone as a decoy. Using his access, he's able to see the original system and bring it up, and gives Demetri all the information available on the conspirators.

Charlie looks outside and sees Vogel receiving a call. Olivia sends her to play with Dylan, and overhears Vogel telling the FBI agent watching the house that Mark must be dead, because he ran into the building and doesn't have a chance.

When the gunmen hear Mark's cell phone ring in his office, they open fire.

The man, Ed, gets Nicole to shore and helps revive her, and explains what happened. He explains that he saw himself rescuing her in his flashforward and was worried that he might have failed.

Simon and Demetri are celebrating when Simon realizes that someone is accessing the mainframe system from outside, and are activating the accelerator.

Two of the gunmen enter Mark's office, unaware that he's hiding in the ventilator shaft. He emerges and shoots them, as the other two gunmen move in.

Demetri orders Simon to move away from the control.

Mark fires on the remaining gunmen.

Simon insists that he's innocent, and he won't let the conspirators use his machine to kill millions in the next Blackout. He tells Demetri to shoot him if he has to and then tries to abort the sequence. Demetri lowers his gun.

A gunman enters the bathroom and Stan, hiding in a stall, shoots him dead.

As Mark dodges the gunmen, he notices one of the bombs, with 8 minutes left before it explodes. He calls for the elevator and moves away. When it arrives, the gunmen open fire and Mark shoots them from behind. He then calls Stan and tells him about the next Blackout, and that he needs to warn everyone. Stan orders him out but Mark ignores him and repeats his warning. As Stan gets out to call the White House, more gunmen close in on Mark.

As the world mobilizes, Mark calls Olivia at home and warns her to get Charlie somewhere safe in the next two minutes. He tells her that he loves them both and hangs up.

Demetri learns that President Segovia is issuing an alert. He gives the QED ring to Simon, saying that this time he wants to see his future. Simon declines to put it on, saying the here and now is his future.

The gunmen fire at Mark, who kills another one. With 39 seconds left, Mark runs for the window and the helicopter outside.

Simon is unable to stop the accelerator. He and Demetri brace themselves as the accelerator activates and another Blackout sweeps the world.

Across the world, people have flashforwards of three years in the future.

Bryce and Keiko black out, holding hands.

Lita, wearing a QED ring, abducts an unconscious Janis from the hospital.

In Charlie's flashforward, she sees herself telling someone that they finally found Mark.

As people begin to wake up, FBI Headquarters blows up.