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Revelations - Recap

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Zarkov is arrested in Nascent City after becoming stranded on Mongo with Flash and Baylin. His curiosity in the holographic projection of Ming got him nabbed....don't touch the benevolent ruler's hologram or else. Once imprisoned, the scientist meets Krebb, an inmate who has information about Flash's missing father. Ming has the priests tell him the future, which is that his time will soon be over on Mongo due to the great warrior.

Flash and Baylin break Zarkov out of jail but he is unconscious due to beomg stunned by a guard. They are almost out of the city when he regains consciousness and tells Flash about Krebb, which makes Flash head back to the cells to free him. Flash is caught and Rankin has him thrown in a cell with Krebb where he tells Flash all about his father... even his execution.

The guards arrive to lead him to his own execution but they turn out to be the priests. The knock him unconscious and return him to Earth. Flash is back home and heartbroken at his fathers supposed death. The episode ends with Rankin releasing Krebb for lying to Flash about his father. Rankin's true colors are now shown... he is willing to aid in the defeat of Ming.