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Season 5

The Final Salute

Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau and Sergio Di Zio answer questions about the series and their relationships from ETALK’s Ben Mulroney.
Guest Stars: Enrico Colantoni as Himself | Hugh Dillon as Himself | David Paetkau as Himself | Sergio Di Zio as Himself | Amy Jo Johnson as Herself |
Guest Hosts: Ben Mulroney as Himself

63 :05x01 - Broken Peace

Team One tears through the city in pursuit of James Mitchell, an armed and volatile man hunting for his ex-wife Michelle. James’s frantic daughter May fills the team in on the history of violence and abuse that she and her mother have escaped. As the team corners James on a hotel rooftop, a shocking turn forces Ed into taking a tragic shot he wasn’t prepared for.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Ty Olsson as James Mitchell | Brook Palsson as May Dalton | Lisa Houle as Michelle Dalton |
Co-Guest Stars: Tyler Stentiford as Clark Lane | Jack Knight (3) as Dean Parker | Robert Fulton as Landlord | Aidan Shipley as Tobias | Milton Barnes as David | Roger Shank as Hotel Resident Manager | Doug Murray as Keith | Tom Barnett as Blair Kowalski
Director: Kelly Makin
Songs: Aengus Finnan -- My Heart Has Wings

64 :05x02 - No Kind of Life

Dr. Jason Alston has been taken at gunpoint and Team One is called to his office building. As the team clears the building, Sam and Jason are caught in a critical situation with the gunman. What is Jason's history with the gunman and will it help get them out of hot water?
Guest Stars: Shawn Doyle as Brandon Rogen | David Julian Hirsh as Dr. Jason Alston | Peter Dacunha as Curtis Rogan |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | Brett Ryan as Detective Hartley | Daniel Beirne as Andrew | Tricia Braun as Abby Morgan | Elizabeth Lennie as Receptionist Trudy | Carson Durven as Motel Manager | Reed Clare as Nick Hastings
Director: Kelly Makin
Songs: Adaline -- Cost Is Too High (Not to Love)

65 :05x03 - Run To Me

Team One locks down a robbery in progress at a busy downtown bank only to discover Sarah and Maddie – two young con artists who are under the thumb of dangerous ‘mentor,’ Pete Joris. When Pete turns violent, Sarah is determined to cut him from their lives – while Jules and the Team race to stop her before she becomes his next victim.
Guest Stars: Clare Stone as Sarah Catherine Porter | Katharine Isabelle as Madeleine "Maddie" Sullivan | Keram Malicki-Sanchez as Pete Joris |
Co-Guest Stars: Julian Robino as Bobby | Aldrin Bundoc as Walter | Seamus Morrison as Stuart | Justin Goodhand as Frat Boy | Amber Cull as Teller | TJ Cheslea as EMT |
Uncredited: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden
Writer: Adam Barken
Songs: Justin Hines -- Days to Recall

66 :05x04 - Eyes In

Team One is stunned when someone hacks into their ultra-secure computer system – to show the team the video of a crime in progress.

Source: CTV
Guest Stars: Kris Lemche as Stuart | Meaghan Rath as Rebecca Vaughan | Adam MacDonald as Eric Moore | Maria del Mar as Detective Wendy Travis | Aidan Devine as Terry Burnett |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | Scott McCrickard as Trucker | Leon Aureus as Dave | Gavin Fox as Paul
Director: David Frazee
Songs: Adaline -- We've Got Something

67 :05x05 - Sons of the Father

When a serial killer abducts a nurse, the team turns to his brother for help.
Guest Stars: Chad E. Donella as Colin Hunter | Andrew Francis as Allan Thompson | Sarah Manninen as Peggy Walsh | Lisa Houle as Michelle Dalton | Maurice Dean Wint as Rene Meyer |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden
Songs: Matthew Perryman Jones -- Homage for the Suffering, Matthew Perryman Jones -- Homage for the Suffering

68 :05x06 - Below the Surface

A war breaks out between biker gangs and a bomb explodes in a suburban neighborhood. Team One tries to defuse a second bomb, and help a wounded informant.
Guest Stars: Debra McCabe as Det. Kate Andrews (as Debra Lynne McCabe) | Jonathan Keltz as Luke | Adrian G. Griffiths as Walter McHale | Grant Nickalls as Brian |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden
Director: Brett Sullivan
Songs: Libby Weaver -- Too Many To Mend

69 :05x07 - Forget Oblivion

A young man with a brilliant memory is abducted and forced to remember the specifications for a new "smart gun" in a high tech research facility.
Guest Stars: Sebastian Pigott as Elliot Thaine | Tara Spencer-Nairn as Dr. Lainie Summers | Brennan Elliott as Jay Penak | Dion Johnstone as Barnaby Howe |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | Paula Brancati as Carla | Damir Andrei as Trevor | Steve Belford as Aaron | Michael Reventar as Marshall
Director: Kelly Makin
Songs: Trent Dabbs -- Come to Life

70 :05x08 - We Take Care of Our Own

Team One gets involved when ex-soldiers take over an armored truck carrying more than two million dollars.
Guest Stars: Steve Bacic as Sgt. Robert Gray | Mark Lutz as Bishop | Demore Barnes as Camp | Jacob Blair as Doug Forbes | Elizabeth Whitmere as Kondraski |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden
Songs: Michael Lowman -- What I See

71 :05x09 - Lawmen

Parker and Ed's sons join Team One on a routine call. A shootout changes the situation though, making circumstances much more dangerous.
Guest Stars: Roark Critchlow as Staff Sergeant Matt McGrath | Tyler Stentiford as Clark Lane | Jack Knight (3) as Dean Parker | Paul Popowich as Jake | Dylan Everett as Dylan | Trevor Hayes as Cam Weyler |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden
Director: David Frazee
Songs: Tin Star Orphans -- Men with Guns

72 :05x10 - A World of Their Own

A deaf boy and his desperate uncle protect their land.
Guest Stars: Andrew Walker as Cole Berkley | Connor Price as Noah Berkley | John Ralston as Senator Mark Drury | Leah Pinsent as Charlotte Drury | David Richmond-Peck as Franklin Hess |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | Jack Knight (3) as Dean Parker
Writer: Alex Levine

73 :05x11 - Fit for Duty

An armed and disturbed man carrying a suspicious package, is confronted by Team One on a ferry. Ed faces down his recent traumatic experiences.
Guest Stars: Suleka Mathew as Ed's Psychologist | A.J. Buckley as Harold Beamer | Zoie Palmer as Jordana Hauser |
Co-Guest Stars: Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | Tyler Stentiford as Clark Lane
Director: David Frazee
Writer: Adam Barken

74 :05x12 - Keep the Peace (Part 1)

Part one of the series finale pits Team One against a serial bomber who is attacking the city's support infrastructure.
Guest Stars: Jessica Steen as Donna Sabine | Lloyd Robertson as Himself | Tyler Stentiford as Clark Lane | Jack Knight (3) as Dean Parker | Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | Catherine Disher as Nina | Amanda Brugel as Trish | James Pizzinato as Marcus Faber | Michelle Nolden as Professor Monica Butler | Dean Armstrong as Anson Holt | Michael Cram as Kevin 'Wordy' Wordsworth
Director: Kelly Makin

75 :05x13 - Keep the Peace (Part 2)

Team One continues the pursuit of the serial bomber in part two of the series finale. An unexpected twist puts a team member in serious danger, and the team must split up to defuse multiple bombs. The final confrontation with the bomber changes Team One forever.
Guest Stars: Tyler Stentiford as Clark Lane | Jack Knight (3) as Dean Parker | Tattiawna Jones as Winnie Camden | James Pizzinato as Marcus Faber | David Keeley as Mr. James (Tony's father) | Jeff Lillico as Tony James | Dean Armstrong as Anson Holt | Christopher Russell (2) as Barry | Jon McLaren as Jason (Firefighter) | Sonya Salomaa as Marina Levin
Director: David Frazee
Songs: Dala -- This Moment Is a Flash
Warning: Flashpoint guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller
Status: Ended
Network: CTV ( Canada)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 11, 2008
Ended: December 13, 2012
Episode Order: 13
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