Shockwave - Recap

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Flashpoint "Shockwave" 4.07 CTV, 4.13 CBS 08-19-11 CBS Season Finale My highlights with comments in BOLD . Spike trying to get a code, Ed telling him to leave. 3 hours earlier: Spike talking to his dad in hospital about sports. Spike goes for nurse, his dad is coughing hard. Dr. Jamal says dad can go home. Spike gets a call and has to go to work. Suspicions big at a tower. Team One moves in. Spike and Raf go in with the sniffer. Sam clears the building. Sam finds 2nd bomb. One blows. Ed and Jules goes in , a man down. Spike and Raf get up. Greg fills in Firefighter for search. Employees are trapped and Sam is down. EMS come in. Spike has an idea. Bomb is in Fedex style box. Jules evacuating building. They have maybe 5 minutes. Spike is worried. Raf asks Security to keep order. "Boom" say Raf. "That's the technical term" says Spike. Sam wakes up.

Wrecker backs In. Ed is coming in. Dave in EMS wants to help. Greg and Jules trying to figure out the motive. Rania is a pinned woman. Steve and Ben in there to. She asks Security Guard Tony to calm her. Charge set, Ed out. Hole blows in wall. Dave sends meds in and tells Sam how to administer them. Steve and Ben argue over who's next going out. Tony says to take his place. Winnie has a message form the bomber. Greg talk to bomber. Winnie knows to trace it Ed!! Spike don't believe he is the bomber. Just a credit hound. Unis arrest him. Lucas Braft manager of Llewlyn branch. It is a missile company. Alexi Kanisky is a problem. Jules heads for his house. Spike gets a call from Ma about dad. He later finds out Tony is Alexi. Team in bld. confers. Sam gets Tony's help. Jules at his home. Co- worker Barb Lewis talks to Greg.Says he's a good guy but thinks he was framed. Jules checks his projects. Ronia is out. Tourniquet on leg. Send her up first. Spike talks to Tony. Raf and Sam has their guns on him. He won't help Spike. Tony is frisked. Jules found info. They screwed him. Raf and Sam are out. Tony talks about his Mom. Spike talks about his dad. Spike figures the code out. Tony gives answer. It was his mom's name. Ed don't want to leave but does finally. Spike did it!!! Relief!! ! Tony helps Spike out. Big Hugs. Spike heads to his dads side. Jules takes Sam to Emergency room. Spike is with his mom and dad. Dad is scared. We all are! Great Season Ender for CBS!!!