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Forensic Files

  All Seasons (Episode Guide) (With Recaps) Season 15 »
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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 21/Apr/1996 The Disappearance of Helle Crafts N/A
2 1x02 03/Oct/1996 The Magic Bullet N/A
3 1x03 10/Oct/1996 The House That Roared N/A
4 1x04 17/Oct/1996 The Footpath Murders N/A
5 1x05 23/Oct/1996 Planted Evidence N/A
6 1x06 31/Oct/1996 Southside Strangler N/A
7 1x07 07/Nov/1996 Legionnaire's Disease N/A
8 1x08 14/Nov/1996 The Wilson Murder N/A
9 1x09 21/Nov/1996 Deadly Neighborhoods N/A
10 1x10 28/Nov/1996 Insect Clues N/A
11 1x11 05/Dec/1996 Outbreak N/A
12 1x12 12/Dec/1996 The List Murders N/A
13 1x13 19/Dec/1996 Raw Terror N/A
77 1x77 29/Nov/2002 Scratching the Surface N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
14 2x01 02/Oct/1997 The Common Thread N/A
15 2x02 09/Oct/1997 The Dirty Deed N/A
16 2x03 16/Oct/1997 Killer Fog N/A
17 2x04 23/Oct/1997 Sex, Lies and DNA N/A
18 2x05 30/Oct/1997 Bitter potion N/A
19 2x06 06/Nov/1997 The Blood Trail N/A
20 2x07 13/Nov/1997 Fatal Fungus N/A
21 2x08 20/Nov/1997 Charred Remains N/A
22 2x09 27/Nov/1997 Something's Fishy N/A
23 2x10 04/Dec/1997 Sealed with a Kiss N/A
24 2x11 11/Dec/1997 Postal Mortem N/A
25 2x12 18/Dec/1997 Micro-clues N/A
26 2x13 25/Dec/1997 Deadly Parasites N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 3x01 01/Oct/1998 Without a Trace N/A
28 3x02 08/Oct/1998 Knot for Everyone N/A
29 3x03 15/Oct/1998 The Talking Skull N/A
30 3x04 22/Oct/1998 Foreign Body N/A
31 3x05 29/Oct/1998 Deadly Delivery N/A
32 3x06 05/Nov/1998 Similar Circumstances N/A
33 3x07 12/Nov/1998 Grave Evidence N/A
34 3x08 19/Nov/1998 Deadly Formula N/A
35 3x09 26/Nov/1998 Beaten By a Hair N/A
36 3x10 03/Dec/1998 Crime Seen N/A
37 3x11 10/Dec/1998 Speck of Evidence N/A
38 3x12 17/Dec/1998 Broken Bond N/A
39 3x13 24/Dec/1998 Out of the Ashes N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
40 4x01 29/Sep/1999 Palm Sunday N/A
41 4x02 06/Oct/1999 Invisible Intruder N/A
42 4x03 13/Oct/1999 The Killing Room N/A
43 4x04 20/Oct/1999 Ultimate Betrayal N/A
44 4x05 27/Oct/1999 Cement the Case N/A
45 4x06 03/Nov/1999 Innocence Lost N/A
46 4x07 10/Nov/1999 'Til Death Do Us Part N/A
47 4x08 17/Nov/1999 Ties That Bind N/A
48 4x09 24/Nov/1999 Body of Evidence N/A
49 4x10 01/Dec/1999 Accident or Murder? N/A
50 4x11 08/Dec/1999 Core Evidence N/A
51 4x12 15/Dec/1999 Haunting Vision N/A
52 4x13 22/Dec/1999 With Every Breath N/A
53 4x14 29/Dec/1999 Slippery Motives N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
54 5x01 12/Sep/2000 Badge of Deceit N/A
55 5x02 19/Sep/2000 Dew Process N/A
56 5x03 26/Sep/2000 A Woman Scorned N/A
57 5x04 03/Oct/2000 A Voice from Beyond N/A
58 5x05 10/Oct/2000 Burning Ambition N/A
59 5x06 17/Oct/2000 Memories N/A
60 5x07 24/Oct/2000 Trail of Truth N/A
61 5x08 31/Oct/2000 Material Evidence N/A
62 5x09 07/Nov/2000 Killigraphy N/A
63 5x10 14/Nov/2000 Nursery Crimes N/A
64 5x11 21/Nov/2000 Lasting Impression N/A
65 5x12 28/Nov/2000 Foundation of Lies N/A
66 5x13 05/Dec/2000 Deadly Knowledge N/A
67 5x14 12/Dec/2000 Broken Promises N/A
68 5x15 19/Dec/2000 Time Will Tell N/A
69 5x16 26/Dec/2000 Second Shot at Love N/A
70 5x17 02/Jan/2001 Journey to Justice N/A
71 5x18 09/Jan/2001 Video Diary N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
72 6x01 21/May/2001 Missing in Time N/A
73 6x02 28/May/2001 Missing Pearl N/A
74 6x03 04/Jun/2001 Man's Best Friend N/A
75 6x04 11/Jun/2001 Hand Delivered N/A
76 6x05 18/Jun/2001 Death Play N/A
77 6x06 25/Jun/2001 Fire Dot Com N/A
78 6x07 02/Jul/2001 Mistaken for Dead N/A
79 6x08 09/Jul/2001 Frozen Evidence N/A
80 6x09 16/Jul/2001 Soft Toiuch N/A
81 6x10 23/Jul/2001 Church Disappearance N/A
82 6x11 30/Jul/2001 Photo Finish N/A
83 6x12 06/Aug/2001 Whodunit N/A
84 6x13 13/Aug/2001 Horse Play N/A
85 6x14 20/Aug/2001 Treads and Threads N/A
86 6x15 27/Aug/2001 Killer's 'Cattle' Logs N/A
87 6x16 03/Sep/2001 Skin of Her Teeth N/A
88 6x17 10/Sep/2001 Line of Fire N/A
89 6x18 17/Sep/2001 Bad Blood N/A
90 6x19 24/Sep/2001 Pure Evil N/A
91 6x20 01/Oct/2001 Root of all Evil N/A
92 6x21 08/Oct/2001 Where the Blood Drops N/A
93 6x22 15/Oct/2001 Punch Line N/A
94 6x23 22/Oct/2001 Sibling Rivalry N/A
95 6x24 29/Oct/2001 Pastoral Care N/A
96 6x25 05/Nov/2001 Bagging a Killer N/A
97 6x26 12/Nov/2001 Double Trouble N/A
98 6x27 19/Nov/2001 Cats, Flies and Snapshots N/A
99 6x28 26/Nov/2001 Naked Justice N/A
100 6x29 03/Dec/2001 Treading Not So Lightly N/A
101 6x30 10/Dec/2001 Shopping Spree N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
102 7x01 00//2002 The Cheater N/A
103 7x02 08/Jan/2002 Forever Hold Your Peace N/A
104 7x03 15/Jan/2002 Reel Danger N/A
105 7x04 22/Jan/2002 Who's Your Daddy N/A
106 7x05 29/Jan/2002 The Alibi N/A
107 7x06 05/Feb/2002 A Bite Out Of Crime N/A
108 7x07 12/Feb/2002 The Purr-fect Match N/A
109 7x08 19/Feb/2002 Bio-attack N/A
110 7x09 26/Feb/2002 A Shot In The Dark N/A
111 7x10 05/Mar/2002 Without A Prayer N/A
112 7x11 12/Mar/2002 A Clutch Of Witnesses N/A
113 7x12 19/Mar/2002 Scout's Honour N/A
114 7x13 26/Mar/2002 A Touching Recollection N/A
115 7x14 02/Apr/2002 A Leg To Stand On N/A
116 7x15 09/Apr/2002 Partners In Crime N/A
122 7x21 21/May/2002 Telltale Tracks N/A
123 7x22 28/May/2002 Frozen In Time N/A
124 7x23 04/Jun/2002 Cold Storage N/A
125 7x24 11/Jun/2002 Extreme Makeover N/A
127 7x26 25/Jun/2002 Palm Print Conviction N/A
135 7x34 20/Aug/2002 Fire Proof N/A
138 7x37 10/Sep/2002 Breaking The Mold N/A
140 7x39 24/Sep/2002 Marathonman N/A
141 7x40 01/Oct/2002 The Sniper's Trail N/A
142 7x41 08/Oct/2002 Plastic Fire N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
322 8x01 01/Jan/2003 Dessert Served Cold N/A
323 8x02 Unknown The Music Case N/A
324 8x03 22/Jan/2003 Paintball N/A
325 8x04 29/Jan/2003 Chief Suspect N/A
326 8x05 02/Feb/2003 Shadow Of A Doubt N/A
327 8x06 12/Feb/2003 Tourist Trap N/A
328 8x07 19/Feb/2003 Once Bitten N/A
329 8x08 26/Feb/2003 A Tight Leash N/A
330 8x09 05/Mar/2003 Shot Of Vengeance N/A
331 8x10 12/Mar/2003 Dinner And A Movie N/A
332 8x11 19/Mar/2003 A Wrong Foot N/A
333 8x12 26/Mar/2003 Order Up N/A
334 8x13 02/Apr/2003 As the Tide Turns N/A
335 8x14 09/Apr/2003 A Welcome Intrusion N/A
336 8x15 16/Apr/2003 Within Arms Reach N/A
337 8x16 23/Apr/2003 Private Thoughts N/A
338 8x17 30/Apr/2003 Bump in the Night N/A
339 8x18 07/May/2003 Hair Of The Dog N/A
340 8x19 14/May/2003 Breaking News N/A
341 8x20 21/May/2003 All The World's A Stage N/A
342 8x21 28/May/2003 The Big Chill N/A
343 8x22 04/Jun/2003 Bound For Jail N/A
344 8x23 11/Jun/2003 Sphere Of Influence N/A
345 8x24 18/Jun/2003 Nailed N/A
346 8x25 25/Jun/2003 Sign Of The Zodiac N/A
347 8x26 01/Jul/2003 Letter Perfect N/A
348 8x27 08/Jul/2003 True Lies N/A
349 8x28 15/Jul/2003 Bed Of Deceit N/A
350 8x29 22/Jul/2003 Smoke In Your Eyes N/A
351 8x30 29/Jul/2003 Flower Power N/A
352 8x31 05/Aug/2003 Past Lives N/A
353 8x32 12/Aug/2003 Over and Out N/A
354 8x33 19/Aug/2003 Death By A Salesman N/A
355 8x34 26/Aug/2003 Web Of Seduction N/A
356 8x35 02/Sep/2003 Grounds For Indictment N/A
357 8x36 09/Sep/2003 Dueling Confessions N/A
358 8x37 16/Sep/2003 Traces Of Truth N/A
359 8x38 23/Sep/2003 Honor Thy Father N/A
363 8x42 30/Nov/2003 Cinderella Story N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
364 9x01 01/Jan/2004 Road Rage N/A
365 9x02 03/Jan/2004 In Harm's Way N/A
366 9x03 10/Jan/2004 No Corpus Delicti N/A
367 9x04 17/Jan/2004 News At 11 N/A
368 9x05 24/Jan/2004 Burning Desire N/A
369 9x06 31/Jan/2004 Cloak of Deceit N/A
371 9x08 14/Jan/2004 Stick 'em Up N/A
377 9x14 28/Feb/2004 Pinned By The Evidence N/A
378 9x15 04/Apr/2004 Cries Unheard N/A
379 9x16 11/Apr/2004 Buried Treasure N/A
380 9x17 18/Apr/2004 Badge Of Betrayal N/A
381 9x18 25/Apr/2004 Deadly Matrimony N/A
382 9x19 02/May/2004 Muddy Waters N/A
383 9x20 09/May/2004 Point Of Origin N/A
384 9x21 16/May/2004 Seeds For Doubt N/A
385 9x22 23/May/2004 Saving Face N/A
386 9x23 30/May/2004 Northern Exposure N/A
387 9x24 06/Jun/2004 Silk Stalkings N/A
388 9x25 13/Jun/2004 Fishing For The Truth N/A
389 9x26 20/Jun/2004 For Love Or Money N/A
390 9x27 27/Jun/2004 South Of The Border N/A
391 9x28 04/Jul/2004 The Stake-out N/A
392 9x29 11/Jul/2004 Walking Terror N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
216 10x01 27/Apr/2005 Trial By Fire N/A
217 10x02 18/May/2005 Marked For Life N/A
218 10x03 01/Jun/2005 Plastic Puzzle N/A
219 10x04 29/Jun/2005 Up In Smoke N/A
220 10x05 06/Jul/2005 Soiled Plan N/A
221 10x06 13/Jul/2005 Headquarters N/A
222 10x07 20/Jul/2005 One For The Road N/A
223 10x08 27/Jul/2005 Army Of Evidence N/A
224 10x09 03/Aug/2005 Shear Luck N/A
225 10x10 10/Aug/2005 Tagging A Suspect N/A
226 10x11 17/Aug/2005 Strong Impressions N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
273 11x17 08/Nov/2006 Internal Affair N/A

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
393 12x01 20/Jun/2007 As the Tide Turns N/A
394 12x02 27/Jun/2007 A Tight Leash N/A
395 12x03 04/Jul/2007 Muffled Cries N/A
396 12x04 11/Jul/2007 Critical Maneuver N/A
397 12x05 11/Jul/2007 Mistress of Hollywood 8
398 12x06 18/Jul/2007 Skirting the Evidence N/A
399 12x07 25/Jul/2007 Small Town Terror 10
400 12x08 01/Aug/2007 Fresh Heir N/A
401 12x09 08/Aug/2007 Season 12, Episode 9 N/A
402 12x10 15/Aug/2007 Step by Step N/A
403 12x11 22/Aug/2007 Blanket of Evidence 5
404 12x12 29/Aug/2007 Fired-Up N/A
405 12x13 05/Sep/2007 Two in a Million N/A
406 12x14 12/Sep/2007 Bitter Brew N/A
407 12x15 19/Sep/2007 Season 12, Episode 15 N/A
408 12x16 26/Sep/2007 Sharper Image N/A
409 12x17 03/Oct/2007 Insulated Evidence N/A
410 12x18 10/Oct/2007 Cold Hearted N/A
411 12x19 24/Oct/2007 Wheel of Misfortune N/A
412 12x20 31/Oct/2007 Quite a Spectacle N/A
413 12x21 07/Nov/2007 Transaction Failed N/A
414 12x22 14/Nov/2007 The Day The Music Died N/A
415 12x23 19/Nov/2007 Sole Survivor N/A
416 12x24 10/Dec/2007 Insignificant Others N/A
417 12x25 17/Dec/2007 Catch 22 N/A
418 12x26 24/Dec/2007 A Cinderella Story N/A
419 12x27 07/Jan/2008 Between the Lines N/A
420 12x28 14/Jan/2008 Season 12, Episode 28 N/A
421 12x29 21/Jan/2008 Finger Pane N/A
422 12x30 26/Feb/2008 Dog Day Afternoon N/A
423 12x31 07/Mar/2008 Shattered Innocence N/A
424 12x32 14/Mar/2008 All Butt Certain N/A
425 12x33 18/Apr/2008 Jean Pool N/A
426 12x34 09/May/2008 Traffic Violations N/A
427 12x35 23/May/2008 Brotherly Love N/A

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
428 13x01 06/Jun/2008 Disrobed N/A
429 13x02 13/Jun/2008 Freedom Fighter N/A
430 13x03 20/Jun/2008 Driven to Silence N/A
431 13x04 11/Jul/2008 Printed Proof 6
432 13x05 18/Jul/2008 About Face N/A
433 13x06 25/Jul/2008 In the Bag N/A
434 13x07 08/Aug/2008 Yes In Deed 7
435 13x08 13/Aug/2008 When the Dust Settled N/A
436 13x09 29/Aug/2008 Smoking Out a Killer N/A
437 13x10 12/Sep/2008 Frozen Assets N/A
438 13x11 19/Sep/2008 House Hunting N/A
439 13x12 03/Oct/2008 Shoot to Thrill 5.5
440 13x13 10/Oct/2008 Political Thriller N/A
441 13x14 24/Oct/2008 Double Cross N/A
442 13x15 31/Oct/2008 Dancing With The Devil N/A
443 13x16 14/Nov/2008 Last Dance N/A
444 13x17 21/Nov/2008 Constructive Criticism N/A
445 13x18 05/Dec/2008 Home Evasion N/A
446 13x19 12/Dec/2008 Window Watcher N/A
447 13x20 12/Dec/2008 Good as Gold N/A
448 13x21 19/Dec/2008 Sunday's Wake N/A
449 13x22 09/Jan/2009 Kidnapping N/A
450 13x23 16/Jan/2009 Sands of Crime N/A
451 13x24 23/Jan/2009 Calculated Coincidence 9
452 13x25 30/Jan/2009 Sworded Scheme N/A
453 13x26 20/Feb/2009 Unmasked 3
454 13x27 13/Mar/2009 Fashion Police N/A
455 13x28 03/Apr/2009 Church Dis-service N/A
456 13x29 17/Apr/2009 Seedy Intensions N/A

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
457 14x01 15/May/2009 DNA Dragnet N/A
458 14x02 22/May/2009 Smiley Face N/A
459 14x03 05/Jun/2009 Dirty Laundry N/A
460 14x04 12/Jun/2009 Drowning Sorrows N/A
461 14x05 19/Jun/2009 As Fault N/A
462 14x06 17/Jul/2009 Family Ties N/A
463 14x07 24/Jul/2009 Trouble Brewing N/A

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
464 15x01 11/Sep/2009 Black Friday N/A
465 15x02 25/Sep/2009 Dollars and Sense 7
466 15x03 16/Oct/2009 All That Glitters is Gold 7
467 15x04 30/Oct/2009 Deadly Rebellion (The Joshua Ashbrook Case) 7
468 15x05 08/Jan/2010 Separation Anxiety N/A
469 15x06 22/Jan/2010 Office Visit N/A
470 15x07 05/Feb/2010 Shoe-in for Murder N/A
471 15x08 19/Feb/2010 Family Interrupted N/A
472 15x09 12/Mar/2010 Palm Saturday N/A
473 15x10 02/Apr/2010 Runaway Love N/A
474 15x11 23/Apr/2010 Watchful Eye N/A
475 15x12 14/May/2010 Waste Mis-Management 7
476 15x13 04/Jun/2010 Dirty Little Secret 4.5
477 15x14 11/Jun/2010 Lights Out 6
478 15x15 18/Jun/2010 Pet Rock 4.5
479 15x16 25/Jun/2010 Horse Play N/A
480 15x17 02/Jul/2010 Best Foot Forward 6.3
481 15x18 16/Jul/2010 Purebread Murder 6
482 15x19 30/Jul/2010 Hear No Evil N/A
483 15x20 13/Aug/2010 Hell's Kitchen 5
484 15x21 27/Aug/2010 Three's a Crowd 4.5
485 15x22 10/Sep/2010 A Squire's Riches 5
486 15x23 24/Sep/2010 Home of the Brave 5.8
487 15x24 08/Oct/2010 Freeze Framed N/A
488 15x25 22/Oct/2010 Touch of Evil N/A
489 15x26 29/Oct/2010 Textbook Murder N/A
490 15x27 12/Nov/2010 Filtered Out N/A
491 15x28 10/Dec/2010 Water Logged 8
492 15x29 17/Dec/2010 Social Circle N/A
493 15x30 21/Jan/2011 Low Maintenance N/A
494 15x31 11/Feb/2011 Fate Date N/A
495 15x32 25/Feb/2011 Trail of a Killer 8
496 15x33 25/Mar/2011 Gone Ballistic 7
497 15x34 08/Apr/2011 Seeing Red 7.5
498 15x35 29/Apr/2011 Auto-Motive 7
499 15x36 27/May/2011 Skeleton Key 8
500 15x37 03/Jun/2011 Funeral Services 7
501 15x38 17/Jun/2011 Expert Witness 8

    Season 15 »
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Classification: Documentary
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: truTV ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 11:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 21, 1996
Ended: June 17, 2011
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