Dirty Laundry - Recap

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Narrator Paul Thomas tells case of Bob Bosely in Alexandria, Kentucky who ran a roofing business. He had a wife named Amy and was well off. One night the couple awoke to find an intruder. Shots were fired and Bob was shot. A tape is played of the 911 call Amy played. A pause is made including a loud thump. Police found Bosley in a kneeling position. Amy was bruised but was ok. She gave a description of the suspect which included him having the odor of urine.

The crime scene shows this to be a robbery at first. However, when investigators find a safe with nude photographs of a girl with the deceased, they think this is a murder.

Autopsy shows Bosley to be shot seven times. Amy said Bob might have had a couple of enemies due to him having issues with a couple of his employees. However, when this is pursued investigators find only the reverse to be true.

Focus launches on the photos with nude girl. Bob met Darla Coke one of the women in his pictures. Rumors circulate about an affair.

We see tape of Amy being interviewed. Again she gives false testimony such as the fact that Bob was the only one with a party lifestyle. Photos are uncovered showing Amy partaking in Bob’s parties.

More evidence is covered about the murder. The children of Bosley say they heard gunshots first followed by glass breaking contrary to what Amy said. Forensics back up this statement using what’s called a Refractive Index. Shell cases are found in the Bosley’s washing machine.

Investigators now suspect that Amy killed Bob. They say her motive was money. It seems that Amy was defrauding the IRS. She had declined to submit any tax documents about Bob’s roofing company. The IRS said Bob owed the IRS about 1.7 million.
Amy had embezzled without Bob’s knowledge money from his business for five years.

A breakdown of what really happened is told by Paul Thomas. Amy is charged with murder. She eventually accepts a plea deal and is given only twenty years in prison.