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Cold Hearted - Recap

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Peter Thomas talks about the case of Randy Thompson an ex fire-fighter. Thompson had several health problems. Thompson developed a stomach virus. Lynn, his wife, helped him, but Randy later died. The medical examiner finds evidence of heart trouble. Randy’s mother gets a letter from a woman who suspects that both of their sons were murdered via poisoning. The man who was poisoned was named Glen Turner. Amazingly, Glen Turnery’s wife was Lynn Turner, Randy’s wife. This fact went unnoticed. The toxicology results reported that there were no drugs on alcohol in both victims.

However, suspicions grow when it’s uncovered that Randy had a life insurance of which Lynn was eager to collect. Calcium oxalate crystals are found in Glen Turner and Randy Thompson’s tissue samples. This shows that possible poisoning took place. The reports show that antifreeze was used as a poison. Further digging into Lynn’s past show that she visited pet shelters to find out how to euphemize her cast. This is where she learned about antifreeze. It’s also revealed that Lynn had money problems giving her enough motive to kill both men for life insurance policies.

Eventually Lynn Turner was convicted of both men and given two life sentences.