Sands of Crime - Recap

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An eight year old cold case might be solved. We are shown a video Juli Busken who was pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in dance. Her parents came to pick her up at her apartment one night, but they discovered she wasn’t there. Police investigate and they get a report of a 911 call that shows that Bushken might have been kidnapped.

Later, Juli’s body is found. Evidence is found at the site of Busken’s body. Analysts find a shoe size that might reveal the killer’s size. They also find cell phone records showing that someone was using Juli’s cell after she died. They also find that Juli was shot by a 22 caliber hand gun. A month later, a tip is put in by a man who had an altercation with Juli’s killer on the day she died. The caller says the killer cut him off, and they engage in a pursuit. Forensic artist Harvey Pratt uses the caller’s testimony to make a sketch of the killer. Despite this and other evidence, the case remains unsolved for more than four years. A suspect is finally found. A guy by the name of Dennis Sturner who seemed to fit the sketch. Sturner, however, is excluded when his DNA profile doesn’t match.

A DNA dragnet is made but still no success in finding the killer. Two more years go by and another suspect is made Anthony Sanchez. Sanchez killed his girlfriend. Evidence also shows that Sanchez was near Juli’s area. It’s also shown that Sanchez called a number that was very similar to the number the killer dialed after she killed Juli.

Police search the home of Sanchez and by shear luck the landlord discovered a bullet. They also discovered that Sanchez’s DNA match the DNA on Juli’s clothing. Sanchez was tried and convicted of murder and sentenced to death.