Sworded Scheme - Recap

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Peter Thomas narrates how Jessica O’Grady, a student at the University of Nebraska went missing. Her car is found near the restaurant she works. Jessica’s boyfriend, Chris Edwards, says he hasn’t seen her. It’s revealed that Jessica was pregnant and that she may have had another boyfriend also named Chris. Investigators focus their efforts on uncovering a text message Jessica sent before she went missing. Again, her current boyfriends says he didn’t know. The other Chris is revealed. Chris Ryan is identified as the other man Jessica had, a guy with a history of sex offenses.

However, Chris Edwards again is leading suspect. They find him dating other girls and probably impregnating another girl. Investigators eventually comes to search Edward’s location. They uncover blood droppings, blood stains all over. They find blood evidence of a crime and trace evidence of someone transporting a body.They find evidence of Edwards trying to cover it up. However, without a body they can’t prove that Edwards killed Jessica. Authorities catch a break though when it seems that Edwards out of pure stupidity brings the murder weapon back into his location. The murder weapon turns out to be a Samurai sword. DNA evidence of blood belonging to Jessica is found on the sword. Despite not having a body, investigators have enough evidence to bring charges on Chris Edwards. Remarkably, Edwards is offered a lesser sentence for the location of Jessica’s body. He refuses this offer and is sentenced to one hundred years to life in prison.