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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which is created by Craig McCracken, premiered on Cartoon Network in 2004 as a television movie. The series is about what happens to imaginary friends once the kids who imagined them outgrow them. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is an adoption center of sorts, which houses neglected imaginary friends in need of a good home.

When a boy named Mac is forced to give up his imaginary and best friend Bloo, the two look into Foster's Home. Bloo is very happy with the home, until he learns that if he is to stay there, he will be a candidate for adoption like all the other imaginary friends. However, Mac and Bloo arrange for a deal with Madame Foster, in which Bloo cannot be adopted as long as Mac visits him on a daily basis. So each day after school, Mac pays a visit to Foster's to hang with Bloo, as well as all the new friends he's made at the home.

Episode Info

Final: 6x10 -- Goodbye to Bloo (Dec/04/2009)

Available Episodes

Goodbye to Bloo
Dec 04, 2009
Season 6 episode 10

Fools and Regulation..
May 03, 2009
Season 6 episode 9

Read 'Em and Weep
May 03, 2009
Season 6 episode 8

Bad Dare Day
May 03, 2009
Season 6 episode 7

The Bloo Superdude a..
May 03, 2009
Season 6 episode 6

The Bloo Superdude a..
May 03, 2009
Season 6 episode 6

Race For Your Life, ..
May 29, 2008
Season 6 episode 5

Candi MiloCandi Milo
voiced Coco/Madame Foster
Grey GriffinGrey Griffin
voiced Frances "Frankie" Foster/Duchess
Keith FergusonKeith Ferguson
voiced Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo
Phil LaMarrPhil LaMarr
voiced Wilt
Sean MarquetteSean Marquette
voiced Mac
Tara StrongTara Strong
voiced Terrence
Tom KaneTom Kane
voiced Mr. Herriman
Tom KennyTom Kenny
voiced Eduardo



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Absolutely FabulousRating: 1 likes, 0 dislikes

When I first started seeing commercials for this series I was like what the heck. Cartoon Network is bringing in another terrible series into it's line up. But even so, I gave it a try and immediately fell in love with the series. Bloo is the greatest especially the way he acts and Mac rocks as well. How ever Coco (who is my favorite character) is one of the reasons why I watch the series. I love the way she says Coco but you can still understand what she is saying. Another thing to enjoy in this series is the fact that is there no limit to what kind of characters can feature in this wonderful series! Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 at 4:47 am

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1x5: The Trouble with Scribbles recap: The episode begins with everybody cleaning up the house, and Bloo helping out by spraying air freshener. Mac and Frankie wants him to stop because spraying air freshener is not cleaning, but Bloo says that he is cleaning the air cleaning and freshening, so Frankie wants him to find someother place to clean and freshen. Bloo agrees and runs off. After dashing off Bloo sees a mysterious door, but Frankie and Mr. Herriman block him from entering the door saying that there are secrets behind the door. He tells him that he will pay the ultimate price, and Bloo tries to give him 7 cents, however Mr. Herriman tells him that actually he will get in trouble. Bloo talk to Wilt, Ed, and Coco about the secret door so Wilt carries him away. Bloo then begins to bug everybody about the secret door but still nobody tells him. A friend on a rocking chair explains that they had made a pact that they would never speak of it again. Bloo yells in frusteration and when he goes to sleep he dreams of the secret door and the secrets that they were keeping from him. Bloo can't take it anyvody so he runs to the secret door and opens it to see a small like thing come out and it plays with Bloo, and a few seconds later a giant amount of the things flew out. The next day Mac opens the door to fosters and sees a wave of those things. Furious, Mac asks a mad Frankie where Bloo is. Mac asks him he likes making everybody's life miserable, but Bloo says that they are great and calls them friends. Mr. Herriman says that they are imaginary friends created by babies, so Mac asks why they keep them locked up. Mr. Herriman says that they are mindless and annoying. Apparently Frankie had opened the door when she was younger, and Mac says that it is not fair because they have rights just like everybody else. Then Mac decides to let all the scribbles free, but Frankie ends up catching both Mac and Bloo. After being caught they brainstormed about what to do and Mac couldn't think about anything. Bloo was using the scribbles to do chores, and after complaining about Bloo because everybody thinks they are useless and he doesn't see how you using them to do chores and stuff is going to make people think that they are helpful, he realizes that doing chores is a pretty good idea. The friends like the scribbles helping around, but Frankie overloads a scribble because a scribble can only do one thing. Frankie wonders how useful that is, but soon enough she likes them as well. However the scribbles help was turning the friends into lazy slobs who don't do anything for themselves, and Bloo wonders why Mac thinks this has gone too far... on a giant bed of scribbles. Mac feels that everybody is not doing anything and wants to go play with Bloo, however Bloo tries to get a scribble to play with Mac. Mr. Herriman has some scribbles helping him but he snaps because he has a system. Mac and Mr. Herriman are complaining, and they run into eachother, and Mac says that this is horrible because all he wanted was for the scribbles to be free. Mr. Herriman says that this is the personal cost one pays for freedom, and once again Bloo tries to pay him with money. Then some people come wanting to adopt a friend, and adopt a scribble. That gives them idea and people adopt all of the scribbles so Mac and Mr. Herriman argu about whose idea it was. Frankie and Bloo then tries to get the person with pne of the last scribbles to not take it, but fail. Frankie and Bloo then tries in disappointment, saying that they are all gone. Suddenly 1 scribble flies by them, Frankie hopes that it is the toilet scrubber, but it is actually Bloo's favorite: the scribble that does raspberries for him. Mr. Herriman and Mac slap their heads onto their heads out of frusteration as Bloo and the scribble do raspberries at eachother. The episode ends there... read more.
Recurring Guests

Grey Griffin as Berry (43 eps)
Phil LaMarr as Clumsy (41 eps)
Keith Ferguson as Pizza Guy (36 eps)
Tom Kenny as Piggy (34 eps)
Candi Milo as Scribbles (30 eps)
Tom Kane as Cyrus (24 eps)
Jeff Bennett as Dad (6 eps)
Sean Marquette as Kid (5 eps)
Tara Strong as Kindly Lady (3 eps)
Kevin Michael Richardson as Uncle Pockets (3 eps)

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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Children
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: August 13, 2004
Ended: May 03, 2009
• Foster, la Maison des Amis Imaginaires (Used In France)
• Fosters hjem for fantasivenner (Used In Denmark)
• Gli Amici Immaginari di Casa Foster (Used In Italy)
• MansiĆ³n Foster para amigos imaginarios (Used In Spain)
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