Strange Brew - Recap

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The episode begins with Franklin and Bash trying to prove their point in court, in their usual dramatic manner. They in the end manage to prove their point. Later the two promise to help out a friend with his case. Stanton later comes in and congratulates the two of them for showing commitment and courage in court. He then offers the two, full equity partnership. They are also told that as partners they would have more power to choose their own cases. He then tells them that he has proposed their names, but other partners have yet to cast their vote. Later Stanton tells the two that if they want to impress the other partners, they should bring in a big corporate client who is litigation prone, and would bring in a long term income stream for the firm.

He then gives them a lead in the form of Lawrence Reynolds, the chief counsel of a big spirit manufacturing firm, and tells them to sign him on as a client. Later the two meet Lawrence and his team, to sell themselves. They tell Lawrence the kind of antics they have pulled in court to win their cases. Lawrence then tells the guys to accompany him, to a party. Later the two wake up at home, after a wild night of partying with Lawrence. They then receive a call from Stanton telling them that, Lawrence has been arrested by the cops for landing his helicopter on the roof of the Beverly Hilton early in the morning. Stanton tells the guys to get Lawrence out of jail. Damien meanwhile tells Stanton that he should assist Franklin and Bash in Lawrence’s case, as experience is required in handling a big client like Lawrence. Later in court, Bash works his magic on the judge and gets Lawrence out.

Lawrence later gives the two an assignment, and if they are successful he tells them, they would be hired by his firm. Later the two embark on their assignment, and meet Joan Harris the bar owner, who is selling an alcoholic beverage, rights and recipe which is owned by Lawrence’s company. She tells them that the recipe was given to her by her father. But they show her a document confirming, her father had sold the recipe to Lawrence’s firm for $30,000. She then tells them that she has to talk to her lawyer. Franklin tells her that their client is huge and hence she shouldn’t waste her money trying to fight him. Later Bash works his magic in court and is shown to have nearly gotten his friend out of trouble. But he hits a roadblock at the last moment. He then tries other ways to save his friend, but to no avail. Pindar meanwhile tells Carmen about his problems.

He tells Carmen “I was a great student and I came into this country to study, and now I have become a specimen”. Meanwhile in court, Franklin and Bash find out that Joan has employed her uncle who is a lawyer to fight them. Franklin is feeling bad for Joan and feels she shouldn’t try to fight. The uncle then comes up with an argument in Joan’s favor which even the judge concurs with, much to Franklin’s surprise. He then calls for an injunction, asking Lawrence’s firm to desist from the production of the said beverage. The uncle then asks that Joan be given the proceeds from the sale of the beverage and punitive damages to the tune of $100 million. The judge then declares that the case would go to trial. Later, the two along with Pindar and Carmen, ponder over how they should go about the case. Franklin then has an idea. Pindar in the meanwhile is encouraged by Carmen to confront the man, who made him the way he is.

Later in court, Franklin makes a point in court which tips the scales in their favor. Franklin then wins the case by proving her father didn’t win the brewing competition in a legitimate manner, and Joan leaves the courtroom in a huff. Later, Lawrence tells the two to also get the money that was won by Joan’s father back, and that too with compounded interest. Franklin feels that’s a bit extreme, as it would shut her down. Lawrence though will have none of it and wants them to do as instructed. Later in court Bash uses a few props to prove his friends innocence. Bash then wears a costume of a Roman soldier and applies sunscreen to his body, just like his friend had on the beach, when he was arrested, by a woman police officer. He resisted arrested assuming the woman wasn’t a real police officer, and Bash plans to reenact the whole scene in court, with the officer trying to arrest Bash in the costume.

The policewoman then tries putting Bash in a submission hold, but isn’t able to hold on due to the sunscreen. It is thus proven that Bash’s friend wasn’t actually resisting arrest, he just pulled away his hands, and they slipped out easily due to the sunscreen. Bash then tells the court that his client had no idea what the cop was doing. Meanwhile Carmen finds out what Pindar told her about his problems, might not have been completely true. Later, the policewoman asks Bash out on a date, and he readily agrees, as he has been attracted to her all along. Later Stanton tells the two that they are in, as partners. They then tell Stanton about the Joan issue. Stanton feels Joan made a terrible mistake by counter-suing, and hence Lawrence wants his pound of flesh. Bash tells him it wasn’t really her idea, but her lawyer’s.

Franklin tells Stanton “we don’t want to do this”. The two then suggest that they should talk to Lawrence and tell him to give her a pass, as it would be good PR. Stanton disagrees with them and tells them that, Lawrence knows exactly the image he wants for his firm. He then tells the two that their job is to always advocate their clients. Franklin in turn asks “don’t we get to guide our clients?” Stanton replies, “sometimes yes, sometimes no”. Franklin then tells Stanton that they don’t want to be partners, but they won’t do what Lawrence has asked them to. Stanton then gives Damien a call and tells him that he was right, and he wants Damien to pull the trigger.

Damien then pays Joan a visit and sees Franklin and Bash leave her house. Hanna later tells Damien that it was her vote that made Franklin and Bash partners. She then tells Damien that there is a morality clause in the firm’s agreement, which allows them to take action against partners who are in breach of it. She then tells Damien that, a log of Franklin and Bash’s questionable behavior should be maintained. Damien tells her “it’s going to be a book”. Later Franklin and Bash tell Carmen and Pindar that, their only chance of saving Joan was to ask Lawrence to back off, which wasn’t really going to happen. Hence they delivered the bad news to her, themselves.

They then tell Pindar and Carmen that, they can hire the two of them as full time employees, thanks to them becoming partners. Lawrence meanwhile calls the guys for a party, but they seem reluctant, he then tells them to drop the lawsuit against Joan, much to their delight. The two then decide to go for the party. The episode ends.