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Viper - Recap

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The episode begins, with Bash making out with the woman cop Wendy, who he recently met, while handling a case. Franklin interrupts their party, and tells Bash to come out of the bedroom and spare just 2 minutes of his time. Outside Bash is surprised to see his mother at the party he and Franklin are hosting to celebrate their promotion as partners. Franklin then informs Bash that there is a manslaughter case that they need to handle. The two then meet their client Steven Blake, in jail. The victim was a street punk with a criminal record. Inside, they see Steven sitting in his cell wearing a superhero costume. The cop tells them he goes by the name Raven Viper. Steven later tells the two how the victim tried to steal a woman’s purse and how he gave chase.

He then tells them how the victim fell from the roof of a building. He tells them it would have never come to this if the victim had given himself up. He tells them, he protects people and doesn’t kill them. Later Stanton tells the two that they can take the case, and also now that they are partners they are on their own in court. Pindar in the meanwhile is trying his best to get over his phobia. Bash’s mother meanwhile pays him a visit, at his office. His mom tells Bash that Janie has postponed her wedding. Later in court Janie tells the two that their client is insane. Franklin in turn tells her, “You can’t corner a crime fighter and expect him not to lash out”. She then tells them that all charges against Steven would be dropped, if he agrees to 4 months of psychiatric treatment.

Steven when told about this offer declines it. Franklin warns him that, if they lose the case he might have to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Steven doesn’t budge from his position, and the two support him. Carmen meanwhile talks to a guy who lives in the building, across from the building where the victim fell. He tells her that he heard a thud, and saw people run towards the man. Bash’s mother meanwhile takes Damien’s help in a case regarding the sale of her house. Later at their house, Steven tells Carmen, that he has a squad, and it consists of 3 other superheroes. He then shows Franklin a piece of paper on which, their code of conduct and by laws are written. Franklin says this is a good thing, as Steven didn’t do anything in the heat of the moment, and everything was planned.

Bash tells Steven that he and Franklin want to meet Steven’s fellow heroes who keep the city safe. The two, later meet three other superheroes, wearing weird costumes. Steven introduces the three to Franklin and Bash. Bash tells the superheroes that he needs them to testify in court. They all agree to this, and say they would do anything for Viper. Later in court, Steven’s colleagues testify that Steven is never violent to suspects. Franklin also reveals to the court that Steven and his team got the code from a standard crime prevention group in Encino. Janie then asks Steven about a clause in his code of conduct, which isn’t there on the Encino one. It says “be intolerant to injustice”. She asks him to elaborate on this. He tells her it means “we make sure justice is done”.

She tells him that it’s the job of the judge and the jury to mete out justice and not him. Meanwhile Megan, who Pindar had a crush on in college, and who is the reason for his phobia, pays him a visit. Megan tells Pindar that she wants to fix him, and asks him out to lunch. Later Janie tells the judge that she wants to charge Steven with murder, as the victim had threatened Steven earlier, which gave Steven a reason to murder him. The judge grants Janie’s request and tells the two that a murder charge will be added. Pindar and Megan meanwhile arrive at a deli for lunch. Megan tells Pindar that she would come to his house everyday and take her for field trips. Just then a guy working at the deli comes and tells Megan that she isn’t suppose to be there and that she is violating a restraining order.

She asks the man if he has a new girlfriend, and the man tells her to get out. Later, Megan tells Pindar that she probably has a low self esteem. Pindar tells her that he is going to see a shrink, and she too could come along. Meanwhile, Franklin and Bash ask Steven about his relationship with the victim. Steven tells them the victim was a trouble maker. Later Bash finds some evidence that is baffling and decides to ask Viper/Steven about it. Franklin and Bash then ask Viper once again, as to what really happened on that roof. Damien in the meanwhile manages to successfully help Bash’s mother with the issue of her house. Later in court Franklin asks Steven why is chased after the victim although he was bigger and heavier than him. Steven tells Franklin that the victim had committed a crime and hence he wanted to stop him.

He then asks Steven if he can fly, which Steven denies being able to do. Franklin then submits in court a piece of Viper’s cape which was found in a building adjacent to the building from which the victim fell. He then tells the court that the victim didn’t turn himself in, when he was asked to do so. Turns out it was the victim who came after Viper. Franklin then tells the court that when Steven realized a bigger, stronger and taller man was chasing after him, he ran for his life. Franklin then asks, whether Viper was so terrified of a convicted felon coming after him that, he launched him into another building. Viper/Steven with tears in his eyes reluctantly admits to this. The victim as it turns out, tried to do the same thing Viper did and jump to the next building.

But he couldn’t clear the distance and hence fell to his death. Steven admits to this too. Later, Janie tells the two that based on the fresh evidence; her office has decided to drop the charges. Janie tells them that they could have just told the truth, but Bash says that their client wouldn’t just cooperate. Meanwhile, Stanton on video chat assures Pindar that, whatever he is going through he will overcome it. Later, the two tell Viper that he is a free man, and he thanks them both for everything. Steven tells them he shall stop being a costumed superhero from now on. Later the two discuss what superpowers they would want, if they were superheroes. Later Wendy comes to meet Bash, and seduces him.

Turns out, it was Bash’s mother who called Wendy over; by texting Wendy from Bash’s cell phone. Wendy and Bash are embarrassed when they realize this. Franklin then leaves the two alone, so they can spend some quality time together. The two, then rush to the bedroom. The episode ends.