Jango and Rossi - Recap

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The episode begins with Franklin and Bash wanting to purchase cruiser bikes. They are then distracted by something else and leave. Later, a man comes to Franklin and Bash telling them he robbed a pizza place as he was hard pressed for cash, and wants them to defend him. He also tells them that he carved a gun out of hard cheese and coated it in black color as he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He then got rid of the gun by eating it. Damien meanwhile tells the two to handle Stanton’s ex-wife’s case. Bash tells him they will take his case if he takes theirs. Damien readily agrees. Later Stanton’s wife Evanthia, explains to them how she found a dog few months ago, wandering alone in her front yard.

There were no tags on the dog, and hence she decided to pet her and named the dog Lulu. She tried searching for Lulu’s owner in the neighborhood, but no one claimed her. She then tells them that, one day a woman walked up to her and claimed the dog was hers. The only proof the woman had were photographs of her with the dog. Franklin tells Evanthia that the woman would need more than the photographs to prove ownership. Later outside the courtroom the two meet the lawyers who would be fighting the case on the woman’s behalf. They are also introduced to the woman, whose name is Carrie. Later in court, Carrie’s lawyer does his best to put forth Carrie’s case in front of the jury, poignantly. Meanwhile Pindar and Damien along with their client, watch a video of their client’s robbery, on the internet. The client then tells Damien that he chose a pizza joint to rob, as he had heard that pizza joints have a lot of cash lying around. Pindar and Damien then tell him that, due to the fact that the weapon was a dairy product and also due to the fact that this is his first crime, he might be able to get away with just 3 years probation and no jail time.

Hanna meanwhile puts forth a convincing argument in court, projecting that Evanthia values her dog much more than her wealth. Meanwhile in court, Damien is told by the prosecutor that his boss is planning to make an example of Damien’s client, as the video of his crime has gone viral. Hence the prosecutor can’t settle for just probation, and will instead argue for conviction. Damien’s client Jim then blurts out by mistake that, someone put him up to this. Damien and Pindar then tell Jim to reveal the name of the person, so he Jim gets a lighter sentence. Jim in turn tells them that he isn’t a rat and hence won’t reveal the name. Meanwhile Carrie’s lawyers request the court to take Lulu’s custody, till the case is decided, as it has been proven by Hanna that Evanthia could do anything for Lulu. The judge then calls the lawyers from both sides into his chambers.

The judge then tells them that, the dog will be placed under the custody of the animal control shelter till the case is decided. The judge then gives Franklin and Bash the option of keeping the dog with them, till the case is decided. They reluctantly agree, as it’s better than her being kept in the dog pound. Meanwhile Damien and Pindar pay Jim a visit at his house. They tell Jim that he has to take the stand, and when he does, he has to tell the prosecution what the truth is. Jim then tells them that the name of the person who made him commit the crime is Charlie Hillenbrand, who is a food vendor, who Jim sells his cheese to. Charlie gave Jim all the details of the heist. Charlie had told Jim that the pizza joint was a tax write off, and till the time Jim did not use a dangerous weapon, he would get away with a slap on the wrist. Jim also tells them that Charlie did not take a cut from the heist. Pindar smells insurance fraud in the whole thing. Franklin and Bash meanwhile take Lulu in their custody. Later Franklin tells Bash that they can show Carrie as a neglectful owner, and that the dog jacking was a crime of necessity.

Later in court the dog is called to the stand. Carrie’s lawyer basically tells the judge that the dog should be allowed to choose her own master. The judge denies his request. Carrie’s lawyer then allows the dog to accidentally jump out of his lap, and she runs to Carrie. The judge then holds Carrie’s lawyers in contempt, and tells the jury to disregard the stunt. Meanwhile Carmen questions Charlie about tipping off Jim, and he tells her Jim is his business partner as he is a minority partner in Jim’s cheese business, so there is no reason for him to get Jim in trouble. Pindar meanwhile decides to get a subpoena to check the books of the pizza place that Jim robbed. Later Carmen tells Franklin that she has found one of Carrie’s old boyfriends. Meanwhile Damien tells the court that the sale of the pizza joint went up 15% since the video of the robbery went viral. He then asks the owner of the pizza joint if the robbery was one of the best things to happen to the pizza joint, leaving the owner stumped. It also turns out that Charlie is one of the business partners in the pizza joint.

Damien then tells the court that, his client couldn’t have committed a crime against the person who planned the crime. Damien then proves to court that, the owner of the pizza joint put security cameras in his store just 3 days before the robbery took place, which clearly seems suspicious. Meanwhile Franklin and Bash call into the courtroom their new witness Andre Carson, who they say is the real owner of Lulu. The dog is then released by Franklin and runs towards Andre, but stops immediately when instructed to do so by him. He then tells the dog to go and sit with Evanthia. Andre then tells the court that he and Carrie dated for 2 years. He then tells the court that he is pretty sure Carrie stole the dog, after the two of them broke up. He then proves that by saying she had a habit of borrowing things from him, and even the dress shirt she is wearing to court is his, and it has his initials on it.

Carrie then loses her cool and tells Andre “I don’t even like your stupid dog”, then removes his shirt and flings it at Andre. The judge then rules that, he is providing the ownership of the dog to Andre, in the light of things that have just been revealed. Later Evanthia tells Franklin that she is happy with the judge’s decision, as all she wanted was for Lulu to have a better home. Meanwhile Jim is just found guilty of petty theft, and hence there is no jail time awarded, but just probation. Stanton meanwhile pays Evanthia a visit hoping to get back with her, but finds Andre sleeping over at her house. Stanton then leaves her doorstep visibly disappointed. It is meanwhile shown that Franklin and Bash have acquired themselves a dog. The episode ends.