For Those About to Rock - Recap

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The episode begins at a party in Franklin and Bash’s house. Later, Franklin is sentenced to preside as a judge for cases in the small claims court. Franklin then begins passing judgments on cases. In one case he is forced to rule against a favorite rock and roll club of his and has to order its shut down, as its owner hasn’t paid the rent. Later Franklin meets his father, who asks him if he shall see him on father’s day. Franklin tells him that he has tickets to a game on that day. Pindar meanwhile takes Bash to meet his doctor, as the doctor wants to meet everyone in Pindar’s life. Just then Megan comes running and tells Pindar that his doctor is a fraud named Tony who was arrested earlier for wire fraud and is now convicted for impersonating a psychotherapist.

He then sees his doctor being taken away by the cops. Later Bash tells Franklin that they have to save the rock and roll club Mazzani’s. Franklin agrees, and feels he should make it up to the owner as he screwed him over earlier. Meanwhile, Tony is told to come clean by Damien, if he wants them to defend him in court. Stanton tells Tony they would argue in court that, after he became Dr. Lee, Tony dedicated himself to bettering people’s lives. After Tony leaves, Damien tells Stanton that they should be distancing themselves from a fraud like Tony, as the reputation of the firm is at stake. Stanton then tells Damien to sit this one out, and tells Damien that he will get Hanna and Pindar to help him on this case. Bash meanwhile meets up with Mazzani. He tells Mazzani that he and his partner can get his club back. Mazzani though isn’t interested and wants to move one. Franklin then comes in to convince Mazzani, and the two in the end manage to convince Mazzani to go to court.

Later Franklin’s father comes in and tells the two that he is representing Richard Cole who owns the building in which Mazzani is housed. He tells the two that Richard Cole doesn’t like to lose. Later Tony is taken to court. Stanton tells the jury that he and his team won’t deny Tony’s past, but now he is a reformed sinner and a healer, who many have come to know and trust. Carmen meanwhile manages to flick the cell phone of the light-man who used to work at Mazzani’s earlier. Meanwhile Franklin tells Mazzani that it would be good if they could get Burt Mazzani his father to testify, but Mazzani tells him that no one hears from his father at all. Mazzani himself isn’t in touch with his father, let alone anyone else. Franklin then runs into his father again, just before they are about to go to court, and gives him his father’s day gift; a tie pin.

Meanwhile Stanton tells Tony who is in the stand that he is a scumbag, and asks him as to why the jury should believe anything that he says. Tony tells the jury they should believe him because he honestly admitted to all his wrongdoings. He then tells the jury that his teachings are about second chances. He then tells the jury that he has always told his clients “it’s the message not the messenger”. The prosecution lawyer then steps up and names to the court the girls Tony has had relationships with, post redemption. Pindar is shocked to know that his girlfriend Megan is one of them, and consequently faints. Carmen meanwhile hands over the cell phone she had flicked to Franklin and Bash. Carmen has also found out that the light man had dinner with Richard Cole 2 weeks before he left Mazzani’s.

Stanton meanwhile calls a reluctant Pindar to the stand, as he was Tony’s patient at one point. Stanton offers to keep Pindar off the trial team so he can testify. Meanwhile, Bash tells the judge they are aiming to prove that Richard Cole paid off Neil Bradford a lighting technician at Mazzani’s to leave Mazzani in a lurch. He also tells the judge that, they are investigating how many more people Richard paid off to torpedo Mazzani’s. Later Bash asks Richard about the mall he is planning to build by tearing down the building that also houses Mazzani’s. Richard then tells the jury, if Burt Mazzani whose name is also on the lease doesn’t care to fight for Mazzani’s why anybody else should want to. The judge feels Richard has made a fair point. Senior Franklin then tells Jared and Peter that they shouldn’t have pushed the whole thing, and tells them he can’t protect them anymore.

Hanna meanwhile proves to the court how Dr Lee has greatly helped Pindar get over his phobias. She then asks Pindar if Dr. Lee deserves some credit for that. Pindar despite being angry at Dr. Lee reluctantly agrees that, the doctor does deserve credit for his improved mental state. Franklin and Bash meanwhile find out that Burt Mazzani bagged Cole’s girl back in the day, and hence Cole’s vendetta is personal. Bash tells Franklin that it’s a classic rock and roll love triangle. Later the two of them along with Mazzani pay Burt Mazzani a visit. Mazzani tells his father that Franklin and Bash are there to help get his club back, so he should listen to them. Burt Mazzani tells them that he got Cole’s girl Belinda and Cole gets the club.

The two then ask him to testify in court, so they can bring into question Cole’s intentions. Burt Mazzani without saying anything though, walks away. Meanwhile, the jury finds Tony guilty on all counts and he is taken away for sentencing. Pindar then realizes that Stanton did the whole thing for him, just so that he would get over his fears. Bash meanwhile arrives in court with the Burt Mazzani. He is later asked in court by Franklin, if he knows a woman named Belinda Shaw and also about the relationship he had with her. Burt Mazzani says nothing except that he knew her and then shuts off completely. Then suddenly, just as Franklin is walking back to his seat, he tells the court that Belinda was his lady. He also tells the court how he wrote a song about her some time back.

He tells the court that, he also wrote the song for a friend and about how a lady came between their friendship. He then begins humming the song in court. The jury too begins humming the song with him. Franklin then tells the court that senior Mazzani’s youthful fling provides motive for why Richard Cole wanted to see Mazzani’s shut down. The judge then tells the two that she shall allow the song sung by Burt Mazzani to be his testimony. Later, Richard tells the two that he will take down Burt Mazzani for what he did to him. Franklin reminds his father and Richard that the jury really seemed to like Burt, so they should come to some sort of a settlement.

Richard then tells junior Mazzani that he can stay if he makes rent. Junior Mazzani then tells Richard that it would probably make him feel better to know that Belinda Shaw stabbed his father in the stomach and ran away with a few of his paintings. Later, Bash performs unplugged for his guests at home. The episode ends.