L'Affaire Du Coeur - Recap

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The episode begins with the Franklin and Bash and their usual shenanigans in the courtroom. Meanwhile two policemen walk into the courtroom and inform the judge Derek Kohler that, he is under arrest for obstruction of justice by a judicial officer. He requests Franklin and Bash to come with him. The judge then appoints Franklin and Bash as his attorneys. An old acquaintance of Damien named Lance meanwhile wants to hire him as his lawyer. Lance tells Damien that his team joined the gay softball association 6 months ago and won the GSAC Trophy, but now someone is accusing them of heterosexual cheating, and wants them to give their trophy back. Damien is shocked to know Lance is gay, as he had known him to be quite the womanizer.

In order to lure Damien, Lance tells him that this case could help him in his running for the position of a judge, as it would put him in the good books of the gay community. Lance also wants Damian to help him get out of a closet. Derek meanwhile tells Franklin and Bash that they have great potential, and hence he chose them. Basically the DA’s office got an anonymous tip informing them that DA Margaret Pollack and Derek are having an affair. The judge tells them that the case in question was in his court in 2009 and he and Margaret started dating in 2010. He also tells them that after that he recused himself every time they were found together in court. As proof the anonymous informer sent recordings of the raunchy voice messages that Derek sent Margaret.

Margaret comes in and informs the two that she has been suspended till the outcome of the investigation. Stanton meanwhile tells Damien that he would help him with his case. Janie meanwhile informs Bash that a night manager named Paul at a hotel, had seen Derek and Margaret together in 2009. Meanwhile the captain of the losing team who is also a lawyer informs Damien that, Lance joined a gay softball team only because he got kicked off a regular softball team and not because he is gay. Derek is meanwhile is reminded by Franklin and Bash about the 6 people he sent to jail, with Margaret as the DA, and how they will try to now overturn their conviction. Hanna meanwhile comes up with a suggestion which might help prove in court that Lance is gay.

Stanton concurs telling Damien that, if the league can have their own parameters why can’t they. Franklin and Bash meanwhile meet one of the convicts named Julian who was sent to jail by Derek and wasn’t happy about it. They feel he might have something to do with the anonymous tip. They ask Julian if he knows the night manager Paul, as there is evidence he made calls to Paul in 2009. Franklin then threatens to call the manager, and Julian loses it and smashes Franklin’s phone. He is then hauled away by the prison guards. Stanton meanwhile proves in court that the criteria put forth by the softball league for someone being gay, isn’t logical and hence doesn’t make sense. Later Damien is shocked to know that Lance was married to a woman named Tanya for three years, before they divorced.

Stanton also informs Damien that Tanya is going to testify in court against Lance. Tanya later tells the court that she and Lance had an active sex life. Meanwhile in another courtroom, Derek tells the court that his relationship started in 2010 with a sexual encounter. Janie asks Derek if he had any prior emotional attachment with Margaret before he had sex with her. He then admits to the court that he might have been attracted to Margaret even before the sexual encounter. Janie then asks him if that could have clouded his judgment just a little bit. Derek tells her after giving it a thought that, he doesn’t know. Franklin and Bash meanwhile find out that Margaret is having an affair with Julian. They are informed about it by a prison guard.

Turns out, Margaret has been teaching Julian French, as a part of a prison rehabilitation program that she started, and eventually she began an affair with him. Franklin and Bash later inform Derek about it, but also tell him that the prison guard won’t testify. Derek in the meanwhile is incredulous and tells them that they are wrong, as Margaret has made many sacrifices for him, and wants to have a life with him. Derek then tells them that if they can’t find the real person who framed him, he will find someone else for the job. Janie and Bash later make out in her office. Meanwhile in court Stanton asks Lance why he stayed in the closet for so long and not come out earlier. Lance tells the court that he couldn’t handle the consequences of coming out. Damien then takes over the questioning from Stanton, when he sees that Lance is visibly hesitant.

Damien then brings up an incident, where Lance had punched him in the face for a girl years ago. Damien then says “it wasn’t really for a girl was it?” Lance then admits to the court in tears that, he punched Damien because he was angry that he could never have Damien. Franklin meanwhile finds out that Bash slept with Janie. Franklin tells Bash that it was gutsy move considering they are defending a judge accused of the same crime. Derek meanwhile tells Franklin and Bash that he has found out Margaret is planning to run away with Julian. Bash later in court, calls Margaret to the stand. Franklin meanwhile gets Julian to the courtroom, and tells Janie that he has been brought in strictly for identification purposes. Franklin then directly asks Margaret if she is in love with Julian.

Margaret denies it outright. Bash then asks Margaret why she got vaccinations for diseases which are only found in the most remote parts of Morocco, while she was at her doctor’s getting a blood test. Franklin and Bash were given this information by Derek, who acquired this information from Margaret’s doctor. Bash then hands Margaret two plane tickets to Morocco and tells her to read the names on the tickets. She then reads out her name on one and Derek’s name on another, much to her surprise. Meanwhile on hearing Derek’s name Julian loses his cool and abuses Margaret for going with Derek, in his place. Margaret then tries convincing him that, she isn’t going anywhere with Derek. She then tells the court that, the tickets are a fake.

Janie meanwhile moves to dismiss the case, and requests the court to add the charges of perjury against Margaret. Margaret is then taken into custody on the judge’s orders. Janie later tells Bash that it wouldn’t be the best thing for them to get caught. Derek meanwhile comes and tells them that, fair judgment means shutting the door to emotions. Lance is meanwhile is officially handed the GSAC Trophy, amongst much fanfare. Damien and Stanton too are there to cheer for him. Lance later apologizes to Damien for punching him all those years ago. Later, Franklin and Bash find themselves once again in Judge Derek Kohler’s courtroom. The episode ends.