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Voir Dire - Recap

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The episode begins with Franklin and Bash sitting in a diner. They then proceed to a partners meeting. But before they can arrive at the meeting Damien prompts Stanton to give Franklin and Bash a case, none of the other partners want. It involves, a man beating his colleagues unconscious with a monkey wrench. The prosecution is saying the attack was premeditated. It also turns out the man has prior criminal record. Later Franklin and Bash try coaching the man, telling him to say in court that he was outnumbered and hence he attacked his colleagues. They also tell him that he should say his colleagues were asking him to cut up stolen automobiles, but he wanted to go straight.

They then tell him that, it’s probably not a good idea for him to go in the stand given his past criminal record. The man whose name is Sal insists he wants to go in the stand unlike before, as those times were his mistake, and he took it like a man. This time though was different, as he didn’t have a choice. Later a woman named Bonnie, who is going to shadow the two on their trial, comes in. Later the two coach Bonnie on the various and crucial stages of a trial. Later they tell Stanton that they are planning to go in with the argument of self defense for Sal. Hanna and Stanton then advice the two on the kind of jury they should choose. Later the two begin interviewing the possible jurors. The two are also worried that the prosecution lawyer Hewitt, hasn’t challenged even one juror chosen by the two.

Later at home they wonder the same thing, and assume Hewitt would probably come up with something in the evidential hearing, which is the next day. Next day, through the evidence at hand, Hewitt comes up with the argument that Sal wasn’t attacked, but instead was stalking his victims with malicious intent. The whole thing comes as a surprise to the two, and they realize that Hewitt was allowing them to choose their jury based on self defense, but now that strategy is toasted, in the light of the evidence. Later Sal tells the two that his ex-colleagues were doing more than boosting, and had moved on to things like car-jacking and robbery. Sal tells them that he didn’t want to be a part of it. He then tells them that he was protecting someone. He then reveals that his colleagues had jacked a car, and some woman had witnessed it.

Sal had then overheard his colleagues say that they would have to take care of her. That is why he stepped up and took care of them instead. He then tells them that the woman’s name is Annabelle and she works at a gift shop near his garage. He also admits to the two that he met Annabelle and hit off, and he told his colleagues that no one would touch her. He tells them that he did not reveal this to them or the cops earlier, because Annabelle would then be exposed to danger, if her name came out. Sal then admits that he loves Annabelle. Franklin then says that they might just be able to make it work. Later at home, Bash tells Carmen to go and talk to Annabelle and see if she loves Sal enough to testify. Later, Carmen finds out that Annabelle doesn’t even know Sal’s name, and only recognizes him by face and that too because he comes to the gift shop once in a while to buy things.

Later Sal admits to the two that his love is unrequited. He tells them “all I know is I didn’t want to see her hurt”. The two then tell Sal that they have no option left now, but to get the jury to like him. They shall do this by trying to convince the jury that punishing Sal would be the rejection of the power of love. Later at home the two find out that Sal had met Annabelle and told her to leave town, as she might be in danger. Although he also confesses that she did not see anything. Pindar supports Sal by telling the tow that Sal’s colleagues wouldn’t possibly take any chances, even if Annabelle did not see anything. Franklin then tells Sal that, he trying to save Annabelle might have already ensured his jail sentence. Later, the two ensure that they manage to get jury members of their choice. The judge then signs off on the final jury, with both the defense and the prosecution coming to an agreement.

Bash later discusses with Franklin that they should argue Sal was at the gift store everyday buying a gift, just so that he could see Annabelle. It turns out those gifts were then given by Sal to a woman named Kiki, who works at the garage. He did so, as he did not want the gifts going waste, but Kiki felt Sal gave her the gifts because he liked her. They further decide to argue that Sal did not buy anything from the gift shop the one month when Annabelle was out of town. Kiki could testify to this in court, as she could tell the court that she did not receive any gifts from Sal that whole month. Franklin then decides to convince Kiki to testify, by telling her that Sal was trying to protect an innocent woman, which might result in Kiki ending up liking Sal even more.

Later when the two talk to Kiki, she loses it when it’s revealed to her that Sal bought the presents for her, from another woman he loved. They try to reason that Sal’s love is unrequited. She tells them to leave their card, but doesn’t seem convinced. Later Bonnie suggests to the two that, they should get Hewitt to call Kiki to the stand, in order to testify against Sal that, Sal was a lying dirt bag who did not love her although he gave her gifts, but instead loved Annabelle. This would prove to the court that Sal did love Annabelle. The two could also then question Kiki, and get her to admit that Sal wasn’t buying her gifts, when Annabelle was out of town. The two then cook up a plan, and set it in motion, so Hewitt would call Kiki to the stand, as a witness for the prosecution.

Before going to court, the two make it very clear to Sal that, if the prosecution takes the bait and calls Kiki to the stand they shall win the case, and if they don’t, then they shall loose. This is because they would need Kiki’s testimony, to prove Sal’s unrequited love for Annabelle, which led him to do what he did. Later in court, it is shown that Hewitt takes the bait thrown in by the two, and calls Kiki to the stand, introducing her as Sal’s real girlfriend. Before Kiki comes in Hewitt tells they jury they can themselves decide who is telling the truth, right after Kiki testifies. Franklin and Bash meanwhile give each other a mini hi-five, while Sal and Bonny too are visibly pleased at Hewitt taking the bait. The episode ends.