Summer Girls - Recap

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The episode begins with Franklin and Bash enjoying at an office party. Just then Damien walks in and asks to talk to the two. He questions them about the party. They in turn inform him that it was Stanton’s instructions that, the new summer associates be shown a good time. Just then Stanton walks in for the party and Damien leaves, having eaten humble pie. Meanwhile, two women Monica and Nicole, who are officers in the navy, come in for an appointment with the two. Later in a conference room, the girls describe to the two how they beat up a few guys, who were trying to get fresh with them at a bar. A naval van then got them out of there before the police could arrest them.

Later at the base the two were arrested by the military police. The girls also tell the two that, this is their last shot for EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal), which is the closest women get to becoming Navy Seals. But thanks to this incident they may lose it all. The girls want the two to represent them at their court marshal, as they have heard the two are the best in any court. Carmen meanwhile opens a package sent for Franklin and Bash, and inside she finds a switchblade. Pindar asks to try using the switchblade, as he has never used one before. Pindar then somehow manages to break the switchblade, much to his shock and horror. Stanton meanwhile introduces Damien to a woman intern name Elisa. Damien though seems visibly uncomfortable in her presence.

Stanton leaves Elisa with Damien, so she can assist him and thus learn from him. She later asks Damien if she knows him from somewhere. Damien says he has a common face, so probably not. Hanna meanwhile makes the two realize that, they might not be very familiar with how a military court works. Meanwhile it turns out Elisa was stripper and paid her way through law school by working at a strip club, and that is where Damien had met her. She assures Damien he has nothing to worry about, as she wouldn’t divulge this to anyone. Meanwhile in court, Franklin and Bash argue that, their clients are being unfairly treated, as only two cases of infraction have been tried in court in the last year, despite there being many instances of infraction. Therefore their clients are being singled out unfairly.

The prosecution then proceeds to explain to the two, as to why their clients are being singled out. He then shows in court the video of the brawl the girls had at the bar. The video shows the violent fashion in which the girls beat up the guys. The prosecution then tells the court that, it wasn’t a have hearted scuffle, and also that the girls were baying for blood. Later the girls admit that, they got a little carried away. Later, the two tell Stanton their feeling that, the girls probably had some personal issues with the two guys Don and Ryan, and hence they picked a fight with them at the bar. Stanton then suggests, gaining access to the EOD files of the guys at the bar that night, which might reveal something. Hanna then offers to assist the two on their case.

Later at home, Bash asks Pindar to keep an eye out for the arrival of a package, which has General Patton’s switchblade. The two are planning to gift this extremely expensive switchblade to Stanton, as a thank you for being made partners. Elisa and Damien in the meanwhile have sex in her car, after hitting it off. Hanna meanwhile helps the two gain access to the files that might help their case. From the papers the two find out that, Don and Ryan were pushed for EOD, immediately the next day after the brawl at the bar. Hanna concludes that the recommendation directly came from Captain Vaughn, who is the CO at the base; as no one else has the authority to do so. Hanna interjects that she thought Vaughn was on the side of the girls.

The girls too confirm that she is. The girls further add that they wouldn’t be this close to EOD without Vaughn; hence she couldn’t have passed this order. Damien is meanwhile told to fire Elisa, because she committed a serious error in the work she did for Damien earlier. Vaughn meanwhile denies outright that she sent any orders, and also tells the two that she has always looked out for the girls. She then adds that she has testified before Congress, hence her credibility can’t be brought into question. She also informs Hanna that, Don and Ryan are on their way to EOD training in Guam, when Hanna asks to speak to them. Elisa meanwhile is visibly agitated when she is fired by Damien. Later Damien finds out that Elisa didn’t make a mistake after all, but was right.

He conveys this to Stanton, who then asks Damien to hire Elisa full time. He also interjects to Damien that, he could have sworn he has seen her somewhere before. Meanwhile Hanna along with the two is trying to find out the motive behind Captain Vaughn assigning Don and Ryan for EOD. They then see the video where Vaughn testified before Congress. In it they see Vaughn telling the Congressional Committee, that women are a good support asset for the army, but it’s dangerous to put them in the frontline, as they aren’t physically up to it. Hence they could be a danger both to themselves and their colleagues. The girls are shocked to see the video, and by the fact that Vaughn lied to them. The two then conclude that Don and Ryan were sent by Vaughn to rile the girls at the bar.

It was a win-win for her, because if the girls got beaten up it would only prove her point, and if they beat the guys up, they would be court marshaled for it. Later in court Franklin presents the argument that, the girls saw an injustice and decided to change it, as they were deliberately provoked by the two men at the bar. The prosecution then asks that the girls be arrested for sedition and mutiny. The Captain who is present in the court rises to their defense, but is told to sit down by the judge. The girls are then placed under arrest. The two meanwhile wait, hoping for the Captain to react, and counting on the fact that her guilt would get the better of her. She in the end does, telling the judge it’s all her fault.

She then admits to the court that, she ordered the men to fight with the girls, at the bar. She explains to the court how she had assumed that, the men beating up the girls would prove that women aren’t fit to be in the frontline, but the girls proved her wrong and as usual exceeded her expectations. She then tells the court “I should have come forward then, but the whole thing got away from me.” The judge then orders that, the case against the girls be dismissed. He also orders that, the Captain be detained until further notice.

Damien meanwhile offers Elisa a job at the firm, but she tells him that she has already secured a job at another law firm. Stanton meanwhile thanks the two for the switchblade, which he got from Pindar, after Pindar had it repaired. Franklin and Bash then head out for a drink. The episode ends.