Last Dance - Recap

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The episode begins with a package being delivered to Stanton. Inside is the clay bust of the Buddha, with something stuck to its eyes, and streams of dried blood seen on its face. Meanwhile, after he has shown Damien the bust Stanton tells Damien, about how he has been having a string of bad luck. Damien feels someone is doing these things intentionally. Damien proceeds to call the cops, but Stanton stops him and tells him that he will handle it himself, rather than getting the cops involved. Franklin and Bash along with their client, meanwhile visit a placed called Bodyview, where the body of their client’s husband has been donated, as per his last wish.

They find out that Bodyview is an art gallery, where plastic polymer is pumped into a human cadaver, after emptying them. This process they are informed is called plasticizing. They are also informed that their client’s husband would be showcased, doing a Latin dance. Their client isn’t too happy to hear this, as her husband was a renowned marine biologist, and would hence have never really wanted such a thing. The intern at the gallery then asks them to take up any issue they might have with the gallery’s legal department. Damien meanwhile hands Stanton a stack of files, which contains the records of all the people who might have a vendetta against him. They include all the people he has defeated, gained judgment against and bested in court.

He also hands Stanton a small stack of files, which comprises of the cases he lost. From stack of the lost cases he digs out a file of a man called Samuel Jeffers, who was convicted for a robbery. Before being convicted Stanton had imparted some Buddhist wisdom to Samuel, which he did not appreciate much. He had also accused Stanton of being blind to reality. Damien then decides to pay Samuel who was released 3 weeks ago, a visit. Meanwhile a judge places an injunction, preventing BodyView from using the body of the marine biologist, till a decision is reached in court confirming that, it was truly his wish to be showcased. Franklin and Bash later decide to argue in court that, what the deceased wants doesn’t matter in this case, as much as what the closet to the deceased wants.

Damien meanwhile warns Samuel not to mess around with Stanton, or he shall be sued. Damien later tells Stanton that they need to get more intel on Samuel. Damien later asks Carmen to him get him intel on Samuel. Later Franklin tells the court how his client Martha was the closet living relative her husband Henry had, at the time of his death. Therefore the law stipulates that, she decide where his body shall be laid to rest. The lawyer from Bodyview then tells the court that Henry took numerous dance lessons last year, and also presents in the court his dance instructor. She also claims that Henry had told his instructor he wanted to be plastinated doing the Bachata. The lawyer also claims that the instructor was closer to Henry than Martha. The instructor then tells the court that she and Henry were in love.

Later the two decide to prove in court that, Henry was impetuous and that Alana the dance instructor was just a passing fancy. They would also prove that his marriage was rock solid, even though Henry might have slept with Alana. Samuel meanwhile gets a restraining order against Stanton and Damien. Franklin meanwhile in court proves that Henry used to pursue a hobby with great passion for a short period of time, and then would get bored of it within a year. He further illustrates that Henry did the same when it came to Latin dancing. He then tells the court that, for Henry “Martha Strauss was the only fascination that wasn’t fleeting”. The lawyer from Bodyview meanwhile presents a new witness in court. The witness tells the court that he knew Henry for about 10 years.

He also tells the court that he is a divorce attorney, and Henry had confided in him that, he wanted a divorce. Henry had in fact asked him to draw papers to divorce his wife, and had paid him for it. The judge, given the evidence at hand, orders that, Henry’s body be plastinated. Later the two tell Martha that, she can get Henry back even if he is plastinated, but for that she has to first divorce Henry. Later the two get the judge who ruled on the case to divorce Henry and Martha; they then surprise him by claiming Henry’s body. They argue that Henry left Martha his art collection, and now that Henry has been plastinated, he too is a work of art and as such belongs to Martha. The judge tells them that he shall hear the arguments on it tomorrow.

Damien meanwhile finds out that it isn’t Samuel who is troubling Stanton. Later, Stanton apologizes to Samuel for not defending him better 5 years ago, but he instead tells him that, Stanton did a great job and inspired him to get an education. Stanton then figures out that it was actually the woman who was taken hostage by Samuel during the robbery, who has been setting them up. Stanton concludes that he gave Samuel a great defense and it didn’t sit well with her. Meanwhile the lawyer from Bodyview gets a witness to court who is a customs official. He tells the court that Bodyview collections aren’t considered art by the US Customs, but are classified under anatomical collections. Stanton and Samuel along with Damien meanwhile pay the woman who was a hostage, a visit.

Samuel apologizes to her for what he did to her. She though isn’t in a mood to forgive. Stanton then talks to her and manages to sort things out. Meanwhile Bash calls Tate, who is a court artist and Hanna’s friend, to the witness box. Bash then wheels a stuffed grizzly bear into the court and asks him if its art. He tells the court that taxidermy has long been considered as art, so yes its art. Bash then tells the court that, the stuffed grizzly bear although art is classified under anatomical collections, by the US Customs. He then tells the court that anything that appeals to the senses can be considered art. The judge later rules that, Henry’s body, is a work of art, and that this work of art belongs to Martha.

Alana then walks up to Martha and tells her that she doesn’t know if Henry loved her or not but she loved him. Martha in reply tells her she now knows that, Henry loved to dance. Stanton meanwhile shocks Damien by telling him that, he (Stanton) shall be mentoring Samuel. This also means that Damien shall be working with him, a few times in a week. Stanton also thanks Damien for going overboard with tying to help him. Damien in turn tells him that he was worried about him. Stanton then congratulates Franklin and Bash for winning their case. The three then discuss, as to what they would want to be done with their bodies, after they are dead. The episode ends.