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Waiting on a Friend - Recap

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The episode begins with Bash being hit by a t-shirt fired by Franklin, from a t-shirt cannon. Damien comes in just then and Franklin informs him, how the t-shirt cannon, is an exhibit in their new case. Damien meanwhile, is worried to see a man named Richard Tafflinger enter the office. Turns out, he heads the HR department of their law firm, and is possibly here to axe someone. Franklin and Bash are later called in to meet Richard. Turns out, the two have been called in for misconduct. They are later informed that the allegations have been leveled by a woman named Tammy, who they had defended in 2011, in a robbery case. The two are surprised to hear this and tell Richard that, Tammy and they are on great terms.

Richard’s assistant then informs the two that, Tammy has just been apprehended in a recent robbery, and has told the cops that she was paid by the two to take off, when they were defending her. Both of them are surprised to hear this and Franklin tells Richard’s assistant “we fight, don’t run”. Bash then tells Richard that Tammy is dragging them into this case, obviously to lighten her sentence, as she is on a third strike. They also admit that they did pay Tammy a $1000, but that was only so she could have an incriminating tattoo removed. They in fact also recommended a guy who would remove the tattoo, named Dr. Doug. The two tell Richard that Dr. Doug, will back up their story. Richard then informs the two that there will be a court hearing on this issue, this Thursday.

Later, the two pay Dr. Doug the tattoo guy a visit. Doug tells the two that he did not remove the old tattoo, but had instead given her a new one. Turns out, she lied to Doug, telling him that the two gave her the money so she could treat herself to a new tattoo. The two then ask Doug to testify. But Doug tells them that he needs Tammy’s permission for this, as he has become a certified dermatologist just last year, and hence has to respect the doctor-patient privilege. Later Richard informs the two that Damien would be defending them. Richard also orders the two, to not talk to Tammy. Later the two decide to talk at Tammy if they can’t talk to her directly. The two then pretend to run into Tammy in jail, while pretending to meet another client of theirs.

Turns out, Tammy is angry because the two left her in a lurch, when they joined their present law firm. Tammy then indirectly tells the two that she will see them in court. Franklin later hits it off with Richard’s assistant. Pindar meanwhile tells Richard how he met Franklin and Bash. Meanwhile in court the judge informs Damien that, if the allegations against Franklin and Bash are found to be true, criminal charges will be filed against them. Later Franklin tells the court that Tammy has a tattoo on her left breast that would prove his and Bash’s innocence. The prosecution then comes up with the argument, as to whether the two have proof that Tammy got her tattoo with the money the two gave her.

The judge then tells Damien that, as per the 5th amendment, it is up to Tammy, whether she wants to show her tattoo or not. The judge then tells Damien to come up with a different argument, as Tammy isn’t ready to show her tattoo. Later, the two fire Damien, and decide to defend themselves on their own. Richard meanwhile, interviews Carmen, and asks her how she began working for the two. The scene then flashes back to 2007, when the two won a case for Carmen, and then asked her to leave her life of crime and work for them as an investigator. Back in the present Carmen tells Richard, how she too has run a background check on him, like he has on her. Later, Franklin, Bash and Carmen try to find out if anybody else who knows Tammy has seen her tattoo, as they can then argue in court that he tattoo isn’t private, and can hence be presented as evidence.

Later, Franklin recounts to Richard’s assistant Emily, how he and Bash were sent to jail for contempt, for their first case in court, but ultimately managed to get a favorable result for their client. He then tells her “and so the Franklin and Bash technique was born”. The two then begin flirting with each other, and end up making out with each other. Later, Tammy tells the court how the two of them gave her money, told her to get out of town and start a new life. She also tells the court that, she would have never remove a tattoo, as her tattoos are a part of who she is. Bash then brings up the tattoo in question, and is reminded by the judge about Tammy’s right to privacy. Bash to dispute this claim gets in a witness, who is a member of a girl’s roller derby team, of which Tammy was earlier a part.

They then bring to the notice of the judge, the tube top that their witness is wearing, owing to which a major part of her breasts is visible. The top, it turns out is the uniform of the team, and hence the tattoo in question would have been visible to all, as its located on the top part of Tammy’s left breast. Thus, contradicting Tammy’s theory that her tattoo is private. Tammy then admits to the judge that she did publicly wear the uniform. The judge on hearing this, rules that Tammy’s tattoo is admissible in court. Later Tammy shows the tattoo in question to the court, but turns out, unlike her other tattoos; this one doesn’t have a date. The tattoo is of the sun behind a lunar eclipse. Bash then points out that Lunar was the name of the café, Tammy was being charged with robbing.

Tammy tells the court that it’s just a coincidence. Bash then points out that the rays of the sun look like 1-11-11, which coincides with the date of the robbery, which was January 11th 2011. Bash then reminds Tammy that, she is still facing charges stemming from that robbery, pleading not guilty. Tammy replies “because I am innocent”. Bash then tells her that it would be hard for her to convince a jury, especially when she has a tattoo celebrating the day of the robbery. Tammy meanwhile is left with no words. Later the two inform Damien, how Tammy decided to withdraw her case against them, when she realized she would be in trouble if her tattoo became admissible in court, for her robbery case.

Damien meanwhile tells the two that, he would never intentionally, not do his best to defend a case, even if it means defending someone like them. They in turn tell him, they know that, but it’s just that he is a bad lawyer. Stanton meanwhile sees off Richard, whose job is done. Before seeing Richard off, Stanton warns Richard against him trying to get to Stanton through Stanton’s people. Meanwhile Franklin and Bash are shown having a similar conversation to what they have now, but only difference is; that it’s from a time when they both were kids. The episode ends.