6:50 to SLC - Recap

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The episode begins with Stanton and Jared’s father Leonard, having dinner together. Stanton then tells Leonard that although he appreciates Leonard’s offer to buy his firm, he isn’t interested. Leonard though reminds him that, the decision isn’t entirely his to make. Leonard also adds that, he just wants the New York office, and shall convince all the New York partners to vote in his favor. Stanton though, feels his partners will stay loyal to him, including Jared. At home, Bash is handed a letter of delinquency from the bar association, which informs him that his status as a lawyer has been suspended. Later, Bash is assuaged by Franklin and Emily.

He is reminded that the whole thing is a clerical error and shall be sorted out in a week. Consequently he shall not be able to practice for a week. Later Bash and Franklin meet Tommy Dale, who is running for the Governor and is a friend of Bash’s. Later he tells them that, he wants to drop out of the race. He tells them the reason is personal. He then elaborates that he doesn’t want to drag his family though hell, as a result of the campaigning. He then tells them, his campaign manager Eli Palmer won’t let him drop out, and has threatened to sue him for breach, if he does. The two then decide to talk to Eli. Later, Damien informs the two that Leonard and the firms other partners are trying to buy them out. Stanton then elaborates, if Leonard manages to get 16 of the 31 partners to vote in his favor then, he shall have his way.

The support staff as it turns out will also be sacked by Leonard, once he takes over. Stanton tells the two that, there might still be two or three partners, who they can still manage to sway their way, in order to prevent the takeover. The two then say that they will handle it. Later the two meet Eli and try reasoning with him, but he is adamant and threatens to sue Tommy, if he decides to drop out. The two, along with Tommy then decide to take this matter to court, after Tommy is assured by the two that the whole proceeding in court would be sealed up, and would hence be hidden from the prying eyes of the media. Bash then tells Tommy that they would need to know everything about why he is dropping out, so they can anticipate every move that their opponent will make.

Tommy then tells the two that there is another woman, and its Eli’s wife. Jared later mimics Leonard’s voice and calls up Roger, one of the partners in the firm, who can be swayed. Roger then reveals to Jared, pretending to be Leonard that, he is leaning Leonard’s way. The two then walk into Roger’s office and brand him a traitor. Roger then while defending himself, reveals to the two that there is a file being kept, regarding their actions. Later in court, Bash is called in as a witness by the opposing counsel in the Tommy issue, as he is no longer a lawyer. He is then asked if he is aware as to why Tommy wants to drop out of the race. Bash then reluctantly reveals that there was infidelity in Tommy’s marriage. Turns out, it was Tommy’s wife who cheated. She had an affair with Eli’s wife, Bash elaborates.

Eli is visibly shocked to hear this. In the end the two manage to win the case. Later, they confront Damien about the file but are told by Hanna that it was her idea; she also adds that she deleted the file a month ago, as she was impressed with their quality of work. They then reveal Roger’s intentions to Stanton. Later Tommy informs the two that Eli still wants Tommy to run, and is threatening to reveal their wives dalliance to the media if he doesn’t. Tommy’s wife then asks him to run, saying the voters shouldn’t get punished because of her indiscretion. Tommy then reluctantly agrees to run, but adds that he doesn’t want to run with Eli as his campaign manager and wants to get rid of him. The two then ask Tommy to get some dirt on Eli, so they can work with that to get rid of him.

Later the two are given something to work with. They then meet up with Eli at a bar. Bash then tells Eli that Tommy wants to run, but he doesn’t want Eli running his campaign. They then show Eli an email which he had sent Tommy as a joke, but can be taken in a serious context. In it Eli had suggested that all criminals who have served at least 2 years of prison sentence should be released. Tommy as it turns out is threatening to go ahead with it, if Eli doesn’t resign. Later Tommy thanks to two, for managing to convince Eli to step aside. Stanton later tells the two that, the situation looks grim, but there one way that the firm could be saved. He then reveals to them that, they were hired sort of as a ‘poison pill’ so as to discourage anyone who was thinking of buying the firm, this is also exactly the reason why the two were made partners, Stanton elaborates.

The two are visibly hurt at this, but Stanton tries assuaging them by assuring them that he thinks they are geniuses. He then adds “but now you have to listen to my idea”. Later the two are shown walking out of Stanton’s office. Franklin on his way out calls his father and leaves him a voice message saying “hey dad you are gonna want to return this call”. Hanna later finds out that Damien has decided to vote in Stanton’s favor, but is surprised to find out that Franklin and Bash are missing. She then finds out that, the two might have left, to cast their vote in Leonard’s favor. The two meanwhile meet up with Leonard and the other partners, in the flight leaving for New York. Leonard asks Franklin; how Stanton took the news of their decision to vote in Leonard’s favor, in reply Jared simply says “screw him”.

The two in the plane, then chat up one of the partners named Brock Daniels. The two in the flight, later talk to all the other partners, who are planning to side Leonard in the vote. The two, later mess around with the airline crew and try their patience. The two then continue behaving obnoxiously through the whole duration of the flight, while the other partners are visibly bothered by their behavior. Leonard then tells Brock, that he has no problems firing his son. Brock though reminds him “they are equity partners, they can’t be fired”. The two are meanwhile busy acting crazy and enjoying themselves, while they are at it.

Later Stanton is informed that the plane with Franklin and Bash in it had to make an emergency landing in Denver, in order to remove two equity partners of the firm, namely them. He informs Damien, Hanna and his other loyalists of this with a smile on his face and also adds “so we won’t be sold”. Later, Hanna informs the two and the others who are celebrating the victory that, Leonard has officially called off the takeover. Later, Stanton thanks the two for helping him save the firm. The episode ends.