Season 11

241 :11x01 - No Sex Please, We're Skittish

Frasier is nervous about having sex with Julia. Roz hates her new job after only one day and decides to come back to KACL and pretend she had never quit. Niles admits to Daphne that when he was a student he had donated sperm to a sperm bank, but when he checks on what happened to it he discovers that it was discarded due to low motility.
Guest Stars: Reichen Lehmkuhl as Impossibly Handsome Man | Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Debra Monk as Nurse Karen | Nancy Becker-Kennedy as Dana
Director: David Lee (1)
Writer: Bob Daily

242 :11x02 - A Man, a Plan and a Gal: Julia

Niles convinces Frasier that the reason he has no luck with women is that he gets hung up on little faults. When he tries to be more tolerant of Julia, however, she proves to be obnoxious during a party at Frasier's apartment, and she ruins Niles and Daphne's plans to break the news of Daphne's pregnancy by blurting it out during dinner.
Guest Stars: Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Jon Sherman

243 :11x03 - The Doctor Is Out

Frasier suspects Roz's new boyfriend Barry of being gay and mistakenly thinks he goes to a gay bar. When Frasier visits the bar trying to find Barry, he is recognized by people in the bar and soon all of Seattle thinks he is gay.
Meanwhile, Frasier tries to build a friendship with Alistair Burke, a famous opera producer. Burke turns out to be gay and thinks Frasier wants a sexual relationship with him.
Guest Stars: Patrick Stewart as Alistair Burke | Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton | Amita Balla as Waitress | Caroline Lagerfelt as Ginka | David Muller as Barry | Donald Sage MacKay as Eduardo | David Jahn as Bar Patron | Adrian R'Mante as Servant | Michael Sean McGuinness as Clive | Benjamin Bratt as Voice of Kevin
Director: David Lee (1)
Writer: Joe Keenan

244 :11x04 - The Babysitter

While out shopping for a couch for his new office, Frasier meets Ronee Lawrence who used to babysit him and Niles when they were children. Since Frasier had a crush on her years ago, he decides to try to get to know her better, but it turns out that Ronee is more interested in Martin, causing Frasier to be jealous.
Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence
Director: Kelsey Grammer

245 :11x05 - The Placeholder

Roz tries to set Frasier up with her friend Ann, since Roz is concerned that Frasier is getting out of pratice with dating women. Although Frasier isn't interested in Ann, he agrees to take her to dinner. However, Kenny is also taking Liz Wright, who has a job offer at a Seattle art museum, out to dinner in the same restaurant. Kenny tries to get Frasier to agree to give Liz a tour of Seattle to persuade her to take the job. Since Liz is stunningly good-looking and Ann turns out to be a bore, Frasier tries to dump Ann so he can join Kenny and Liz at their table.
Guest Stars: Krista Allen as Liz Wright | Julia Sweeney as Ann Hodges | Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Lauri Johnson as Mrs. Gablyczyck | Anthony Crivello as Maitre D' | Craig Zimmerman as Waiter | Paul Michael (1) as Restaurant Owner
Director: Sheldon Epps

246 :11x06 - I'm Listening

Martin's relationship with Ronee is getting serious, but one morning Frasier overhears Ronee making a date with another man. When he tells Martin, Martin accuses him of eavesdropping. Although Frasier agrees not to do it again, he gets into a series of progressively more embarrassing situations where he overhears things happening between Martin and Ronee.
Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Eddie Bowz as Larry | Edward Edwards as Richard | James Kiriyama-Lem as Tenant | C.J. Jones as Customer #1 | Alan "spo" Schwartz as Customer #2
Director: Sheldon Epps

247 :11x07 - Maris Returns (1)

Frasier's first day back in private practice goes from bad to worse as he embarrasses himself with every patient who comes to see him.
Meanwhile, Maris phones Niles desperate for help in dealing with an abusive Argentinian boyfriend. Niles agrees to meet Maris for lunch, and is about to tell Daphne when he changes his story and claims he was out planning a surprise baby shower for her. At the shower, Maris's boyfriend shows up and punches Frasier. Later, there is a news report that Maris has been arrested for her boyfriend's murder.
Guest Stars: Dan Castellaneta as Brad | Victor Alfieri as Esteban de Rojo | T.R. Knight as Alex | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Penny Johnson Jerald as Carol | Sarah Silverman as Jane | Valerie Mahaffey as Peggy | Missi Pyle as Shannon | Tim Silva as Doorman
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Chris Marcil

248 :11x08 - Murder Most Maris (2)

After Maris's arrest for murder, the press learns that Niles had given her the antique crossbow that was used as the murder weapon. Niles and Daphne's lives become hell when they are hounded by the press, and although Niles appears to be coping well, he eventually disintegrates in public by taking all his clothes off at Café Nervosa.
Guest Stars: Victor Alfieri as Esteban de Rojo | Amita Balla as Waitress | Cindy Lu as Reporter | James Oliver (1) as James
Director: Scott Ellis

249 :11x09 - Guns N' Neuroses

Lilith is in Seattle for a conference so Frasier reluctantly meets up with her. Later Frasier meets separately one of Lilith's friends in Café Nervosa, who sets Frasier up on a blind date with Lilith. Frasier and Lilith meet up later for a drink but each tells the other that they will have to leave soon to meet their blind date.
Meanwhile, Daphne accidentally sets off Martin's gun in Frasier's apartment, which causes damage to some of Frasier's prized art possessions.
Guest Stars: Rachael Harris as Erin | Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin | James Oliver (1) as James | Christine Dunford as Nancy | David Burke (1) as Sean
Director: Scott Ellis
Writer: Jon Sherman

250 :11x10 - Seabee Jeebies

Niles is basking in the fame and public attention he is getting from his connection to Maris's murder case, making Frasier jealous. When Frasier learns he has been nominated for two awards at the Seattle Broadcasters (Seabees) gala, he tries to make the most of his situation to put Niles in his place, but things don't go as planned.
Guest Stars: Lisa Thornhill as Caroline | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Suzanne Cryer as Denise | Stephen Spinella as Randall Schoonover | Heidi Mokrycki as Plum Sanders | Michael G. Hawkins as Bandleader
Director: Kelsey Grammer

251 :11x11 - High Holidays

Frasier and Eddie get an offer to film a tv commercial about Seattle, Freddie comes to Seattle with a new look. Niles finds out that he never rebelled when he was younger and decides to make up for it and rebel now...but it doesn't go as planned.
Guest Stars: Trevor Einhorn as Frederick Gaylord Crane | Amita Balla as Waitress | Marisa Guterman as Andi | Musetta Vander as Natalie | Grinnell Morris as Man in Cafe | Joseph Keane as Waiter
Director: Sheldon Epps

252 :11x12 - Frasier-Lite

To raise money for charity, the KACL staff challenge the staff at KPXY to see who can lose the most weight in two weeks. The contest becomes personal when Frasier discovers that the station manager at KPXY is a guy who used to bully him in school. Meanwhile, Niles and Martin try to nurse back to health a pigeon that flew into a window in Frasier's apartment.
Guest Stars: Stanley Tucci as Morrie | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton | Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky | Dan Butler as Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe | Bess Armstrong as Kelly Kirkland | Bill Kirchenbauer as Wayne | Penny Marshall as Voice of Celeste | Estelle Parsons as Voice of Celeste's Mother | Hilary Duff as Voice of Britney
Director: Sheldon Epps
Writer: Chris Marcil

253 :11x13 - The Ann Who Came to Dinner

When Frasier discovers that Martin never mailed in the insurance renewal for his apartment, he is in a panic to get new insurance. Roz suggests that Frasier make amends with Ann (from episode 11x05 - The Placeholder) by buying the insurance from her. Ann reluctantly agrees to assess Frasier's apartment but while there, slips in Frasier's kitchen and breaks her leg. Worried that Ann will sue him, Frasier suggests that she stay with him until she gets used to her crutches. However, Ann is convinced that Frasier is in love with her, and refuses to leave.
Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne try to retrieve an embarrassing painting from Maris's house.
Guest Stars: Lisa Thornhill as Caroline | Julia Sweeney as Ann Hodges | Irene Olga Lopez as Marta | John Kapelos as Policeman | Ossie Mair as Doctor
Director: Scott Ellis

254 :11x14 - Freudian Sleep

Ronnee and Martin are planning a peaceful weekend away at a country cottage, but Frasier, Niles and Daphne get themselves invited as well. While at the cottage, each person has a bizarre dream that reveals something about their hidden feelings.
Guest Stars: Christina Cindrich as Cable Woman | Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Suzanne Stokes as Fantasy Plumber | Audra Lynn as Fantasy Martin
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

255 :11x15 - Caught in the Act

One of Frasier's past loves, children's entertainer Nanny G, is in town for a series of performances. Although Nanny is married, she still has a passion for Frasier and lures him into a bed used as a prop in her upcoming performance. Things go badly wrong when the show for local children starts with Frasier and Nanny together in the bed.
Guest Stars: Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Larry Cedar as Bunny #1 | John Lathan as Bunny #2 | Jody Ashworth as Panda | Robert Towers as Kangaroo | Don McManus (1) as Donald Burwell | Robert McCall, III as Boy #1
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Joe Keenan

256 :11x16 - Boo! (a.k.a. I'm With Her)

Frasier gets annoyed when Martin constantly sneaks up behind him and scares him. Since he has a clown suit for use in therapy in dealing with one of his patients who has a fear of clowns, he decides to get his revenge on Martin by dressing up in the clown suit and pretending to attack Martin with a meat cleaver. Unfortunately, he scares Martin so much that he has a mild heart attack and ends up in hospital. While he is recovering, Martin asks Ronnee to marry him.
Guest Stars: Lorraine Toussaint as Nurse | Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Gregory Wagrowski as Man in Hospital | Stephanie Faracy as Mimi | Gerald Downey as Doctor
Director: Katy Garretson

257 :11x17 - Coots and Ladders

Frasier is getting disillusioned with the way his life is going as his job is becoming dull and he is still unable to get into a meaningful relationship. So when his elderly neighbour Opal asks Frasier for help changing a lightbulb, he decides to do something risky and impulsive, and steals a medal that Opal won at the 1936 Olympic games. Afterwards, overcome with guilt, he persuades Niles to help him return the medal to Opal's apartment in secret.
Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Estelle Parsons as Opal | Gabrielle Miller as Willa Haver | Jack Laufer as Roland | Linda Gehringer as Sarah | Bernadette Birkett as Janelle | Phyllis Flax as Florence | Helen Mirren as Babette
Director: Kelsey Grammer

258 :11x18 - Match Game

Frasier accidentally gets off the elevator on the wrong floor in his apartment building and meets Charlotte, who runs a matchmaking service. She convinces him to sign on with her, even though her fee is $10,000. After a series of disastrous dates arranged by Charlotte, Frasier discovers that Charlotte herself is having problems in her own life, and starts to have feelings for her.
Niles and Daphne are considering having a natural birth for their child.
Guest Stars: Ann Magnuson as Harvest | Amita Balla as Waitress | Laura Linney as Charlotte | Christie Mellor as Woman in Bar | Elon Gold as Brad | Ellen Ratner as Dress Date | Suzanne Lee Singh as Wig Date | Kirsten Nelson as Ellie | Stacey Travis as Cindy | Rachel Dratch as Horny Date | Beth Littleford as Creationism Date | Kate Steele as Teen Date
Director: Katy Garretson
Writer: Bob Daily

259 :11x19 - Miss Right Now

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Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Laura Linney as Charlotte | Jennifer Tilly as Kim | Aaron Eckhart as Frank | Marian Seldes as Betty | Tom R. Hughes as Guy in Bar
Director: Scott Ellis

260 :11x20 - And Frasier Makes Three

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Guest Stars: Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Laura Linney as Charlotte | Chris Diamantopoulos as Steve | Aaron Eckhart as Frank | Michael Des Barres as Georges
Director: Scott Ellis

261 :11x21 - Detour

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Guest Stars: Stephen Root as Harbin | Laura Linney as Charlotte | Celia Weston as Sue | Todd Louiso as Jonathan | Cady Huffman as Amber Licious | Blake Lindsley as Becky
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Chris Marcil

262 :11x22 - Crock Tales

A flashback show of new scenes all revolving around a crock pot.
Guest Stars: Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Rosie Perez as Lizbeth
Director: Sheldon Epps

263 :11x23 - Analyzing the Laughter

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Guest Stars: Fred Willard as Analyst

264 :11x24 - Goodnight, Seattle (1)

In part 1 of the finale of Frasier, Frasier struggles to put together a wedding for Martin and Ronee, Some of Daphne's brothers come to Seattle and Frasier gets an offer from his agent that he is considering whether to take or not.
Guest Stars: Jennifer Beals as Dr. Anne Ranberg | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Harriet Sansom Harris as Bebe Glazer | Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence | Laura Linney as Charlotte | Anthony LaPaglia as Simon Moon | Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Mark Deklin as Clint
Director: David Lee (1)

265 :11x25 - Goodnight, Seattle (2)

In part 2 of the finale of Frasier, Eddie is taken to the vet by the family during Martin and Ronee's wedding rehersals, Niles and Daphne have very good news. Martin prepares to move out of appartment 1901 and Frasier decides on the offer put to him by his agent.
Guest Stars: Chris Marcil as Steve Glazer | Jennifer Beals as Dr. Anne Ranberg | Wendie Malick as Ronee Lawrence Crane | Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton | Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Harriet Sansom Harris as Bebe Glazer | Anthony LaPaglia as Simon Moon | Mark Deklin as Clint | Arleen Sorkin as Rachel | Cleto Augusto as Moving Man | Marc D. Wilson as Paramedic Rob
Director: David Lee (1)
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1993
Ended: May 13, 2004
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