Season 10

217 :10x01 - The Ring Cycle

Daphne and Niles decide they have to get married immediately, so they elope to Reno the same night without telling anyone. When they get back, they discover that the rest of the family would be upset if they didn't get to go to the wedding, so they decide to have another wedding without telling anyone about the first one.
Guest Stars: Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Saul Rubinek as Donny Douglas | Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Ron Canada as Judge Anderson | Sam Johnson (1) as Reno Officiant | Twink Caplan as Bridget | Hira Ambrosino as Judge Stern
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Jon Sherman

218 :10x02 - Enemy at the Gate

When Frasier and Niles are in Frasier's car and decide to enter a car park, Frasier decides he does not want to park there and tries to drive out right after driving in, but the parking attendant is charging Frasier the price of 1 hour or under parking. Frasier who feels that he shouldn't be charged since he only drove in and out decides to stay in the car park infront of the exit since he was being charged for a hours worth of parking, which disallowed anybody to exit the car park. However his radio show starts in 15 minutes at that time.
Guest Stars: Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Luis Guzman as George | Karen Kim as Motorist #1 | Tony Pasqualini as Motorist #2 | Damian D. Lewis as Motorist #3 | Kila Kitu as Motorist #4 | Anna C. Miller as Motorist #5 | Morocco Omari as Tow Truck Driver | Billy Bean as Voice of Jerry | Charles Busch as Voice of Mark | Leelee Sobieski as Voice of Sheila
Director: Kelsey Grammer

219 :10x03 - Proxy Prexy

Frasier convinces Martin to run for president of the condo committee with the idea of using him as a figurehead to get Frasier's own policies implemented. Frasier is disappointed when Martin turns out to have his own ideas.
Guest Stars: Conrad Janis as Albert | Marc Vann as Paul | Brooks Almy as Mrs. Richman | John Wesley as Jerry | Don Tiffany as Swinger | Marilyn Tokuda as Cecilia
Director: Cynthia J. Popp
Writer: Chris Marcil

220 :10x04 - Kissing Cousin

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Guest Stars: Bradley Whitford as Stu | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Zooey Deschanel as Jen Doyle
Director: Scott Ellis
Writer: Eric Zicklin

221 :10x05 - Tales From the Crypt

When Bulldog keeps pulling practical jokes on Frasier, Frasier retaliates with his own practical joke...but with a twist.
Guest Stars: Lia King as Herself (Employee) | James Oliver (1) as James | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | J.D. Cullum as Donald | Kathe Mazur as Beverly | Emory Livers III as Courier | Zachary Kranzler as Todd | Darion Basco as Zombie #2 | Steven Anthony Lawrence as Jason White | Dan O'Shannon as Janitor
Director: David Lee (1)

222 :10x06 - Star Mitzvah

Frasier's son Freddy has turned 13 and is having his Bar Mitzvah in Boston. Frasier wants to deliver a blessing in Hebrew and asks KACL's Star Trek fan Noel to translate the blessing for him. In return, Noel asks Frasier to get Scott Bakula's autograph at a Star Trek convention. When Frasier misses the convention, Noel gets his revenge by translating Frasier's blessing into Klingon.
Guest Stars: Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin | Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky | Trevor Einhorn as Frederick Gaylord Crane | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Corey Fischer as Rabbi Gendler | Stephon Fuller as Jason
Director: Sheldon Epps

223 :10x07 - Bristle While You Work (1)

Frasier and Martin are trying to find a replacement for Daphne as Frasier's housekeeper. Martin insists on hiring Trish, simply because she is a sports fan, but Frasier thinks she is irresponsible. When Trish turns out to be incompetent, Martin tries to cover for her by doing the housework himself. Meanwhile, Niles is told by his doctor that he has a serious heart problem.
Guest Stars: James Oliver (1) as James | Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton | Robyn Johanna as The Other Daphne | Dominic Rambaran as The Other Niles | Joseph Kell as Doctor | Ana Gasteyer as Trish Haney
Director: Sheldon Epps
Writer: Tom Reeder

224 :10x08 - Rooms With a View (2)

Niles is in hospital preparing to have his heart bypass surgery. Frasier makes himself unpopular by claiming to know more about Niles' heart condition than the surgeon. Meanwhile the rest of the family waits while the surgery progresses, and several flashbacks show some of their experiences in hospitals.
Guest Stars: Daniel Davis as Dr. Shafer | Judith Scott as Colleen | Alice Dodd as Surgical Nurse | Steve Kehela as Orderly #1 | R. Brandon Johnson as Orderly #2 | Greg Callahan as Doctor | Kendall Schmidt as Young Frasier | Murphy Giller as Young Niles | Michael Kropeck as Toddler Frasier | Kelli Kirkland Powers as Nurse | Denise Iketani as Dr. Ling
Director: Kelsey Grammer

225 :10x09 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (3)

Niles is out of hospital after his heart surgery, but is reluctant to resume normal life because he is afraid he will have a relapse. However, he has become insufferable as well, as he thinks his near-death experience has given him a deep insight into the proper way of living one's life.
Guest Stars: Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | John Turturro as Voice of Grant
Director: Jerry Zaks
Writer: Bob Daily

226 :10x10 - We Two Kings

Daphne and Niles want to host the family's Christmas at their house, however Frasier wants to hold it at his. The constant arguing between the three leads to Martin taking a work day on Christmas because he can't handle all the arguement. Niles and Frasier decide to take Christmas to Martin and switch the fake presents under the tree at Martin's job with the real presents under the tree in Frasier's house.
Guest Stars: James Oliver (1) as James | Dean Cain as Rick | Kaileigh Martin as Twinkle | Rick Fitts as Supervisor | Hanna Watanabe as Margie
Director: Jerry Zaks

227 :10x11 - Door Jam

When Frasier and Niles join a top health spa they find out that they do not currently have the top level of membership when they see a gold door. Once they get gold level membership they find a platinum door...
Guest Stars: Hal Sparks as Receptionist | Sarah Shahi as Reservationist | Monica McSwain as Facialist | W. Scott Strassner as Attendant | Annie Wersching as Esthetician
Director: Scott Ellis

228 :10x12 - The Harassed

The radio's new financial commentator Julia is given 15 minutes out of Frasier's show. Frasier tries to make friends with her but she rejects his advances and accuses him of sexual harassment. As a result all the KACL staff have to go to a "gender issues" seminar.
Meanwhile Niles has to see his patients at home while his office is being refurbished.
Guest Stars: Paul F. Tompkins as Steve | Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton | Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Mike Judge as Van | Kendall Clement as Plumber
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Chris Marcil

229 :10x13 - Lilith Needs a Favor

Lilith comes out to Seattle to ask Frasier for a frozen sperm donation so she can have a second child, but Frasier can't make up his mind if he wants to do it. Meanwhile, Daphne takes her mother and Roz and Alice to Canada for a holiday.
Guest Stars: Kevin Chamberlin as Guy in Waiting Room | Brent Spiner as Albert | Bebe Neuwirth as Dr. Lilith Sternin | Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | James Oliver (1) as James | Laurel Green as Flight Attendant | David Boyd (3) as Waiter | Frances Callier as Nurse
Director: Sheldon Epps

230 :10x14 - Daphne Does Dinner

Daphne decides to make dinner for Niles and his peers after she suggests that she does the dinner since whenever Frasier and Niles does it, it always ends in catastrophe. They decide that Frasier shouldn't be involved in the preparation of food or organizing the party, but when Frasier learns of this news he decides not to go to the party at all. But she has trouble cooking it and calls Frasier for help. However, she can't let Niles know that Frasier cooked the food and continues to hide Frasier in the kitchen.
Guest Stars: Christopher Lawford as Bill | Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Harve Presnell as Mike Shaw | Ann Cusack as Antonia | Paul Schulze as Alex | Scotch Ellis Loring as Jeremy | Matthew Yang King as Thad | Nana Visitor as Sharon | Booth Colman as Mr. Slobodkin | Michael Weston as Ice Sculptor | Joshua Fardon as Luke | Nino Del Prete as Chef Etienne | Mim Drew as Mimsy
Director: Katy Garretson

231 :10x15 - Trophy Girlfriend

When Niles partners someone else for a squash tournament, Frasier teams up with Chelsea, a gym teacher who goes to the same squash club. After they win the tournament, Frasier starts dating her, but seeing her shouting at a pupil in her class one day brings back nightmares from Frasier's own school days.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Tripplehorn as Chelsea Gray | Bob Hoskins as Coach Fuller | Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Jack Brewer as Jim | Amanda Carday as Campbell | Nadine Donahue as Waitress | Scout Taylor-Compton as Gym Girl
Director: Kelsey Grammer

232 :10x16 - Fraternal Schwinns

Frasier and Niles get talked into going to the KACL bikeathon. There's just one problem - neither of them knows how to ride a bike.
Meanwhile, Martin discovers that Gertrude Moon tried to destroy his relationship with Cora Winston.
Guest Stars: Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Emily Yancy as Cora Winston | Mario Prado as Bike Clerk
Director: Sheldon Epps

233 :10x17 - Kenny on the Couch

Kenny is having a rough time adjusting to his divorce so Frasier agrees to see him as a psychiatric patient. However, Kenny finds that Martin gives him much better therapy by encouraging him just to enjoy himself and forget his troubles rather than try to analyze them.
Meanwhile, Niles and Daphne take yoga lessons.
Guest Stars: Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Alan Cumming as Ahmrit (yoga tutor) | Mary Kowalski as Trudy | Laura Linney as Voice of Mindy
Director: David Lee (1)
Writer: Bob Daily

234 :10x18 - Roe to Perdition

Frasier and Niles are offered top-quality caviar by a Russian sailor. When they serve it at a party in Frasier's apartment, his posh guests all want to know where they got it, but rather than reveal their source, they become "dealers", and sell caviar in exchange for entry to the high levels of society.
Meanwhile, Martin tries to return a $40 overpayment from a teller machine, but runs foul of the bank's bureaucracy.
Guest Stars: J. Kenneth Campbell as Mr. Michaels | John Vickery as Petyr | Oleg Stefan as Vladimir | Michael Winters as Bank President | Reggie Jordan as Bank Officer | Devlin Elliott as Teller #1 | Shannon Cochran as Bank Manager | Sarah Brooke as Mrs. Michaels | François Giroday as Robert | Sal Rendino as Customs Officer | Bridget Sienna as Teller #2 | Nate Bynum as Bank Guard | Endre Hules as Russian Crewman
Director: Jerry Zaks
Writer: Jon Sherman

235 :10x19 - Some Assembly Required

After lending some minor help to a KACL project to build a home, Frasier feels he has to give the new residents advice on decor.
Niles has to fill in when Martin is too ill to give a safety demonstration to a class of 4th graders.
After Daphne and her mother have a blazing row, her mother takes a job as a waitress at Café Nervosa to make Daphne feel guilty.
Guest Stars: Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Misha Henson as Sandy | Elizabeth Liang as Customer | Timothy Carhart as Mr. Grant | Dale Dickey as Mrs. Grant | Holmes Osborne as Principal | James Oliver (1) as James | William Turner as Kid #2 | Jordan Lund as Team Leader | Haley Darwish as Kid #1
Director: Wil Shriner

236 :10x20 - Farewell, Nervosa

Frasier is devastated when Café Nervosa hires Ben, a live musician who shatters the quiet atmosphere. As a result he goes in search of a new coffee house, but in the process he discovers that Julia Wilcox is having an affair with his (married) accountant Avery. As usual, Frasier decides he has to meddle to try to prevent Julia from getting hurt.
Guest Stars: Amy Hill as Maureen Nervosa | John Hannah as Avery McManus | Elvis Costello as Ben | Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Alex Borstein as Evelyn | Matt Besser as Coffee Guy | Kevin Daniels as Steve | James Oliver (1) as James
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Eric Zicklin

237 :10x21 - The Devil and Dr. Phil

TV's Dr. Phil is in Seattle and because Frasier and he went to college together, Frasier goes to a reception for Dr. Phil to renew his acquaintance. While there, he discovers that Bebe Glazer is now Dr. Phil's agent. Frasier, jealous of Dr. Phil's success, tries to woo Bebe back as his own agent again.
Guest Stars: Phil McGraw as Himself | Harriet Sansom Harris as Bebe Glazer | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Jack Axelrod as Old Frasier | Jean Sincere as Old Daphne | John O'Leary as Old Niles | Lillian Adams as Mildred | Steve Susskind as Supervisor
Director: Wil Shriner

238 :10x22 - Fathers and Sons

Leland Barton, who used to be a research assistant to Fraser's and Niles's mother, visits the Cranes on a trip to Seattle from Paris. His personality, mannerisms and tastes are so similar to those of Frasier and Niles that Martin begins to wonder if Leland is the boys' real father.
Niles and Daphne try to decide on a name for their future child even though Daphne isn't pregnant yet, in order to get a head start on an application to a prestigious school.
Guest Stars: David Ogden Stiers as Leland Barton | Amita Balla as Waitress | Linden Chiles as Dean of Admissions | David St. James as Admissions Officer
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Writer: Jon Sherman

239 :10x23 - Analyzed Kiss

Julia breaks up with Avery but thinks he is trying to steal a computer program that she wrote, so she and Frasier break into his office to delete the files from Avery's computer. While there they are disturbed by a cleaning woman so they hide in the closet where Julia kisses Frasier. Frasier, of course, sees deep significance in the kiss.
Niles is introduced to target shooting by Martin, and Roz applies for a job at another radio station.
Guest Stars: Bill Paxton as Ernie | Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Dennis Cockrum as Red | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | David Alan Basche as Woody Wiswell Jr | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | Dan Gerrity as Wayne | Keith Sellon-Wright as Mitch
Director: Katy Garretson

240 :10x24 - A New Position for Roz

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Guest Stars: Felicity Huffman as Julia Wilcox | Millicent Martin as Gertrude Moon | Edward Hibbert as Gil Chesterton | Patrick Kerr as Noel Shempsky | Ashley Thomas as Alice Doyle | Tom McGowan as Kenny Daly | David Alan Basche as Woody Wiswell Jr.
Director: Kelsey Grammer
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1993
Ended: May 13, 2004
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