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Season 2

14 :02x01 - Dexter's Date

Dexter Douglas has finally managed to get a date with Steph, in which he decides to take her to one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city. However, when The Lobe shows up, with a new plan to destroy the television studios of the world, Dexter must balance his one chance with Steph while dealing with The Lobe at the same time, though he discovers that it isn’t going to be too easy to keep Steph from figuring out his secret.
Guest Stars: Larry Cedar as Oblongata | Jeff Bennett as Medulla | Rob Paulsen as Francois
Director: Jack Heiter

15 :02x02 - The Freakazoid

It’s Freakazoid’s birthday, though he isn’t too happy about it since he is forced to perform any action that is requested of him, as such is mandated by the superhero’s codebook. However, when The Lobe arrives at his place in order to ask a devious deed of him, Freakazoid must battle his conscious as he tries to figure out what exactly it is that he should do.
Guest Stars: Jess Harnell as Wakko | Maurice LaMarche as The Brain | Frank Welker as Steven Spielberg
Writer: Paul Rugg

16 :02x03 - Mission: Freakazoid

When Dexter Douglas’ family gets kidnapped, he becomes Freakazoid and he gets his team together in hopes of heading to the police state of Vuka Nova in order to rescue his family. However, when the group arrives on the island, they discover that they’ll need to work together in order to succeed, as Freakazoid alone isn’t going to be enough to warrant a chance for success.
Guest Stars: Jim Cummings as Janos | Larry Cedar as Anton

17 :02x04 - Joe's Very Own Story/Virtual Freak

Joe’s Very Own Story: Joe gets his own story, though when the network censor decides to take things a bit too extreme, his story gets more and more stale as time progresses.

Virtual Freak: While playing a new arcade game at the local mall, Freakazoid and Cosgrove get sucked into a virtual dimension where they must try to figure out how to get back to their real world. Meanwhile, Steph attempts to hide from two virtual soldiers who were sent to the real world, as they’re fighting one another and they’ll destroy anybody who gets in their way.
Guest Stars: Paul Rugg as Network Censor | Frank Welker as Dinosaur, Barbarian | Jeff Bennett as Hat Store Clerk
Director: Peter Shin

18 :02x05 - Hero Boy

Armando Guitierrez decides to try to ruin Freakazoid’s reputation by capturing him, cloning him, and having the evil clone go out and commit crimes. However, he also plans on destroying the world as a formality, as he has managed to trick Freakazoid into helping him build a super laser that can cause untold destruction. Now, Freakazoid must rely on his love for Hero Boy, his favorite television program, in order to escape from his prison, destroy his evil clone, and remove Armando Guitierrez from his certain victory.
Guest Stars: John P. McCann as Hero Boy | Tress MacNeille as Danny Dingle | Paul Rugg as Jocko | Ricardo Montalban as Armando Guitierrez
Director: Jack Heiter

19 :02x06 - A Matter of Love

Freakazoid is jealous over the fact that Cosgrove no longer hangs out with him, as he has a new girlfriend and he spends all of his time with her instead of him. However, when Freakazoid watches his girlfriend as she lights a candle with her nose, he begins to suspect that she may actually be a monster and he decides to rush off to prove it in hopes of saving his best friend’s life.
Guest Stars: Tress MacNeille as Mary Beth | Paul Rugg as Jimmy Durante
Director: Rich Arons

20 :02x07 - Statuesque

Waylon Jeepers has recently acquired a Medusa Watch that can turn anything living into pure stone, though he decides to summon a demon by the name of Vorn the Unspeakable in order to protect his new asset. However, when he stumbles across Steph when she was outside of a store, he turns her to stone, which causes Freakazoid to vow to find Waylon Jeepers and force him to turn Steph back to normal.
Guest Stars: Richard Moll as Vorn the Unspeakable, Werewolf | Ed Gilbert as Dracula
Director: Peter Shin

21 :02x08 - Island of Dr. Mystico

Freakazoid is piloting an aircraft full of supervillains in order to transport them to a more secure prison facility in France. However, when the plane is brought down into a mysterious island by a mysterious individual, Freakazoid learns that the scientist responsible wants to turn them into some of his orangutan-human genetic soldiers that he calls orangumen. In order to escape from the island and get the plane back into the air, Freakazoid must convince his many enemies to work with him in order to ensure their success in escaping, though can Freakazoid really rely on the people who have plotted against him since he became a superhero?
Guest Stars: Tim Curry as Dr. Mystico | Maurice LaMarche as Henry Kissinger | Jim Cummings as Orangumen | Leonard Maltin as Leonard Maltin
Writer: Jed Spingarn

22 :02x09 - Two Against Freak

Cosgrove and Roddy MacStew must work together in order to stop Cave Guy and Cobra Queen, who have recently joined forces in order to improve their strengths. However, Freakazoid is out of commission since he injured himself when he had attempted to practice some telekinetic powers, so they’ll need to use their own strengths in order to win. Unfortunately for Cosgrove, a television crew has been following him around for a police based reality program, which has a bad habit of getting in his way.
Guest Stars: John P. McCann as Hero Boy | Brian George (1) as Doctor | Tress MacNeille as Cobra Queen
Writer: Ken Segall

23 :02x10 - Freak-a-Panel/Tomb of Invisibo

Freak-a-Panel: Freakazoid is attempting to get away from Cave Guy, in which he decides to duck into a convention center. However, things take a turn for the worse when he is asked to sit on a panel and answer questions about his show, as well as various other things.

Tomb of Invisibo: During a visit to a museum, Duncan knocks Dexter into an ancient sarcophagus, which unleashes an invisible enemy who had been resting inside for three thousand years. Freakazoid must try to figure out how to fight Invisibo, though he first must struggle with finding him, as Invisibo is invisible.
Guest Stars: Larry Cedar as Chip Clavicle | John Rhys-Davies as Professor Beasthead | Corey Burton as Invisibo

24 :02x11 - Normadeus

The Lobe decides to kidnap Norm Abram in an attempt to force him to build a diabolical invention that would be capable of destroying Freakazoid once and for all. When Freakazoid learns of this, he decides to find The Lobe’s base in order to rescue the carpenter before he reluctantly completes his assignment.
Guest Stars: Jeff Bennett as Medulla | Larry Cedar as Oblongata | Norm Abram as Norm Abram
Writer: Paul Rugg
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: WB ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 1995
Ended: June 01, 1997
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