Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Alex is suffering from post-divorce trauma. Helen has yet to recover from the death of her fiancé. The two coworkers end up in an awkward dating situation that neither are prepared to solve.
Guest Stars: Earl Billings as Polk |
Co-Guest Stars: Barak Hardley as cashier / Marvin | Michael Serrato as assistant manager | Monica Young as Julie | Deanna Smith as Susan
Director: Todd Holland
Teleplay: John Enbom

2 :01x02 - What I Did for Work

Stephen asks Alex to entertain a client who is thinking of leaving and when he needs to find female companionship, he turns to Dan. Emma has a thing for a man who works in another office and Helen tries to help her.
Guest Stars: Fred Goss as Gerald | John Brotherton as Andrew | Michael B. Silver as Ted |
Co-Guest Stars: Renee Faia as Susan | Heather Prete as Kara | Julie Wittner as first woman | Paula Christensen as second woman | Lisa Grady as Patricia | Katie Cockrell as Catherine | Kellie Cockrell as Danneel
Director: Peter Lauer

3 :01x03 - Dr. Hu

Stephen assigns Emma to help Alex and his team on a presentation after she speaks out of turn in a meeting as a way to not so subtly push Alex. Helen visits Alex's therapist, then ends up on a date with him.
Guest Stars: Ian Anthony Dale as Dr. Hu |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Capri as Mr. Landon | Mark Anthony Samuel as Manager | Dwana White as Coffee Cart Lady | Danny Smith (3) as J. Crew Guy | Johnny Giacalone as Marty
Director: Todd Holland

4 :01x04 - Rebranding

The team is assigned to help a client who cheated on his wife. Alex's office mates attempt to assist with his love live by creating a fancy online profile for him.
Guest Stars: Christina Moore as Dawn | Meagen Fay as Dorothy Potter | Tom Virtue as Fred Potter | David Cheaney as Tim Dymund |
Co-Guest Stars: Rick Federman as Alan | Bob Gebert as Reporter | Edward James Gage as Husband | Yolanda Snowball as Wife | Darryl Semira as Waiter | Jeffrey Christopher Todd as Troy | Dan Alemshah as Man
Writer: John Enbom

5 :01x05 - Nice Guys Finish...At Some Point

Alex decides to emulate Dan's methods as it applies to picking up women. Helen is tired of staying home alone so tags along with Emma after work.
Guest Stars: Angelique Cabral as Gwen | Maree Cheatham as Marjorie Claypool | Rachel Germaine as Leslie | Christopher T. Wood as Customs Agent |
Co-Guest Stars: Mel Cowan as Weird Guy | Swati Kapila as Pretty Girl | Jan Munroe as Client
Director: Michael Engler
Writer: Emily Cutler

6 :01x06 - Are You There, Helen? It's Me, God

Helen is terrified at the prospect of being a Godmother. Stephen directs his staff to poach clients at a funeral of a recently deceased competitor.
Guest Stars: Rachael Harris as Edith | Andrew Daly as Father McDuffy | Nick Thune as Richard Packer | Rizwan Manji as Dave Wuppa | Lance Barber as Thad | John Ross Bowie as Anders | Aaron Refvem as Billy |
Co-Guest Stars: James Ryen as Jack Helms | Dale Waddington Horowitz as Meredith | Dave Champagne as Tom Walsh
Director: Bryan Gordon
Teleplay: Alexa Junge

7 :01x07 - The Kids Are Probably Alright

Alex obsesses about out-doing his ex-wife's new boyfriend to impress his kids. Helen is put in charge of the public image of Stephen's latest very young squeeze.
Guest Stars: Molly McCook as Shauna | Robert Gant as Mark | Ryan Hansen as Frank | Aaron Refvem as Billy |
Co-Guest Stars: Gracie Kaufman as Hannah | Michael Hagiwara as Event Organizer | Mara Casey as Angry Woman | Ithamar Enriquez as Animal Handler | Carol Herman as Elderly Woman | Jeffrey James Castillo as Burly Man
Director: Todd Holland

8 :01x08 - Sexin' The Raisin

Helen works on a campaign to make Oregon raisins more sexy while Alex strikes up a relationship with a woman in his building.
Guest Stars: June Diane Raphael as Julie | Ethan Sandler as Carl | Kim Rhodes as Kate | Bayne Gibby as Melissa | Brooke MacKenzie as Alice |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephanie Maura Sanchez as Hostess | Louie Alegria as Brad | Amro Salama as Matt
Director: Kevin Dowling