Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits is the story of five friends living in Chicago and the relationships that they are pursuing. Some are looking for long term commitments while some are just looking for fun. Sometimes they fall back to each other for moral support and even extra "benefits".

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Prev: 1x12 -- The Benefit of Friends (Sep/09/2011)

Sarah's dedication to her new boyfriend leaves Ben alone and wanting her back, leaving him in a slump of his own regarding personal relationships. Riley meets someone special, but their future is uncertain due to his cryptic revelation.

Ryan HansenRyan Hansen
As Ben Lewis
Danneel HarrisDanneel Harris
As Sara Maxwell (as Danneel Ackles)
Zach CreggerZach Cregger
As Aaron Greenway
Andre HollandAndre Holland
As Julian 'Fitz' Fitzgerald
Jessica LucasJessica Lucas
As Riley Elliott

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1x12: The Benefit of Friends recap: The scene opens with the friends hanging out with Sara and Austin, her new boyfriend. Ben is unimpressed with his stories of his job as a journalist. Ben thinks to himself and imagines that he and Austin had a dance off. Austin asks how things are going for Ben and he lies and says that things are going great even though in reality his truck got towed. Sara sticks up for him and Austin says that he has to go to the bathroom. A man gets Riley’s attention and asks her for another shot. She tells that he is cut off and he says that she is only cutting him off because she knows that he can drink her under the table. She accepts the challenge. Ben tells Sara that he hasn’t seen her for a while and Austin has Sara come with him. Ben gets a ride with Aaron on his Vespa sitting on Fitz’s lap. He says that he is in a slump and Fitz tells that he needs a “slumpbuster” to get his confidence up. Fitz tells that a 5/10 is perfect... read more.

1x11: The Benefit of Putting in the Work recap: The scene opens with Aaron and Ben playing Virtual Bowling. Ben tells that he didn’t get another job again. He says that he needs to start his own business. Ben says that he wants to open his own real store. He says that he is always coming up with stuff. However, none of them pan out. Aaron says that he is not going to invest until he comes up with a great idea. Ben says that is not going to be hard because he is good at coming up with good ideas. He bowls, but the ball comes out of his hand and smashes Aaron’s plasma television. Later, Ben is trying to come up with good ideas and Sara talks about her new guy that she is dating, Austin. Ben has her try his Macaroni and Cheese. She says that it is good. Ben mentions sex and she says that she is not going to give him sex for the Macaroni and Cheese. He asks if she has had sex with Austin. She says that things are getting serious with them and says that they haven’t had sex yet and Ben tells that she needs to seal the deal tonight. She tells that she is wearing ugly underwear and Ben says for her to go without it... read more.

1x10: The Benefit of Avoiding the Mindbanger recap: The scene opens with Ben going into the gym to talk to Fitz. He is in the middle of teaching a class and Ben tells him that he got a job interview at record company. Fitz says that they have been getting worried of Unemployed Ben and the fact that he has been watching “Intervention” all the time. Ben says that he is indestructible and accidentally kicks a girl in the class. Later at the bar, Ben says that he texted Joe, the friend who got him the job interview, and they are going to meet up. However, he realizes that he texted the wrong Joe and the Joe that comes in is Sara’s “mindbanger”, a person who you can’t think of anything else when you are around them. The friends realize that they all have their “mindbangers” of the past. Sara comes over and says that she and Joe are going to go somewhere to “catch up”. Ben tries to stop her and mentions the pact that they have. However, Sara blows it off and goes off with Joe... read more.

1x9: The Benefit of Being Shallow recap: The scene opens with Sara walking down the street when she bumps into a blind guy. They hit it off and later at the bar Sara says that she has a date with a blind guy. Ben tells that he met a girl too. He says that there is nothing wrong with her. However, after the friend press him, he admits that she wears hats everywhere. He says that it can’t go on forever, but after 4 dates of her wearing a hat, he realizes that it is not going to happen. Aaron and Fitz are home when Aaron tells that there is an older woman who keeps flirting with him. Fitz tells that he needs to go for it. Claire, the woman that keeps hitting on Aaron, calls up and asks if Aaron wants to go out to lunch. Fitz pretends to be Aaron and tells her that he will be right down. He tells Aaron to go for it... read more.

1x8: The Benefit of Mentors recap: The scene opens with Ben and Aaron at Ben’s work. Ben tells Aaron that he can’t get into his computer because porn ads keep popping up. Aaron says that Ben has a “pornado”. Aaron sees an advertisement for Liza Blue, a porn star. However, Adam says that she is Mary Webber and he used to mentor her. He says that it is his fault that she did this because he told her to fill her “hole” with anything. He says that he wanted to refer “hole” to be a career she enjoys. Aaron says that he needs to find her and gets up. Ben asks what he is going to do about his “pornado”. He tells that he has to go. At the hospital, Riley asks what Sara wants for lunch and she says that she wants Vegan. Sara asks about Riley’s date and she tells that she broke it off and says that she left the window open though. Riley sees an older doctor and asks who he is. Sara says that he is Dr. Everett Lonsdale and says that he is off limits. He comes over and pays attention to Riley rather then Sara and gives Riley his phone number. Sara says that this is weird and says that she can’t date her hero. Riley says that she can hold her own with a doctor... read more.
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