Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens with Sara and Ben getting “busy”. Ben asks Sara how her date went. She tells that Rich made her pick up the bill. Ben says that he is no good, but Sara says that Rich is honest with her and says that he is looking for something serious. Sara asks Ben why he broke up with the last three girls and Ben has reasons that point to his shallowness. Ben accidentally puts on Sara’s pants and she is disturbed that he could get them on at all. Ben asks if Sara wants to go with him to his sister’s wedding and Sara says that she isn’t going to because of the time he refused to help her move. He says that it is fine and says that he will find someone else. She says that she has to go and he says that they should go and party. He says that has a date that has promise. Later at Ben’s date, they watch Caddyshack. Ben’s date isn’t laughing and is bored.

Ben goes to the bar and meets up with Aaron and Fitz and Fitz asks how the sex was. He says that it didn’t happen and Fitz is confused. He says that it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t like the movie. Riley comes in dressed like a bee. She tells that she is dating a Congressman. Fitz realizes that the guy has a Pollination Fetish. Aaron says that he needs to have a relationship like he does with Katie. Fitz says that Aaron and Katie have only been dating for three months. Aaron says that he has never felt this way. However, they tell that isn’t true at all. Aaron says that things are different because they connected more after sex. Sara comes in and says that she just delivered a baby from a woman that had her private parts bedazzeled. Ben asks if Rich called Sara and she says no. She asks if he found someone to go with him to the wedding and he says no. Aaron says that he is going to ask Katie to move in with him. They try to convince him not to ask, but his mind is set. Sara says that Aaron is manning up and says that is what grown-ups do. They toast and Sara spits out her peanut butter-tiny, a martini with peanut butter. Riley says that it was just behind the bar.

The next day, Rich texts her and asks her out. She texts Ben and tells that Rich texted her out. Ben calls her and tells her that it is alright because it wasn’t an email which means that he doesn’t want to be together. Ben goes over to Aaron’s and he is getting coached by a golf pro. Ben is surprised that Aaron hired a golf pro to try to beat him at video golf. Ben tells that he has to take someone to his sister’s wedding and says that it would be weird to ask Sara. After Aaron misses the hole on the game, Ben sinks it with one stroke. Aaron asks why it would be weird with Sara and Ben tells him that she and him have been sleeping together. Aaron thinks that isn’t cool because sex is a huge commitment. Aaron says that he is not that good with real life things. Aaron says that he is going to tell his sister that he isn’t going to have a date. Ben calls up his family and after his sister says that the knew that he wasn’t going to bring anyone, he says that he is bringing someone and that she is his girlfriend. They get excited and tell the entire family. Later, Ben tells Sara that he told his family that he found his soulmate. She laughs and they realize that one girl had nothing wrong with her that Ben can remember. Meanwhile, Aaron calls Katie and tells that he has a big night planed. He is sitting on a horse while talking to her machine.

On Friday night, everyone is getting ready to go out on their dates together. Ben has his date with Dakota and can’t find anything wrong with her. Meanwhile, Rich and Sara get to a nice restaurant and Sara tells herself that this is going to be great. However, she sees that they are in a Swinger’s Club and slowly leaves. Aaron goes to Katie’s apartment with the horse he bought and says that he bought her a horse. She tells that now is not a good moment and he finds out that she is sleeping with a “bad boy” with tattoos. She tells that Aaron treats her too good and sometimes wants someone to insult her. He goes to the bar and Riley tells him to shoot down a concoction of drinks. She tells that he is ahead of the game and says that she did worse things tonight. He says that he wishes that he could be like everyone. She kisses him. Meanwhile, Ben drops off Dakota and she kisses him by liking his face. Ben realizes that was why he didn’t pursue the next step with her. She asks what is wrong and he says that it is the licking. She is insulted and tells that he isn’t perfect either and that he is missing out.

Aaron and Riley start to get “busy”. Ben walks home to find Sara there. He asks if there is a future with Rich and she says that there isn’t. She tells that she could be a little choosier and Ben agrees that he should be less choosy. The episode ends with Ben going out of his apartment to go to the wedding. Sara is there by his side and asks if there are going to be any cute guys there and he says that he doesn’t know.