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The Benefit of the Unspoken Dynamic - Recap

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The scene opens Ben and Fitz on the ledge of a Pier. Fitz asks Aaron if Ben lives or dies. Flashback eight hours earlier and Ben comes to Aaron’s to find him putting together an attack drone. Ben asks what is going on and Fitz tells that Aaron saw on Facebook that a girl named Laurie, who he has been in love with for many years, is now engaged. Ben tells Aaron that he is a cool guy and that any woman would want to go out with him. Ben says that he is going to go out because the “Mayor of Fun” is with them and they are going to have fun. Ben says that he might be able to change his status to say that he banged a model. Aaron says that he is in. Aaron says that he could make that his status anyways. Meanwhile, Sara gets back home to find Riley there and she asks if Sara did anything fun. Sara remembers that she and Ben got “busy” last night, but doesn’t tell Riley. She asks Sara if she wants to go to a baptism of a pig tomorrow and Sara says that she will get back with her.

Later at the bar, they guys get beers and Ben says that they are going to have fun and get really drunk. Ben and Fitz chug theirs, but Aaron sips his. He tells that he has a deviated septum. Riley comes up and tells that she believes that Sara hates her. Sara comes up and hears Riley telling that they don’t hang out and they set up something. Riley says that her drug dealer is retiring and having a party. Sara says that would be great, but it is clear that she is not wanting to go at all. The friends get ready for their wild night and Sara is trying to find out the right outfit. The guys get to a bar and Kristin, an attractive waitress, comes over and Aaron tells that he is feeling attractive right now. The night goes on and Christine tells that her shift is over and Aaron asks which guy she think is the cutest. Aaron has her write down the guy she thinks is the cutest and Fitz says that they need to ignore the napkin. Ben looks at it and it is Ben’s name, but he lies and says that it is Aaron. He says that they can go home now, but Aaron says that they are going to Navy Pier and going to find Kristin.

Meanwhile, Sara and Riley get to the party and congratulate Riley’s friend and Sara sees snacks. She eats some because she is nervous. However, they find that they are laced with pot and Sara immediately starts to feel the effects of it. Meanwhile, Aaron, Ben and Fitz get on a subway and Ben tells that they are going to the Pier. Fitz asks when Ben is going to tell that they are on the wrong train. Aaron gets up and says that someone told him that it is the wrong train. Aaron accused Ben of being jealous. Back at the party, Riley is making out with her drug dealer and Sara starts making out with a random guy. Back on the subway, Kristin comes in and has her two other friends with her. Back at the party, Riley realizes that Sara is making out with a Hobo.

Riley and Sara get on the subway to go home and Sara doesn’t like that she made out with a Hobo and says that her phone is gone. She tells that it is all Riley’s fault, but Riley fights back and says that Sara was the one who kept eating. Sara says that she needs to vomit. Meanwhile, Aaron, Ben and Fitz have Kristen and her friends over and Aaron tries to get Kristin’s attention. They go to the bathroom together and Aaron asks Ben why he is trying to steal Kristin from him. Ben admits that Kristin wrote his name on the napkin and shows it to him. Aaron thinks that it is a forgery. Aaron goes into the bathroom with the girls and tells Kristin that she has an explanation to give him.

Sarah and Riley are back home and Sara is by the toilet. She tells that she is done and Riley says that they better stay next to the toilet. Sara says that she has been sleeping with Ben for a month. Riley says that it is good to do bizarre things. Riley says that she is glad that they are friends. Back at Aaron’s, Fitz asks if he wants to play a game where Aaron decides if Ben lives or dies. They go to a pier and Ben is holding a cinder block. Fitz says that no one gets hurt. Aaron tells that he was only trying to be a good friend. Suddenly the edge breaks and Ben falls in. Aaron jumps in after him and Ben says that Aaron is the better man. The next day, Sara calls her phone and asks the Hobo to give back her phone. He says that he will over dinner. She declines and he says that he just wants food. She agrees. She asks if there are any messages and he says that her mother called. She says that she saw that he changed her facebook status to “in a relationship”. He says that he wanted to get them off his back.