The Benefit of Forgetting - Recap

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The scene opens with Ben coming out of his apartment and sees Megan, an ex-girlfriend. He tries to get her attention and she runs away and jumps into a taxi and rides off. Ben goes to the bar and tells his friends about the ditch and they tell that is strange. He tells Aaron that he wants an E-Wish. Riley asks what that is and Sara says that Aaron has secret software where he can find anyone at any time. Fitz says that his Lesbian mother is there and says that Aaron has to go with him. He tells that he doesn’t know what to say ever to Fitz’s mother. Later, Fitz and Aaron have dinner with his mother and talk about their past and they are very open with one another. He asks if his mother seeing anyone and she ignores the question. Later, Fitz tells that his mother wasn’t herself. Aaron says that she lonely. Fitz says that he needs to get his mother a woman.

Sara goes into find Riley putting a bra up to her breasts. She asks what she is doing and Riley says that she is dating a boob guy. Sara tells that Riley is alright in that area and says that she is lucky that she is dating a guy who knows what to do with breasts. Sara gets a text from Ben that tells her to meet him and that it is an emergency. She arrives there to find that things are fine and says that he needs to not do that. He says that it is an emergency and says that he used his last E-Wish to get a trace on Megan’s cell phone. They find her and Dave pretends to be jogging. He goes up to her and asks why she doesn’t remember him. She apologizes and says that she was hit by a truck. She shows the scar and Dave feels bad. Riley is on her date with Derek, the boob guy. She takes off her top to show her breasts and he compliments them and says that they are amazing.

Meanwhile, Fitz waits for his mother to arrive with Aaron when Fitz’s mother comes in. She tells that a lesbian burlesque bar is not the best place to have the conversation. She tells that she is seeing someone. Fitz is happy and asks what her name is. She says that it is Keith. Fitz is confused and when he sees Keith, he thinks that he is a pre-opp. However, Keith says that he is all male. Dave calls Sara and asks what he should do on a date with Megan. However, he already has his mind made up and says that it is going to be Pizza and a movie. Sara suggests that he take her out. Meanwhile, Riley and Derek walk through the park when Derek sees a woman breast feeding her child and gets aroused.

Later that night, Dave and Megan get back from their date and she tells that she loved the romantic time that they had on their date and kiss. The next day, Sara says that it sounds like a beautiful date. Dave comes clean that it never happened like that and that he lied to her and took advantage of her memory problems. He says that it isn’t going to happen again. That night, Megan tells that she can’t believe that Dave took her on a more elaborate date again. She tells that she doesn’t have sex on the first date and he says that was weeks ago. Things seem great, but it is clear that it was only pizza again from the pizza boxes on the floor. Dave goes to the bar the next day and Sara says that it is wrong. Aaron agrees with her. Riley comes over and says that she doesn’t want to stop dating a guy just because he has one quark. She asks for Aaron to look him up and he does. Aaron says that Derek is part of a Leletche League a group for breastfeeding women. Aaron realizes that Derek is a lactater. They are confused and Aaron says that Derek wants to latch onto Riley’s boobs and make milk come out of them.

Fitz goes out with Keith and his mother and he doesn’t like the fact that Keith is not a woman and tells that he is not good for his mom. They get a flat tire and Keith starts to fix it. Fitz says that he wants to and his mother says that he is acting like a child. He walks away confused because he was always the man. Riley goes over to Derek’s and asks if he has a breastfeeding fettish. He admits to it and Riley says that she can live with it. He says that he is going to get the pump. However, when he latches on to his own chest, Riley says that she is out of there. Dave is on another date with Megan and says that it is pizza tonight. She says that is alright. She gives him the DVD of Battle Royale and he asks how she remembered it. She tells that she wrote it down on her arm. He tells Megan that she is great and that he is taking her for granted. However, she doesn’t seem to agree.

Aaron finds Fitz on the couch and he asks what is wrong. He says that he was always the man of the house and now that his mother is not lesbian, it is weird. Aaron says that his childhood his cake compared to what he had to do when he was a child. Aaron tells about how his mother was horrible at his own birthday. Aaron says that Fitz’s mom just wants to be loved. Fitz goes to his mom’s camper and tells that he was wrong and that he loves her. They hug and make up. The next day, Dave is on his date with Megan when a guy comes up and introduces himself as Megan’s fiancé. He tells her to check the bottom of her foot. There is a tattoo with the fact that she is engaged to Steve. Dave tells her to check the other foot and runs away. Later, Sara and Ben get busy and afterward, they talk about how Dave almost ruined Megan’s life. They tackle each other. Later, Aaron is watching home video and Fitz realizes that Aaron came from a weird family.