The Benefit of the Right Track - Recap

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The scene opens with Sara coming up to Ben and Riley and tells them that she and Paramedic Evan and she are in a relationship. She tells that she has a reason to go over to Evan’s because he forgot his bomber jacket. Dave and Riley cheer on the “Booty-Call”, but she says that she is not thinking it as that. Riley and Dave explain that Sara is in the “Booty-Call” track. She tells that isn’t true at all. They tell the different signs where she would know if she is on the track she wants. Dave says that he is seeing a girl named Mia who wants him to watch her “documentary” and calls it her LEGS (Lame Excuse to Get Some) and Sara says that she thinks that it means something else, but realizes that the Bomber jacket could be her LEGS. Riley says that she doesn’t have LEGS, she has CORN (Come Over Right Now).

Later, it is Aaron and Fitz’s roommate-versary and they exchange gifts. Fitz gives Aaron an keyboard rest and Aaron gives Fitz two tickets for them to go to the Bull’s game and ride in style. Fitz says that it was a $50 limit. Aaron says that he is going to splurge on his friend. Fitz doesn’t like it and says that he always Big Dog him. He tells that he doesn’t, but it is evident with the past years where he has always gotten him a bigger gift then he has given. Fitz says that he has a client to train and leaves. Sara goes up to Evan’s place and tells that he left his jacket. He asks if she wants to come in for some wine and she accepts. Meanwhile, Dave is on his date with Mia and the watch the “documentary”. Fitz goes up to Aaron at the bar and they both say that they are sorry. Fitz says that he wants to get the nosebleed seats and eat hotdogs. He agrees. Fitz says he wants to take a train too. Aaron agrees and Fitz asks where the people are. Aaron says that he rented out the bar so that they can talk. Riley comes out in leather outfit and tells that she is dressed up only for her date later.

Back with Dave and Mia, Dave texts Sara and tells that the “Booty-Call” with Mia is grim and asks how her serious relationship is going. She texts that she had sex with Evan. The next day, Dave tells Sara that it didn’t happen with her last night, but he is going to turn this around. Sara tells that she took Evan’s jacket because he told her to “stay warm”. Dave says that is just a saying that everyone says. Sara says that Evan must think that she is a thief and she tells that there could be a horrible accident that could happen and Evan will have to come by the hospital. Aaron and Fitz go to the Bull’s game and in the nosebleeds with the other people. Aaron is clearly uncomfortable and asks where the hot dog vendor is. One of the fans says that he never goes up there. At the bar, Dave talks to Riley and tells that he hasn’t replied to any of Mia’s texts as Phase Two. Sara comes in and says that there were no accidents to have Evan come to the hospital. She says that she is going to go back to Evan’s in the morning. That way it is only breakfast and that is all.

After the game, Aaron lies and says that it was great at the game and Fitz tells that it was a great time. Fitz tells that Aaron is a rich guy and that he probably has $2,000 on him now. A man comes on with a gun and takes all of Aaron’s clothes and things. Sara goes to Evan’s and realizes that she doesn’t have the jacket. She jumps up and they get “busy”. Later, Sara goes back to the bar and tells that it is still relationship track. Early the next morning, Evan knocks on Sara’s window and Riley’s voice gets in her head reminding that if they climb through a window, then it is a “Booty-Call”. However, Dave’s voice gets in Sara’s head reminding her that if they have breakfast, it is on the Relationship track. She tells that she wants to make oatmeal for him. Dave goes to Mia’s to find that she fell down the stairs. He stays and holds her until the paramedics arrive and realizes that he is in the Relationship track.

Aaron and Fitz go to the police station and they bring in a line-up of crooks. Aaron tells that he is jealous of Fitz because women come easy to him. He picks out the crook and Fitz says that he is sorry. Aaron says that he likes female cops. Fitz sees that an attractive female officer comes in and acts as Aaron’s wingman and it works. Dave sits with Mia when her parents, grandfather and sister come in and thank Ben. Mia tells that she told them that Ben was her boyfriend. Ben is nervous even more so now. At Sara’s, she makes oatmeal and he turns down his radio. She asks if he is on duty and he says that he is. She realizes that he is just there for a “Booty-Call”. Back at Mia’s, Ben snaps and says that he just came to hook up with Mia. When they give him a shocked look, he says that he is kidding. Later, Ben tells Sara that he doesn’t like relationships for so many reasons. The next day, Mia is driving Ben crazy about her constant questions on football.