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The Benefit of Keeping Your Ego in Check - Recap

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The scene opens with Dave coming up to the bar and telling Fitz that he met a girl who he doesn’t want to have sex with. Riley says that she must be a beast. Dave takes the defensive and says that she is a nice girl. Dave asks how many ugly friends Riley has and she tells that she has one. Fitz says that they have to “squash the beef” with one another. Dave asks what that means and Fitz says that they have beef with one another and they have to fix it. Dave says that he accepts her apology. Dave says that he has to add that into his rotation, but Fitz tells Dave that he is horrible with the saying and tells that he always uses them in the wrong context or mixes the sayings around and comes off creepy. Fitz changes subjects and talks about his new girl, Lauren. He says that he wants to get serious with this girl, but since she is going out of town for a week, he wants to have on last time out single time. They ask how he knows that it is a monogamous relationship. He says that he dropped her off at the airport and she tried to start up the conversation. He tells Dave and Riley that for now, he is a free man and tells everyone to lock up their ladies.

Aaron is trying to voice control everything in his place when Sara comes in and asks for a favor. He asks what it is and she tells him that it is an auction and a dorky guy says that he is going to outbid anyone to go on a date with her. She tells him that it is for a good cause and he agrees to bid on her to avoid an unwanted date. Dave goes into work and Amanda and he playfully fight over the last doughnut. Dave says that they have to bury the beef and he tells her that he wants to bury the beef with her. She tells that she is not hungry anymore. Later, Sara and Aaron get to the event and Aaron says that he will outbid anyone. Meanwhile, Wes from Human Resources come up and says that there was a complaint filed against him by Amanda. Dave tries to explain what he said, but he says that saying wrong again. Wes is insulted and walks away. Back at the event, Aaron is at the bar and meets Kyle, the guy who wants to bid on Sara. Immediately, they have a lot in common.

At the wild party, Fitz is enjoying his freedom and says that he can go out in a bang. Fitz enjoys himself dancing with women. Suddenly, Lauren texts and asks if he is behaving himself. He says that people are already posting pictures. He says that he has to track down everyone who posted a picture of him. Back at the event, Aaron and Kyle are still talking about their commonalities when the auction begins. Kyle bids on Sara and Aaron realizes that he is the guy. Aaron freezes up and allows Kyle to win. Back at the party, Fitz says that he got everyone to take their pictures of him down except for one guy who works at a coffee shop. Dave comes up and says that he is being accused of sexual harassment on Amanda. He says that he said that he wants to bury the beef with her. Fitz says that he is supposed to say “squash the beef”. Back at the event, Aaron says that she needs to give Kyle a chance and says that he is a good guy.

Fitz goes to the coffee shop the next day and talks to Dean about the picture. He says that the picture changed his life and it was good. Later that night, Sara is on her date with Kyle when Aaron comes up as planned by Sara and him. He sits down and joins them despite what Kyle wants. Dave goes up to Amanda at work and apologizes to her and says that he would never want to bury the beef with her because she is not attractive. Realizing that he just made it worse, he walks away. On the date, Aaron and Kyle start talking and laughing and Sara says that she has to go to the bathroom. Kyle tells Aaron that Sara is boring and says that he wants to ditch her. Sara gets back and Kyle goes to pay the check. Aaron tells Sara that Kyle doesn’t like her. She feels like this is a challenge and says that they are going to go to Kyle’s place now. Fitz goes to the bar and drowns his sorrows at the fact that he might lose his girl before he had a chance. Sara and Aaron go with Kyle to his place and Sara is tying to get into gaming. However, she gets frustrated and accidentally knocks over the tower of the computer. He tells her to leave and says that Aaron and him will clean up. Sara asks if Aaron is going with her and he does. He tells that he will be online soon. Kyle shows that he has his doors automatic and impresses Aaron.

Dave talks to Wes at Human Resources and he tells him that it was a misunderstanding and that he wanted to say that he wanted to squash the beef. He ruins it for himself and his case when he tells that Amanda isn’t attractive and that he would never want her in that way. Later, he goes to Sara’s and says that he is fired. He says that he can now pursue music like he has always wanted, but Sara realizes that he just wants to grow a beard. Fitz goes up to Dean with Riley and says that they are going to give him a better picture. Riley takes off her coat and starts making out with Dean in a bikini. Later, Fitz sees that Dean changed his picture and says that Lauren posted pictures of her vacation to Peru. There is Lauren with a guy. Fitz feels betrayed.