The Benefit of Mardi Gras - Recap

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The scene opens with Riley, Aaron, Fitz and Ben at the bar. Aaron orders his virgin girl drink because he is on the Vespa. Ben tells that he can order girly drinks now, but when they are in Louisiana for Mardi Gras, he is not going to be drinking them. They start chanting, but Sara comes in and tells them that it is not going to happen because she and her sister, Grace, had a fight. They tell that they are supposed to stay at Sara’s mother’s house. Sara tells about how her grandmother is giving her sapphire ring to Grace because she is having a baby and it was always decided that Sara was going to get it. Fitz imagines everyone in their bikinis while Sara tells the story of why they can’t go to Mardi Gras. However, her friends tell that they will get her through the weekend without any problems. They start chanting. Later, the friends get packed up to go.

They arrive in Louisiana and Sara and the rest of the friends are welcomed in. Sara says that Grace looks beautiful and Grace isn’t talking to her and their mother tells them to deal with the problem and move on from it. The friends get ready for Mardi Gras and Grace asks if Sara’s love life has gotten better. Sara tells that she went on a date last week. However, what she doesn’t tell her was that he was a kleptomaniac. John-John, Grace’s husband, comes in and tells that she can always get a foreign baby like Angelina Jolie. She tells that she is 28 years old and has plenty of time to have a baby. She can’t control herself and says that Grace’s baby is going to be stupid. Ben stands up and says that it is time for Mardi Gras.

They arrive amongst the party and a girl flashes Aaron. He says that he doesn’t have any and she tells him to get some. He offers her $20 and she gets offended. Riley tells that she has them covered and goes into a crowd and flashes them. She comes out with plenty of beads for everyone. Aaron tells that he has a problem of sudden nudity and Riley gives him a Hurricane. He drinks it and tells that he better not end up on “Girls Gone Wild”. Ben talks to Sara about her sister problems and says that she needs to make a nice toast to turn things around with her. He tells that he got out of being arrested by making a toast. Sara goes back to the house to find Ben eating the King Cake. She tells that her mother put the ring in the cake. She tells that they can just cover up the piece that he ate with frosting. However, Ben says that he ate the entire cake. Ben says that he will “pass” it. Sara gives Ben a laxative to speed up the process.

Back outside, Aaron is drunk from Hurricanes and Aaron says that he wants to get things off his chest right now. However, Fitz calls Riley over to him for Oyster shots. A girl that Aaron thinks is Riley come over and they start talking. Aaron tells that he wants to kiss her. She says yes. Fitz tells that the girl looks like Riley, but Riley doesn’t feel good from the Oyster shots. Fitz leads Riley back and gets her to the bathroom. Aaron brings back the woman he thinks is Riley and they get “busy”. Ben feels the urge to go to the bathroom and finds the first bathroom is occupied by Fitz and Riley. Aaron wakes up to find a note saying that the girl, who he thinks was Riley, went for coffee. Ben goes outside to do his “business” in the garden, but Sara’s dad is there. He talks about how Grace is going to be a mother and that he is going to be a grandfather. Ben gets in and tells that he missed the opportunity. Sara tells that she needs it and Ben drinks a half a bottle of laxative.

Aaron walks up to Riley on the swing and tells that he had fun last night. She tells that she didn’t. Aaron is confused and says that he thought it was good. Fitz comes up and tells that he was there. Aaron is really confused and walks away insulted. Grace and her mother walk into the kitchen and Sara tells that Ben ate the ring. Grace blames Sara. They argue, but suddenly Grace goes into labor. Ben feels the need to go as well and Sara tells him to use the bathroom in the garage. Later at the Baby Shower, Aaron is ignoring Riley until Caroline, the girl Aaron thought was Riley, comes up. He realizes the mistake and tells Caroline that it was great, but tells that he doesn’t remember anything. She asks if she can keep the puppy and he says that she can.

Meanwhile, Sara tries to deliver the baby and John-John passes out. The truth comes out of Sara’s jealousy and tells Grace that she is going to be a mother and she delivers the baby. John-John passes out again. Aaron, Fitz and Riley laugh that Aaron confused the girl for her. Sara and Grace come in and Sara says that she is happy that she is Aunt Sara. Ben comes in and tells that he has the ring. However, Sara and Grace don’t want it. Ben says that this is going on the finger of a pretty lady. Riley says that she will take it. The episode ends.