The Benefit of Mentors - Recap

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The scene opens with Ben and Aaron at Ben’s work. Ben tells Aaron that he can’t get into his computer because porn ads keep popping up. Aaron says that Ben has a “pornado”. Aaron sees an advertisement for Liza Blue, a porn star. However, Adam says that she is Mary Webber and he used to mentor her. He says that it is his fault that she did this because he told her to fill her “hole” with anything. He says that he wanted to refer “hole” to be a career she enjoys. Aaron says that he needs to find her and gets up. Ben asks what he is going to do about his “pornado”. He tells that he has to go. At the hospital, Riley asks what Sara wants for lunch and she says that she wants Vegan. Sara asks about Riley’s date and she tells that she broke it off and says that she left the window open though. Riley sees an older doctor and asks who he is. Sara says that he is Dr. Everett Lonsdale and says that he is off limits. He comes over and pays attention to Riley rather then Sara and gives Riley his phone number. Sara says that this is weird and says that she can’t date her hero. Riley says that she can hold her own with a doctor.

Later at the bar, Fitz and Ben are playing a game when Fitz says that their flag football friend, Noah, is in intensive care and says that they should go visit them since it was Ben’s fault for causing him to smack into a pole. Ben says that they will be alright. Aaron gets in to the bar and Ben tells that Aaron had a date with Liza Blue. Aaron tells that she told him about how she used his help and tells that she has a huge crush on him. Riley, Fitz and Ben tell that Aaron that he needs to have sex with her. Sara says that he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. Later, Riley goes on her date with Everett and she is bored. Meanwhile, Ben and Fitz go to Noah’s room and a girl named Lana comes in and says that she is Noah’s girlfriend. She says that it is good that Noah has friends no matter what. The next day, Everett calls Sara into his office and asks if he should friend Riley on Facebook. He is out of touch with technology. She asks if he is going to give the lecture and he says that he has a date. He asks if Sarah can do it. She is happy and agrees. Later that night, Liza Blue comes into Aaron’s place and Aaron says that he says that they should just be friends, but she kisses him and they get “busy”. Afterward, Liza says that it was great.

The next day, Sara asks how things are and she tells that Everett sterilized his hands before and after sex. Sara goes into work and Everett asks if Riley is brushing him off. Sara tries to not get involved, but when Everett says that she can assist in delivering twins, she agrees to tell Riley about his achievements. Ben goes to the hospital with flowers to find Fitz already there. They go outside and decide that they are both wrong. They try to make fun of Noah to make themselves feel better. They agree not to hit on Lana. Meanwhile, Sara is forced to deliver quintuplets by herself. Later that night, Sara says that this is her fault because Everett won’t stop asking her about Riley. Sara tells that she needs to break it off with Everett. Riley tries to say that you never know, but Sara tells that she needs to leave him no hope. Aaron goes home to find Fitz watching a Liza Blue video. He is disgusted and Fitz says that everyone is watching her. Aaron gets the idea to block Liza Blue from the internet and post the real Liza Blue as Mary Webber. Liza Blue’s agent calls her and tells that she is blocked and that every time her name is searched for, an article of her winning a Math Contest.

Fitz goes to the hospital in a clown outfit to find Ben there in a clown outfit. He asks what he is doing there and he tells that he is freelancing. They go out of the room and Fitz says that they have hit rock bottom. They continue to try to impress Lana. Everett tells Sara that Riley told him that she is going to Egypt for two years and said that she never knows. Sara goes to Riley and asks why it is hard to close the door. Riley admits to her “daddy issues” and that she wants to find her father. She tells that she will end it with Everett. Three Months later, Everett finds himself in Egypt and meets a guy who dated Riley. Liza Blue goes to Aaron’s place and tells that he blocked her from the internet. He says that he wants her to be happy and do other things. She says that she is happy and Aaron accepts that she is a Porn Star. He says that if she needs a job, she can come to him. Ben and Fitz finish entertaining Lana and she shows a tattoo that she got of her and Noah’s commitment. Later, Ben and Fitz clean up Noah and Lana’s place and Ben says that he has patience.