The Benefit of Being Shallow - Recap

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The scene opens with Sara walking down the street when she bumps into a blind guy. They hit it off and later at the bar Sara says that she has a date with a blind guy. Ben tells that he met a girl too. He says that there is nothing wrong with her. However, after the friend press him, he admits that she wears hats everywhere. He says that it can’t go on forever, but after 4 dates of her wearing a hat, he realizes that it is not going to happen. Aaron and Fitz are home when Aaron tells that there is an older woman who keeps flirting with him. Fitz tells that he needs to go for it. Claire, the woman that keeps hitting on Aaron, calls up and asks if Aaron wants to go out to lunch. Fitz pretends to be Aaron and tells her that he will be right down. He tells Aaron to go for it.

Sara asks Ben about his date and he tells that it is fine. However, he reveals that he can’t take it anymore and Sara gloats that her and Todd, the blind guy, are doing great. She tells that she is still working on getting to know the things not to say to a blind guy like the sky is beautiful and other things as settle as “How do I look?” Sara says that she doesn’t need to have a guy tell her that she is pretty. However, she is not happy about it. Ben says that he is not shallow because he won’t break up with the girl over a hat. Ben goes in the living room and sees that it is going to be a windy day. Ben goes on a date and Kat, the girl, is wearing a hat. Meanwhile, Sara and Todd are on a date and Sara is trying to show off and it is not received the way she wants. That night, Ben and Sara tease each other about their dates. Claire and Aaron get back from their date and she makes the first move and they get “busy”.

The next day, Aaron comes out and meets Hope, a girl who moved in the building. However, it turns out that Hope is Claire’s daughter. Fitz kisses Hope goodbye and Aaron says that he doesn’t know where to go with this. Aaron says that he doesn’t think that he will vouch for him and he doesn’t want to ruin it. Aaron agrees to vouch for him as a good guy. However, Fitz texts and Aaron starts to have second thoughts. Meanwhile, Sara and Riley talk about a garbage disposal when construction workers compliment them. Sara hangs around and gets complimented more. She tells that she is getting appreciation from Todd about her inner beauty and for her outer beauty, she will get it from random strangers. Later, Ben tells Riley that she has to steal Kat’s hats. Riley tells Ben to tell her that the hats bother him. Aaron and Claire get “busy” again and Aaron says that he is vouching for Fitz. Claire says that they both have to pass the “mom” test and says that he and Fitz can come with them for lunch.

Later that evening, Sara tells Riley that she doesn’t have to dress up for Todd and is going to be comfortable. Meanwhile, Ben tells Kat that her hats bother him. She tells that she is self-conscience because she has someone on her forehead. Ben says that it is alright, but when the problem is a huge birthmark on her forehead, he gets disgusted, but hides his disgust. Fitz and Aaron go with Claire and Hope to meet Claire’s mother. Fitz tells his lies and scores points from the mother. Claire tells that it is alright that Aaron doesn’t match up all the way because he is going to score points too. Later that night, Sara and Todd get ready to get “busy” and Sara is dressed down. Ben tries to get “bust” with Kat, but her birthmark talks to him. Back with Sara and Todd, he tells that it is not working for him because he can tell that Sara didn’t dress up for him and says that he doesn’t want that. Ben can’t take it anymore and says that he can’t do it either and Kat gets offended.

Aaron goes into the kitchen to find Claire’s mother there. Fitz comes down and says that he can explain. Claire comes out and says that she is disgusted. She tells that she can’t date someone who is friends with someone who slept with her mother. Aaron is confused and says that it is alright for Fitz to be sleeping with her daughter, but not her mother. Aaron says that Fitz is a good guy and is who he is. Aaron tells Fitz that it is alright and goes to vodka. Ben and Sara get “busy” and afterward, Sara tells that she likes that Ben doesn’t judge her and Ben says that he likes that about her too. The next day, Riley tells Todd that she has a friend that is cute and Todd shows his shallowness. She sees her and Todd walks off and falls down a hole in the street. The episode ends.