The Benefit of Avoiding the Mindbanger - Recap

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The scene opens with Ben going into the gym to talk to Fitz. He is in the middle of teaching a class and Ben tells him that he got a job interview at record company. Fitz says that they have been getting worried of Unemployed Ben and the fact that he has been watching “Intervention” all the time. Ben says that he is indestructible and accidentally kicks a girl in the class. Later at the bar, Ben says that he texted Joe, the friend who got him the job interview, and they are going to meet up. However, he realizes that he texted the wrong Joe and the Joe that comes in is Sara’s “mindbanger”, a person who you can’t think of anything else when you are around them. The friends realize that they all have their “mindbangers” of the past. Sara comes over and says that she and Joe are going to go somewhere to “catch up”. Ben tries to stop her and mentions the pact that they have. However, Sara blows it off and goes off with Joe.

Aaron and Riley go to an auto dealership and Aaron tells that he doesn’t need the car, but he wants it. Riley keeps telling him that he doesn’t need the car. A woman named Ariel comes over and Riley knows her as a “Scenester Chick”. She tells Aaron that he is not like that and should go out with girls who like the real Aaron. However, he says that he hasn’t had any luck with that and needs to get into something that will work. One month later, Ben knocks on Sara’s door and has a letter that he wrote for her. He finds her in the bathroom and she is dying her hair black. She tells him that she is not doing it for Joe, she has always liked black. She cuts her bangs and realizes that it is a mistake. Meanwhile, Aaron is on his date with Ariel and she introduces him to her friends. He pretends to blend in with them.

Ben and Fitz get to a dive bar and meet up with Sara. She is being paranoid that a waitress is hitting on Joe. She walks out and tells Ben and Fitz to watch Joe. Later that night, Ben says that he has to bring back Emma, his “mindbanger”. He says that by having Emma and Joe meet up, it will make them get together. He tells that he cannot let him get anywhere near Emma. Later, Ben and Fitz get ready for the party and Aaron and Ariel look at online stores and Aaron buys her several things. Ben tries to stay away, but winds up seeing Emma go into Fitz’s place for the party. When Ben tries to go in, the doorman shows that he can’t come in. Ben sees a ladder on the side. Inside, Joe tells Sara that he can’t believe that she is not going to introduce him before going on. She tells that she can’t do public speaking. Riley pulls Aaron to the side and says that he is not like Ariel and tells him to stop it. However, Aaron says that he is having fun. Fitz finds Emma and is about to get her to meet Joe, but Ben is on the balcony and drags Emma to him.

Three weeks later, Ben and Emma are together and Emma has transformed Ben for the worse. She tells that they have dinner with Dennis and his wife. Ben tells that he doesn’t like Dennis and Emma says that he could be more like him. Fitz comes in and asks about the Record Company and he tells that he isn’t and is going to take the LSATS instead. Fitz sees a DVD of the Backup Plan. At a party, Riley comes up and flirts with a guy for the only reason that he has money. Aaron tells that she is trying to prove that his relationship is not good. Aaron takes her bluff. Fitz gets into a tattoo parlor to find that Sara is getting a tattoo of the name of Joe’s band. He plays the DVD and it is Ben telling that he is miserable. It snaps her out of it. At the party, Aaron walks over to Riley and tells Riley that she is not like this. She tells that he can pay her student loans and she will do “stuff” for him. She pulls him in and just about Aaron is going to kiss Riley, she tells that there is no kissing. Aaron snaps out of it and Riley tells that Aaron shouldn’t ever change. They turn around to find that Ariel has moved on.

Fitz and Sara run into the LSAT Testing Center and Sara asks if her nose is running. Ben stands up and says that she is just nervous. They realize that they were in bad relationships. Later that night, they through out things that their “mindbangers” gave them and Riley tells that Aaron is going to find someone who is going to love Aaron for his own self. Ben thanks Sara for her help and she in turn does the same. They hug. The episode ends with Ben dancing and pretending to have a conversation with someone.