The Benefit of Putting in the Work - Recap

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The scene opens with Aaron and Ben playing Virtual Bowling. Ben tells that he didn’t get another job again. He says that he needs to start his own business. Ben says that he wants to open his own real store. He says that he is always coming up with stuff. However, none of them pan out. Aaron says that he is not going to invest until he comes up with a great idea. Ben says that is not going to be hard because he is good at coming up with good ideas. He bowls, but the ball comes out of his hand and smashes Aaron’s plasma television. Later, Ben is trying to come up with good ideas and Sara talks about her new guy that she is dating, Austin. Ben has her try his Macaroni and Cheese. She says that it is good. Ben mentions sex and she says that she is not going to give him sex for the Macaroni and Cheese. He asks if she has had sex with Austin. She says that things are getting serious with them and says that they haven’t had sex yet and Ben tells that she needs to seal the deal tonight. She tells that she is wearing ugly underwear and Ben says for her to go without it.

Aaron goes to Riley’s and asks what she was doing before the computer froze up on her. She tells that she wasn’t doing anything until she spilled her soup on it. Ben comes in and gives some of the Macaroni and Cheese to Aaron. He says that it is really good and Riley asks for some too. Fitz comes downstairs and says that a girl named Corinne that he dated blogged about all the guys that she slept with and rated them. He says that he is #9 on Chi-Town’s Twenty Most Doable Bachelors. He says that he is going to take Corinne out again. Riley asks who #1 was and he tells her. Aaron tells he is backing Ben. Later, Sara gets back from her date with Austin and he says that he takes Anti-Depressants and it can affect his “performance”. Three hours later, they finish and both are unsatisfied. The next day, Aaron gives Ben a list of things that he has to do to get the business going, but all Ben is hearing is the name of the truck Rock-A-Roni. Fitz gets done with Corinne and she tells that she will move him up to #8. Meanwhile, Riley goes up to Colin Zabrowski, the #1 guy on the “doable” list. He is a nerdy guy and Riley pretends to not see him.

Ben cooks up his Macaroni and Sara comes up and says that sex with Austin was forever and she tells that the chaffing started. She tells that Austin has game, but she has to skip spin class because of it. She says that she is going to talk to him. Ben is working his truck and a Hipster comes up and asks when he closes up. They get “busy” when a cop gives him a $1000 fine. The hipster grabs his fanny pack that Aaron gave him and takes off. Meanwhile, Riley finishes with Colin and is shocked that he is really good. Sarah tries to have sex with Austin again and he says that it is his fault. They try to spice things up by having Sara dress up like a teacher. It works a little, but not enough. The next day, Aaron tells Ben that he has done all the social network part of it and Ben tells that he needs $5,000 for the permit, $1,000 for the fine and a new fanny pack. Aaron says that he is done and says that he is on his own. In the truck, Ben tells Sara that they are closing the truck, but Sara tells that he needs to stick to it and be responsible. He tells Sara that if Austin makes her happy, then she needs to make it work.

At the gym, Riley tells that Fitz has a lot of competition and he asks for her help to reveal Colin’s moves so that he can be #1 on the list. She agrees to help. Later, Sara tells Austin that she can get him on better medication and he says that he likes that she is trying to help him, but he says that he can handle it on his own. He suggests that they set a timer and then they take a break. At the same moment, Ben is washing up the Rock-A-Roni truck and making it worth a real business. Fitz is learning the moves from Riley and Aaron watches as Ben paints the Rock-A-Roni truck. Later, Aaron comes out and says that he needs music. He got Ben a record player and says that this morning, Aaron bought back his Vinal Collection. Fitz gets the #1 spot on the “doable” list. Later that night, Ben comes over to Sara’s and says that he needs to thank her and says that his business is going and Sara says that she made the effort with Austin and it has worked out. Ben says that they need to celebrate, but Sara says that she has a date with Austin. Later, Ben walks around with Aaron and Ben sees the hipster that robbed him. They jump in front of her and scare her. Ben realizes that it is the wrong hipster and they run off. The episode ends.