The Benefit of Friends - Recap

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The scene opens with the friends hanging out with Sara and Austin, her new boyfriend. Ben is unimpressed with his stories of his job as a journalist. Ben thinks to himself and imagines that he and Austin had a dance off. Austin asks how things are going for Ben and he lies and says that things are going great even though in reality his truck got towed. Sara sticks up for him and Austin says that he has to go to the bathroom. A man gets Riley’s attention and asks her for another shot. She tells that he is cut off and he says that she is only cutting him off because she knows that he can drink her under the table. She accepts the challenge. Ben tells Sara that he hasn’t seen her for a while and Austin has Sara come with him. Ben gets a ride with Aaron on his Vespa sitting on Fitz’s lap. He says that he is in a slump and Fitz tells that he needs a “slumpbuster” to get his confidence up. Fitz tells that a 5/10 is perfect.

At the bar, Riley says that she says that she would normally say that they need to do it on the bar, but she wants to talk to him more. However, she changes her mind. The next day, Ben rides to a lunch date with his “slumpbuster” and his phone drops which causes him not to see the door that is open. He flips on his bike. He gets to the date and the girl tells that she has to go. Ben doesn’t see that he has a huge gash on the side of his face. Ben calls Sara, who is in the middle of a date with Austin. She tells that she needs to call him back. Austin tells that they need to be honest and asks if there is a history between her and Ben. She lies and tells that there is no history. Meanwhile, Riley and Daniel, the guy from the bar, get “finished” and she says that he was amazing. He tells Riley that he doesn’t have long with her and she asks if he is dying. He says that they don’t need to talk about that.

Ben goes over to Sara’s to get looked at and she tells that she lied to Austin about their sleeping together. She tries to justify it by saying that they never dated and that it is fine. Austin gets back from the store and she tells Ben to hide. Ben says that they aren’t doing anything bad so it alright. However, Ben is halfway through the window already. Ben plays it off as a scavenger hunt for one wind chime. Riley goes to Aaron to search online for Daniel and he says that there is no record at all. Riley says that they shared something real. Aaron looks into Riley’s life and laughs that she voted for Agoiovich. She takes Aaron’s expensive equipment and puts it in a pitcher of beer. Ben goes to Fitz’s and he tells that he is not looking good. Fitz says that he is going to get Ben out of the funk with some French models whose bus broke down. However, Ben doesn’t see the door and smacks into it.

Riley goes over to Daniels and he is packing up. She tells that Aaron was right and that Daniel is a con-artist. However, Daniel says that he is Amish and that the time was his “Rumspringa”, his time away to see if he likes the real life versus the Amish life. She thought that they had something. He kisses her goodbye. Ben talks to a bandaide and asks what is going on with his life and says that Sara is with Austin now. Riley talks with Aaron and he says that he knows that Riley loved Daniel and tells her to go after him. She agrees and thanks Aaron. Ben goes to Sara’s and kisses her. Austin catches them. Ben talks to Sara and says that he is serious about Sara. She asks if Ben wants to be her boyfriend and he says that they have a good thing. She tells that she is ready for a relationship, but Ben isn’t. Riley goes to Amish Country and makes all the men drop what they are doing to look at her. She finds Daniel and finds out that he is already engaged to an Amish woman. She tells that she thought that they had something special and Daniel says that they don’t.

Riley goes back to the bar and takes shots. Ben comes in and they both talk about how their lives have taken a spiral. They agree to just forget about it. Later, Sara gets home from work and says that she saved a life. Austin says that is good and is not enthusiastic as Ben always gets. She walks off and says that she is going to share some good news with her friend. Austin calls Ben a loser and says that he won’t be there when Sara comes back. She tells that he can leave then. Sara gets to Ben’s and says that she wants to be friends. However, she finds Riley in the bed with him. Aaron and Fitz talk and Aaron says that the Amish thing didn’t work out for Riley. Fitz asks if there are any Black Amish and Aaron asks if he is ever going to have a chance with Riley. Fitz gets a text from Sara telling that Ben slept with Riley. Fitz says that he doesn’t want to answer that right now. The episode ends.