Season 3

44 :03x01 - Olivia

Olivia manages to escape imprisonment and tries to return to her own universe, only to discover that all possibilities are blocked and her memories are not her own.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham | Andre Royo as Henry Arliss Higgins | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Dr. Anderson | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Juliana Wimbles as Nurse Melissa | Lucas Wolf as Male Nurse | Darryl Scheelar as MP | Fraser Corbett as Second Man | Viv Leacock as Cop | Crystal Balint as ND Agent | Dino Cocomello as Gas Station Attendant
Director: Joe Chappelle

45 :03x02 - The Box

Three robbers dig up a mysterious box from a suburban home, but it soon proves deadly to anyone exposed to it... with one exception. The alternate Olivia works with Newton to find the box, while accompanying Peter and Walter as they investigate the deaths. Meanwhile, William Bell's last will and testament is read, and Walter gets a surprising gift.
Guest Stars: Russell Harvard as Joe | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton |
Co-Guest Stars: Artine Brown as Mitch | Kyle Cassie as Darryl | Robert Egger as Bank Manager | Steve Elliott as Dad | Hiro Kanagawa as Executor | Khaira Ledeyo as FBI Tech | Eric Lynch as Homeless Man | David Neale as Police Captain | Stephanie Hudd as Grown Daughter | Tracy Trueman as Mom | Jordan Weller as BPD Officer | Nancy Whyte as Grandma
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

46 :03x03 - The Plateau

The Other Side's Fringe Division investigates a mysterious series of bus accidents that resulted in the deaths of specific individuals. Meanwhile, Olivia begins to have mysterious visions of people she finds strangely familiar, and Secretary Bishop tells Colonel Broyles why he has placed an impostor on his team.
Guest Stars: Michael Eklund as Milo Stanfield | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Kacey Rohl as Madeline Stanfield | Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Levin | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Rocky Anderson as Police Officer | Charles André (1) as Older Gentleman | Paul Bae as Delivery Man | Douglas Chapman as Jeffrey Meyer | Dave Collette as Marco | Graeme Duffy as Male Victim | C. Ernst Harth as Bus Driver | Winnie Hung as Bus Passenger | Ntsiki Kheswa as Female Patient | Christopher Kim Sing as Teenage Boy | Georgia Hacche as Female EMT (as George Mae Hacche) | Matthew Mandzij as Fringe Agent | Kimani Ray Smith as Bike Messenger (as Kimani Smith) | Sal Sortino as Grocer | Larissa Stadnichuk as Jillian Foster | Adam Thomas (1) as Male EMT | Daesha Danielle Usman as Receptionist | Jason Vaisvila as Homeless Man (as Jason Wade Vaisvila) | Kristopher West as Lawyer | Kyra Zagorsky as Nurse | Gabriela Zimmerman as Female Victim
Director: Brad Anderson

47 :03x04 - Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

A deep-cover shapeshifter is inadvertently exposed, and the Fringe team hopes to probe its body and download critical information about the Other Side's infiltration plans. Bolivia orders Newton to acquire the data, and Newton calls a sleeper agent into play. Meanwhile, Walter adjusts to life as the owner of Massive Dynamic.
Guest Stars: Shannon Cochran as Patricia Van Horn | Marcus Giamatti as Ray Duffy | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton |
Co-Guest Stars: Dean Atwal as Scientist | Mittita Barber as Hostess | Chelsea Bourdages as Young Woman | Erica Carroll as FBI Newbie | Nikolas Filipovic as Nate Duffy | Herod Gilani as Celebrity Look-alike | Havana Guppy as Girl #2 | Madison Guppy as Girl #1 | Tanya Hubbard as Emergency Nurse #2 | Ron Knight (1) as Older Man (as Ron M. Knight) | Jennifer Mawhinney as EMT #1 | Eliza Norbury as Lisa Duffy | Iris Paluly as Emergency Nurse #1 | Shaughnessy Redden as Doctor #1 | Chad Riley as Agent #1 | Veenu Sandhu as Senator's Aide | Melanie Walden as Resident Doctor
Director: Kenneth Fink

48 :03x05 - Amber 31422

When a man frees his twin brother from an amber quarantine zone, Secretary Bishop realizes he must keep the knowledge secret before the public learns that it can be done... at the cost of weakening the quarantine zones. Meanwhile, Olivia agrees to help the DOD test her ability to travel between worlds, and tries to cope with visions of Peter Bishop warning her that something isn't right.
Guest Stars: Aaron Ashmore as Matthew Rose | Shawn Ashmore as Joshua Rose | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham | Holly Dignard as Danielle Rose | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Nate Bell as Rose Son - Age 5 | Chaz Chamberlain as ND Agent | Darren Dolynski as Mark Wilner | Miguelito Macario as Agent #1 | Peter Macrae as Young Boy (Cameron) | Matthew Mandzij as Tech | Rafael Pellerin as Nurse Maud | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella | Ricki Prosper as Nurse Alice | Nicolas Russo as Rose Son - Age 7 | Quelemia Sparrow as Agent #2 | Yolanda Ulmer as Mother
Director: David Straiton

49 :03x06 - 6955 kHz

On This Side, Fringe Division investigates fifteen people who were all stricken with retrograde amnesia after hearing a mysterious radio transmission. Meanwhile, Walter disagrees with Peter's experiments on the destruction device.
Guest Stars: Kevin Weisman as Gemini (Joseph Feller) | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Acheson as Murray Harkins | Raul Herrera as Bomb Tech | Rena Kawabata as State Trooper | Paula Lindberg as Becky Woomer | Minh Ly as Dan Liang | Daniel Martin (2) as Foreman | Tyler McClendon as Laird Woomer | Vincent Tong as Shen Chan | Andy Thompson as Pilot | Xavier Wilson as Woomer Baby (Aaron)
Director: Joe Chappelle

50 :03x07 - The Abducted

On the Other Side, a serial kidnapper abducts another in a series of children, all of who have been eventually discovered with massive cellular atrophy. One of the victims is Christopher Broyles... the son of Colonel Broyles. Olivia and her team pursue the case, but Olivia also secretly makes arrangements to get to Liberty Island and find her way back to her world.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Will Rothhaar as Wyatt Toomy (as William Rothhaar) | Andre Royo as Henry Arliss Higgins | Curtis Harris as Christopher Broyles | Michael Strusievici as Max Clayton | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Diablo as Detective | Lawrence Haegart as Harold | John Hainsworth as Old Wyatt | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Tristen Leffler as Emily Clayton | Elizabeth McCarthy (1) as Cleaning Woman | Barry Nerling as Head MP | David Nykl as Reverend Marcus

51 :03x08 - Entrada

Olivia struggles to return to her world and gets help from an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Bolivia's ruse is uncovered and the race is on as she attempts to return to the Other Side before Peter and the others can catch her.
Guest Stars: John Cassini as Shapeshifter | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Primo Allon as Alt. Bartender | Stefan Arngrim as Equipment Store Owner | Julie Brar as FBI EMT | Luke Camilleri as Luke | Demord Dann as Uniformed Cop #1 | Michelle Goyns as Young Woman | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Terry Howson as Lead Cop | Sachin Sahel as Snack Shop Clerk | Anthony Shim as Operating Assistant | Alex Stevens (3) as Old Woman | Nigel Vonas as Alt. DOD MP #1
Director: Brad Anderson

52 :03x09 - Marionette

As Olivia returns to work, the Fringe team is called in to investigate the case of a man who temporarily survived the removal of his heart. While they hunt down the serial organ thief, Olivia deals with the discovery that Peter unwittingly had a romantic relationship with her counterpart.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Mark Ivanir as The Gentleman (Roland David Barrett) | Barbara Tyson as Mrs. Walsh |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bean as Grant Russo | Genevieve Buechner as Tabatha | Michael Coleman as Ben Killenburg | Jarod Joseph as FBI Agent | Aileen Laurel as Nurse | Dean Marshall as Uniform | Elizabeth McLaughlin as Dr. Alexandra Ross | Robin Nielsen as EMT #2 | Samuel Vincent as EMT #1 | Anja Savcic as Amanda Walsh
Director: Joe Chappelle

53 :03x10 - The Firefly

The Observer contacts Walter and asks for his help in setting the balance straight and rectifying a shared mistake. Meanwhile, a retired musician emerges from obscurity when the staff at his hospital discover that he received a visit from his son... who has been dead 25 years.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Christopher Lloyd (1) as Roscoe Joyce |
Co-Guest Stars: Nancy Bell (1) as Adorable Old Woman | Olivia Cheng as Victoria (Victoria Dimorio) | Rob Boyce as Tough Man | Kory Grim as Man #1 | Marci T. House as Pam | Gigi Jackman as Nurse | Arvind Johal as Courier | Owen Kwong as EMT | Eugene Lipinski as December | Nick Ouellette as Bobby Joyce (as Nicolas Ouellette) | David Quinlan as Joe | Ivan Vance as Adorable Old Man | Rhys Williams (2) as Tattoo Man
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Jeremy Little -- If I Only Had a Brain, Piero Umiliani -- Mah-Nà Mah-Nà

54 :03x11 - Reciprocity

The Fringe team discovers the connection between Peter and the world-destroying Machine, and try to determine what it is and how they can control it. Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin stalks the remaining shapeshifters on This Side, an assassin who is always one step ahead of the team.
Guest Stars: Sean Campbell (1) as Zach Alpert | Ryan McDonald as Brandon Fayette | Charles Parnell as Dr. James Falcon |
Co-Guest Stars: Lars Anderson as Tech | Noah Beggs as Lieutenant Pike | Michael Charrois as John | Brett Delaney as Agent Goldin (FBI Agent Michael Nicholas Goldin) | Melissa Demmers as Aide | Ian Hawkins as Civil Servant | Paula Giroday as Agent Ruiz | Hector Johnson as PFC Tomforde | Nimet Kanji as Dr. Grant | Neelam Khabra as Tech #2 | Byron Noble as Jack | Ray Sammel as Transient (as Raymond Sammel) | Melissa R. Stubbs as Woman (Jackie Bermudez, as Melissa Stubbs)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Josh Singer

55 :03x12 - Concentrate and Ask Again

A trio of ex-soldiers use a chemical that dissolves human bones against the scientists they hold responsible for the plight of their families, and Walter tracks down one of the Cortexiphan suspects to help them find the men before it's too late. Meanwhile, Nina discovers who the author of The First People book is.
Guest Stars: Omid Abtahi as Simon Phillips | Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | J.R. Bourne as CIA Agent Edwards | Jody Thompson as Sara |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Beauchesne as Waiter | Alexandra Castillo as Doctor | Carlos Diaz (1) as Randall | Natalie Gibson as Grace | Paul Jarrett as Warren Blake | Richard Keats as Don | Matthew MacCaull as Vannoy | Emmanuel Matovu as SWAT #2 | Judith Maxie as Hospital Administrator | Tyler McMaster as SWAT #1 | Ian Robison as George | Todd Scott as Aaron Downey | Aaron Sholomenko as Security #2 | Duncan Spencer as Agent Harrison | Sylvesta Stuart as Dillon | Richard Stroh as Security #1 | Anna Van Hooft as Nina's Assistant | Greg Webb as Dick
Director: Dennis Smith

56 :03x13 - Immortality

On the Other Side, a scientist uses human hosts to develop a new form of skelter beetle to produce a vaccine, unconcerned about the cost in lives. The alternate Olivia and her team hunt the scientist down, and she learns a startling secret about herself.
Special Guest Stars: Joan Chen as Reiko |
Guest Stars: Alon Aboutboul as Dr. Armand Silva | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Julie McNiven as Mona Foster | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Donovan Cerminara as EMT | Tristan Jensen as ND Agent #1 | Eric Keenleyside as Jeremy Bissell | Lea Kovach as Movie Star | Siobhán McCarthy as Waitress | David Milchard as Harry Millman | Roz Murray as Neuro Psychologist | Chris Shields as ND Agent #3 | Haig Sutherland as Ned Dolan | Jarrod Terrell as Danny | John Treleaven as Lone Traveler
Director: Brad Anderson

57 :03x14 - 6B

A woman is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband, but it soon becomes apparent that much more is at stake when partygoers in the same building plummet to their deaths... through a solid stone balcony.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Phyllis Somerville as Alice Merchant | Ken Pogue as Derek Merchant | Ryan McDonald as Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Brezinski as Mrs. Marcello | D. Harlan Cutshall as SWAT Agent | Conan Graham as Rick | Colby Johannson as Chris | Monica Mustelier as Sylvia | Peter New as Doorman (Jimmy Smith) | Erin Simms as Kim
Director: Tom Yatsko
Songs: The Velvet Underground -- Pale Blue Eyes

58 :03x15 - Subject 13

The secrets of the past are revealed, as Walter attempts to use the cortexiphan children to return the Other Side's Peter to his home dimension. Meanwhile, Young Olivia discovers the trigger for her abilities, and the Other Side's Walter realizes what has happened to his son.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Chandler Canterbury as Young Peter | Karley Scott Collins as Young Olivia | Sarah Jane Redmond as Mrs. Ashley |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Bradford as Olivia's Stepfather | Jay Jay Jackson as Boy #1 | Peter Kawasaki as Lab Employee | Sophie Lui as Newscaster | Christopher Pearce as Soldier | Mike Russell as Second Policeman | Liam Smerchinski Mackie as Nick Lane

59 :03x16 - Os

The Fringe team is called in to investigate the death of a thief whose corpse defies gravity. Meanwhile, Walter becomes obsessed with bringing William Bell's spirit back so that he can use his friend's help to stop the breakdown of barriers between the two universes.
Guest Stars: Greyston Holt as Vince | Alan Ruck as Dr. Krick |
Co-Guest Stars: D. Harlan Cutshall as FBI Tactical Agent | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Museum Security Guard | Robert Hayley as Coach | Khaira Ledeyo as FBI Tech | Ash Lee as Security Guard | Jeff Sanca as Koenig | Tom Stevens (1) as Michael Krick | Michael Teigen as Bill | Nelson Wong as Scott Watts |
Uncredited: Jorge Garcia as Kevin the Security Guard
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: Cream -- Strange Brew

60 :03x17 - Stowaway

While investigating reports of a woman that can't be killed, the Fringe team deals with the return of William Bell.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Paula Malcomson as Dana Gray |
Co-Guest Stars: Patti Allan as Landlady | Nicholas Carella as Jim | Jason Poulsen as Brian | David Leach as Friend Two | Catherine Lough Haggquist as Lucy | Brandon Nadon as Friend One | Jean Paul Najm as Uniform | Kerry Sandomirsky as Nun | Howard Siegel as Conductor | Michael R. Smith as FBI Tech Carl (as Michael Smith) | John Stewart (2) as Male Passenger | James Tyce as ND Agent | Lee Vincent as FBI Tech
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Supertramp -- Give a Little Bit, Dave Brubeck -- Take Five

61 :03x18 - Bloodline

On the Other Side, a mysterious team of doctors abducts Bolivia and attempts to induce childbirth. Lincoln and Charlie race desperately to find her, while learning the truth about their comrade and her recent adventures on This Side.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham | Andre Royo as Henry Arliss Higgins | Kendall Cross as Nurse Joyce | Darcy Laurie as Doctor | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Françoise Yip as Dr. Rosa Oporto | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Doerksen as Walternate's Assistant | Randal Edwards as Fringe Agent #2 | Ben Geldreich as Kidnapper #2 | Peter Hanlon as Doctor #1 | Nicole Hombrebueno as Young Woman | Achara Kirk as Fringe Agent #1 | Courtney Lancaster as Pediatric Nurse | Amos Mitchell as Kidnapper #1 | Matthew Thiessen as Doctor #2
Director: Dennis Smith

62 :03x19 - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

In an effort to remove Bell's consciousness from Olivia's mind, Peter, Bell, and Walter enter Olivia's subconscious and attempt to find her personality, which has hidden itself somewhere safe.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell (Special Appearance By) |
Guest Stars: Ryan McDonald as Zombie Brandon | Ulrich Thomsen as Man in Zeppelin |
Co-Guest Stars: Marina Allen as Nurse #1 | Chris Bradford as Olivia's Stepfather | Ada Breker as Young Olivia | Lee Majdoub as Paramedic | John Emmet Tracy as ER Doctor
Director: Joe Chappelle

63 :03x20 - 6:02 AM EST

On the Other Side, Walternate uses his grandson's blood, containing Peter's DNA, to activate the Machine and unleash a series of cataclysmic vortexes on This Side. While Peter ponders whether to enter the Machine to shut it down, Fauxlivia takes things into her own hands to save both worlds.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Ackerman as ER Doctor | Forbes Angus as Science Director | Richard Ian Cox as Donnie | Tobias Der as Scientist | Heather Doerksen as Walternate's Assistant | Matt Ellis as Ritchie | Gigi Friedman as Jean | Jennifer Koenig (1) as Nurse Gail | David Lloyd (6) as EMT #2 | Elfina Luk as EMT #1 | Todd Mann as Alt. MP #1 | Travis Nelson as Jack | Ken Roberts (1) as Landlord | Jim Shield as Joe | Sheila Tyson as Mary | Andrew Zacher as Tommy
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

64 :03x21 - The Last Sam Weiss

As the East Coast is hit by an outbreak of dry lightning storms, Olivia and Sam Weiss join forces to find something capable of unlock the Machine. Meanwhile, Walter and Astrid try to figure out the source of their problems, and Peter goes shopping.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Sienna Bohn as Tech | Michael Challenger as Guard | Dean Paul Gibson as Cabbie | Anthony Harrison as BPD Sergeant | Roger Haskett as Dr. Harris | Paulette Hinz as ER Nurse | Hilary Jardine as Nurse #1 | Patrick Keating as Manager | Suzanne Kelly as Nurse | Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Nurse Sheila | Karin Konoval as Dr. Albright (Dr. Christine Albright) | Gary Peterman as Man on Street | Denise Pillott as Nurse on Phone | Ryan Michael as Gary | Duncan Spencer as Fringe Agent | Carri Toivanen as Kara (as Carri Ann Toivanen) | Keenan Tracey as Nate | Kelly Woods as Screaming Woman | James Yi as Doctor #2
Director: Tom Yatsko
Songs: The Doors -- Riders on the Storm

65 :03x22 - The Day We Died

Peter is thrown forward into the year 2026, where he is forced to face the consequences of his decision to activate the Machine and destroy the Other Side. Meanwhile the Observers gather at Liberty Island to witness the outcome as worlds collide.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Brad Dourif as Moreau | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon | Emily Meade as Ella Dunham |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackie Blackmore as ND Agent #2 | Jeremy Guilbaut as ND Agent | Kevin James (3) as Tactical Officer | Lea Kovach as Nurse #2 | Gwenda Lorenzetti as Fringe Doctor #1 | Eugene Lipinski as December | John Paul McGlynn as Trenchcoat | Shannon Powell as Nurse #1 | Lisa Sanson as Fringe Nurse #3 | Jesse Scarf as Fringe Agent #1 | Mark Wynn as Oscar
Director: Joe Chappelle
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 2008
Ended: January 18, 2013
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