Season 4

66 :04x01 - Neither Here Nor There

FBI agent Lincoln Lee insists on helping Olivia investigate a series of killings by a translucent man who left his victims in the same condition. Meanwhile, the two worlds exchange information and Walter is haunted by visions of a mysterious man in his mirrors.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Joe Flanigan as Robert Danzig | Michelle Krusiec as Nadine |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Adamthwaite as ND Agent #2 | Trevor Addie as Sergeant | Sean Carey as Military Guard | Mark Curtin as Soldier | Natalie Grace as Teenage Girl | Peter Hall as Shop Proprietor | David Haysom as January | Shauna Johannesen as Julie Danzig | Jarod Joseph as FBI Agent Two | Sean Michael Kyer as Jonathan Danzig | Colin Lawrence as FBI Agent Roach | Nancy J. Lilley as CD Tech (as Nancy Lilley) | Eugene Lipinski as December | Stephen Lobo as FBI Agent Frazier | Lisa Norton as ND Agent #1 | Michael Karl Richards as Translucent Man | Charlotte Williams as Amy Danzig
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: composed by Prokofiev, performed by Ukraine National Symphon -- "Cinderella In The Palace", The Mamas and the Papas -- California Dreamin', Bobby Day -- Rockin' Robin

67 :04x02 - One Night in October

A serial killer on the Other Side has killed 23 victims and Fauxlivia comes to This Side to ask for the loan of the serial killer's duplicate, a mild-mannered Forensics Psychologist. Meanwhile, Walter deals increasingly vivid hallucinations.
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as John McClennan |
Co-Guest Stars: Enid-Raye Adams as Noreen Miller | Daniel Arnold as Agent Perez | Marlene Ginader as Alt. Female Agent | Jordyn Olson as Megan Miller (as Jordyn Olson) | Julie Schnekenburger as Margery | Dariusz Slowik as ND Fringe Agent #1 (Guard) | Toby Verchere as Young John | Ben Wilkinson as Jeremy Roman | Winson Won as Agent Bergmann
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: composed by Berlin Philharmoniker -- "Kyrie from Requiem" composed by Mozart, Mozart -- "Requiem In D Minor"

68 :04x03 - Alone in the World

A 12-year-old boy makes an unusual friend, a friend who causes the death of two bullies. While the Fringe team attempts to deal with a growing field of contagion, Walter takes drastic measures to deal with his hallucinations.
Guest Stars: Evan Bird as Aaron Sneddon | William Sadler as Dr. Sumner |
Co-Guest Stars: Morris Chapdelaine as Morgue Worker #2 | Pamela Diaz as Morgue Worker #1 | Paula Giroday as ND Agent #2 | Tristan Jensen as ND Agent #1 | Gary Sekhon as ND Tech | Connor Stanhope as Matthew Mitnovitz | Matteo Stefan as Brian O'Toole | Monte Thompson as Flamethrower Agent
Writer: David Fury
Songs: Billy Swan -- I Can Help, Manfred Mann -- Quinn the Eskimo

69 :04x04 - Subject 9

When a bizarre energy mass attacks Olivia, she turns to Walter for help. When they realize the attack is related to Walter's Cortexiphan experiments on Olivia, they track down another test subject who had the ability to project his astral self.
Guest Stars: Chadwick Boseman as Cameron James |
Co-Guest Stars: Glynis Davies as Landlady | Kathryn Dobbs as Older Waitress | Marina Lazzarotto as Waitress | Elliot Mandelcorn as Dr. Janns | Lucas Mccann as Paramedic | Brent Stait as Lieutenant Daniels
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Climax Blues Band -- Couldn't Get It Right, Fool's Gold -- Leave No Trace

70 :04x05 - Novation

While Olivia and Walter attempt to deal with the appearance of the man from their dreams, Fringe Division deals with a shapeshifter who is tracking down a former Massive Dynamic scientist in the hopes of getting him to stabilize her metabolism.
Guest Stars: Arye Gross as Malcolm Truss | Michelle Krusiec as Nadine |
Co-Guest Stars: Umberto Celisano as Gas Station Attendant | Clayton Chitty as Patrol Officer | Paula Giroday as ND Agent Jill | Jeremy Guilbaut as Agent Warrick | Paul Lazenby as FBI Agent #1 | Kurt Max Runte as Man (Donald Kellen) | Lori Ann Triolo as Karen (as Lori Triolo) | James Tyce as ND Agent
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Violet Sedan Chair -- Seven Suns (Rising), Up Down Up -- Wild Eyes

71 :04x06 - And Those We've Left Behind

Time anomalies apparently connected to Peter's arrival start manifesting in the Boston area, but the Fringe team soon discovers that they are caused by a husband desperate to be reunited with his ailing wife.
Guest Stars: Stephen Root as Raymond Green | Romy Rosemont as Kate Green | Victoria Bidewell as Anne |
Co-Guest Stars: Sophie Crowell as Baby Samantha | Leanne Lapp as Passenger Girl | Chloe Mattei as Samantha | Miles McCarthy as Teen Boy (Dylan, as Myles McCarthy) | Chad Riley as ND Agent | Arielle Tuliao as Backseat Girl | Colleen Wheeler as Neighbor
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: The Allman Brothers Band -- Ain't Wastin' No More Time, C-Note -- Eine Kleine, The Guess Who -- No Time, Styx -- Too Much Time On My Hands

72 :04x07 - Wallflower

The Fringe team investigates a man with a broken neck who was drained of his pigmentation. Meanwhile, Olivia suffers from headaches and Peter begins trying to recreate the Machine.
Guest Stars: Tobias Segal as Eugene | Monte Markham as Leland Spivey | Nancy Sivak as Nurse Jaffe |
Co-Guest Stars: Justin Breault as Tactical Officer #1 | James Clayton as Ned | Jason Coleman (2) as Cop #2 | Arthur Corber as Pharmacist | Eric Gibson as Boy | Shaine Jones as Tactical Agent Spencer | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | Justin Kim as First Man | Jane McGregor as Julie | Alvin Sanders as Doorman | Chris Shields as ND Agent | Todd Thomson as Jack | Karly Warkentin as Jack's Wife (Meg) | Mike Waterman as Cop #1
Songs: Mazzy Star -- Fade into You, Violet Sedan Chair. -- Long List Of Lovers, Bryan Ferry -- Me oh My, Fillmore Slim -- Thunder And Lightning

73 :04x08 - Back to Where You've Never Been

Peter asks Olivia to help him go to the Other Side and ask Walternate for help when Walter refuses to help him employ the Machine to return to his own timeline. Meanwhile, the threat of the prototype shapeshifters grows and an old enemy returns.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Michael Cerveris as September | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Daren A. Herbert as Sgt. Elias Kane | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon (as Ryan James McDonald) |
Co-Guest Stars: James Bamford as Agent Murphy | Jakob Davies as Little Boy | Aurelio Di Nunzio as Business Man (as Aurelio Dinunzio) | Chantele Francis as ND Agent | Stephen Huszar as Guard | Marc-Anthony Massiah as Agent Cole | Matthew Mylrea as Shapeshifter | Michael Rinaldi as Transit Cop | Juno Ruddell as Mother | Brady Schlecker as Lead MP (Corporal Wheeler)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: The Airborne Toxic Event -- Changing, Tommy James & The Shondells -- Crystal Blue Persuasion

74 :04x09 - Enemy of My Enemy

Peter reaches an uneasy alliance with the Other Side's Fringe Division, and helps them once they capture the mastermind behind the shapeshifters. Meanwhile, the Other Side's Elizabeth Bishop comes to see This Side's Walter Bishop to ask for his help.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Michelle Krusiec as Nadine |
Co-Guest Stars: Chaz Chamberlain as ND Agent #1 | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | Achara Kirk as ND Agent #2 | Harrison Macdonald as Teenage Boy | Henry Mah as Nurse (as Henry J. Mah) | Edwin Perez as Techie | Maja Stace-Smith as Shapeshifter in Tank | Desiree Zurowski as Doctor (Dr. Samuels)
Director: Joe Chappelle

75 :04x10 - Forced Perspective

The Fringe team discovers a girl who can see the future, and she warns that her vision always come true. Now, Olivia and the others must find the source of her newest vision, which shows a courthouse collapsing and killing hundreds of people.
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Jim Mallum | Alexis Raich as Emily Mallum |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Casta as Superintendent | Marc Gaudet as Boston Police Officer | Tammy Hui as Joyce Rayner | John Innes as Judge O'Malley | Andrea Kelly Konno as Court Clerk (as Kelly Konno) | Toby Levins as Bomb Tech | Meredith McGeachie as Diane Mallum | Dylan Schmid as Danny Mallum | Patrick Spencer as Rob Englehart | Ian Thompson (1) as Bus Driver | Jonathan Walker as Albert Duncan
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Ethan Gross
Songs: Mayer Hawthorne -- The Walk

76 :04x11 - Making Angels

While the Fringe Division on This Side deals with a murderer who uses a poison that can't possibly exist, Agents Farnsworth and Dunham from the Other Side come to pay the team a visit.
Guest Stars: Chin Han as Neil | G. Michael Gray as Jared Colin | Adrian Hough as MIT Professor | Blu Mankuma as Stephen Farnsworth |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Andrews (1) as Boston Cop | Eileen Barrett as Medical Examiner | Jeb Beach as Chet Williams | Brent Chapman as TSA Agent | Brad Dryborough as Doctor #1 | Jessie Fraser as Kerry Watson | Janet Kidder as Doctor Brady | Eugene Lipinski as December | June Kyoto Lu as Anne Chung | Kris McRonney as Guard | Steven Weller as March
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Little Feat -- Dixie Chicken, Mozart -- Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Major, K. 207: II

77 :04x12 - Welcome to Westfield

While investigating a plane crash near the small Vermont town of Westfield, Peter, Olivia, and Walter discover that they are trapped in the town and surrounded by people who are going insane.
Guest Stars: Tim Kelleher as Cliff Hayes |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Addison as Angela Hayes | Kevin J. Andruschak as Crazy Man (as Kevin Andruschak) | Simon Bradbury as Tim | Paul Duchart as Man With Doll | Rebecca Husain as Woman in Car | Ronnie James as Truck Driver | Jill Morrison as Margaret | Rochelle Okoye as ND Agent | Roman Podhora as Willy | Sean Owen Roberts as Brian | Alissa Skovbye as Lacey Hayes | Tracy Waterhouse as Teresa
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Billy Bragg & Wilco -- California Stars, Conway Twitty -- Crazy Dreams, John Coltrane & Thelonious Monk -- Epistrophy, The Shirelles -- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

78 :04x13 - A Better Human Being

Olivia and the team investigate a mental patient who heard voices that describes a real-life murder. While she conducts the investigation, Olivia begins to be overwhelmed by the memories of Peter's Olivia, and they must decide if they wish to give in and accept Olivia's new persona.
Guest Stars: John Aylward as Dr. Owen Frank | Harrison Thomas as Sean Keenan | Sandra Ferens as Mrs. Keenan | Allison Hossack as Bernadette |
Co-Guest Stars: Yasmin Abidi as Nursing Home Assistant | Matthew Macdonald-bain as Hive #2 | David. B. Brown as Cashier | Colby Chartrand as Silbiger | Jason Duiven as Jacket | Mark Gash as Daniel Greene | Anna Van Hooft as Nina's Assistant | Viv Leacock as Police Officer | Donny Lucas as Orderly Sam | Joel McGowan as Hive #1 | Shawn Robidoux as Hoodie | Munish Sharma as Orderly Charles
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Karen Elson -- The Ghost Who Walks

79 :04x14 - The End of All Things

As David Robert Jones tortures a captive Nina in an effort to activate Olivia's cortexiphan-enhanced abilities, the dying Observer visits Peter and Walter at their lab and Peter must merge minds with him to learn his secrets.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Monte Markham as Leland Spivey |
Co-Guest Stars: Eugene Lipinski as December | Amos Stern as July | Steven Weller as March
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Writer: David Fury

80 :04x15 - A Short Story About Love

While Olivia deals with the ramifications of the memories of Peter's "Olivia" subsuming her, the Fringe team investigates the deaths of two couples and discovers that a twisted killer is trying to capture love in a bottle.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Michael Massee as Anson Carr | Ona Grauer as Dianna Sutter | Paul Andrich as Man in Park |
Co-Guest Stars: Devin Johnston as Andrew Sutter | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | Babak A. Motamed as Medical Examiner James | Moya O'Connell as Linda Grimley | Diana Pavlovska as Jane Hall | Russsell Thomas as Medic | Debbie Timuss as Woman in Park
Director: J.H. Wyman
Songs: Jon and Vangelis -- The Friends of Mr. Cairo, Jefferson Airplane -- White Rabbit

81 :04x16 - Nothing as It Seems

When a passenger on a Paris-to-New York flight transforms at the NY terminal and kills two TSA agents before dying himself, Peter realizes that the case is the same as one that he dealt with in the original timeline four years earlier. Meanwhile, Olivia is put on leave when Broyles discovers that 40% of her memories as an agent for him are now missing.
Guest Stars: Neal Huff as Marshall Bowman | Gina Holden as Kate Hicks | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Dr. Anderson |
Co-Guest Stars: Martin Christopher as TSA Agent #2 | Daniel Cudmore as Hicks | Emily Jackson as Melinda Bowman | Olivia Jones as Female Flight Attendant | Alessandro Juliani as Marco | Ken Kirzinger as Air Marshal | Mike Li as Agent Fanning | Kevin O'Grady as TSA Agent | Mike Realba as Male Flight Attendant | Judy Sinclair as Woman in Plane | Timothy Webber as Man
Songs: Peter Noone -- I'm Into Something Good, Dawes -- Time Spent In Los Angeles

82 :04x17 - Everything In Its Right Place

Feeling left out on This Side, Lincoln travels to the Other Side to help Fringe Division investigate a vigilante who genetically damages his victims as he kills them.
Guest Stars: Max Arciniega as Antonio Dawes / Canaan #2 | Tim Guinee as Mugger / Canaan #1 | Biski Gugushe as Bill | Zahf Paroo as Ted |
Co-Guest Stars: Nickolas Baric as Security Guard (as Nicholas Baric) | Sebastian Bertoli as Agent Raymonds | Patricia Cullen as Volunteer Helen (as Patricia Ann Cullen) | Aiden Finn as Daniel | Gary Gill as Agent Salerno | Erynn Desiree as Bree Collins (as Erynn Lavallee) | Nelson Carter Leis as Mikey (as Nelson Leis) | Kirby Morrow as Maddox & Maddox Canaan | Elysia Rotaru as Paige Randall | Michael Rys as Vagrant | Michelle C. Smith as Canaan (Female Victim) | Max Teichman as Father Luis
Director: David Moxness

83 :04x18 - The Consultant

When three men die under mysterious circumstances on This Side, Walter travels to the Other Side to determine how the same three men died over there and what the connection is.
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Curtis Harris as Christopher Broyles |
Co-Guest Stars: Carolyn Anderson as Red Haired Woman (Nancy Elizabeth Guerring) | Josh Blacker as MP | Chilton Crane as Alt Lincoln's Mother | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Stephen Huszar as Guard | David Lewis (1) as Brian Bauer | Broadus Mattison as Guard at Bridge | Adrian Neblett as Cab Driver | Wesley Salter as Man in Suit | Daryl Shuttleworth as Alt. Lincoln's Father | Ryan Swanson as Clerk | Scott Vickaryous as Jeremy (Jeremy Delman)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

84 :04x19 - Letters of Transit

In the year 2036, the Observers have conquered mankind and taken the planet for themselves. Only two brave Fringe agents stand between the Observers and the total subservience of Man... but to triumph, they'll need the help of a legendary figure from the past.
Guest Stars: Henry Ian Cusick as Simon Foster | Georgina Haig as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop | Ben Cotton as Impound Clerk | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Bradley Stryker as Rick |
Co-Guest Stars: Marlo Franson as Club Doorman | Juliet Jarikre as Kitty | Sooraj Jaswal as Lead Tattie | Yurij Kis as Neo-Observer | Hrothgar Mathews as Observer #1 | Christie Watson as Transit Tattie | James Yi as Agent Romick
Director: Joe Chappelle

85 :04x20 - Worlds Apart

Walter realizes what David Robert Jones' end game is, and how it involves the cortexiphan subjects. The two Fringe teams work together to stop the pending crisis and realize that one world will have to make a sacrifice to stop Jones.
Guest Stars: David Call as Nick Lane | Pascale Hutton as Sally Clark |
Co-Guest Stars: Cameron Dent as American Tourist | Rhea Fedorchuk as Brunette Woman | Larry Hoe as Chinese Worker | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | D.C. Lee as Chinese Customer | Patrick Roccas as Blond Man | Brady Schlecker as MP
Director: Charles Beeson

86 :04x21 - Brave New World (1)

While dealing with multiple cases of spontaneous combustion, Walter realizes who is responsible for Jones' plan and sets out to get proof. Meanwhile, Jones launches a series of new attacks after the bridge is shut down, in his bid to create a new universe for himself and his superior.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Rebecca Mader as Jessica Holt | Samantha Noble as Dr. Benlo |
Co-Guest Stars: Ruby Ahn as Escalator Rider #1 | Reese Alexander as Neal | Jason Clift as Hazmat Agent #1 | Yvette Dudley-Neuman as Escalator Rider #3 | Jane Hancock as Escalator Rider #2 | Raphael Kepinski as Warehouse Employee | Ken Lawson (1) as Orderly | Adam Lolacher as Security Guard #1 | William MacDonald as Security Guard #2 | Janet Pinnick as Coffee Barista | Timothy Webber as Man in Warehouse (Tom)
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Billy Idol -- Eyes Without a Face

87 :04x22 - Brave New World (2)

Peter and Olivia attempt to stop William Bell from destroying the world, while Water is forced to watch. However, to save two universes, one of them will have to die.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Rebecca Mader as Jessica Holt | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn |
Co-Guest Stars: Alistair Abell as Chief Scientist | Liam Carter as FBI Agent #2 | Babak Haleky as Doctor | Heming Hopkins as FBI Agent #3 | David Ingram as Pilot | Jennifer Lines as FBI Agent #1 | Marcia Moulton as Nurse
Director: Joe Chappelle
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 2008
Ended: January 18, 2013
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