Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Special FBI Agent Olivia Dunham is part of the team called in to investigate when Flight 627 lands with everyone on board dead: their flesh liquefied. When her partner and lover is contaminated by a similar chemical that crystallizes his skin, Olivia discovers the one man who can help has been institutionalized for twenty years.
Guest Stars: Jason Butler Harner as Richard Steig | Peter Outerbridge as Dr. Reyes |
Co-Guest Stars: Bernadeta Wrobel as Flight Attendant | Katerina Taxia as Agent #3 | Jill Harland as Woman (German) | Pete Sawyer as Man (Denver) | Max Topplin as Angry 16 Yr Old | Shaun Shetty as Indian Man | Andreas Franke as Pilot | Dennis Mockler as Co-Pilot | Lee Jay Gladman as CDC Officer | Andrew Hinkson as Guard | Jim McGrath (1) as Old Man (on plane) | Joan Barrett (2) as Old Woman (on plane) | Jeff Topping as Agent #1 | Sean Clement (1) as Agent #2 | Anousha Alamian as Agent #4 | Kelly King (1) as Nurse | Tauqir Shah as Iraqi Business Man #1 | Omar Habib as Iraqi Business Man #2 | Quinn Martin (2) as Orderly | Tre Smith as Man (w/John's Gurney) |
Uncredited: Rick Parker as Cow Delivery Man
Director: Alex Graves

2 :01x02 - The Same Old Story

The trio's unlikely partnership develops as they investigate the death of a woman who conceives, has a full-term pregnancy, and gives birth all within a few hours. After the birth, the baby ages to 80 years old and dies in only a few minutes. While the team looks into this bizarre event, Dr. Bishop begins testing in his lab.
Guest Stars: Derek Cecil as Christopher | Mark Blum as Dr. Claus Penrose | Betty Gilpin as Loraine Daisy |
Co-Guest Stars: Elizabeth Stanley as Stacy (Victim #2) | Carmen Goodine as Amy (Victim #3) | Bernie McInerney as Old Man Christopher | Ty Jones as Doctor | Jack O'Connell (1) as Male Resident | Jacqueline Hendy as Nina's Assistant | Danielle Skraastad as Nurse
Songs: The Black Angels -- Young Men Dead

3 :01x03 - The Ghost Network

A bizarre incident on a bus leaves the passengers asphyxiated in transparent silicon, and the only "witness" is a man who is psychically linked with the individual responsible.
Guest Stars: Zak Orth as Roy McComb | Peter Hermann as Grant Davidson | David Lansbury as Businessman | Donnie Keshawarz as Gerard | Brian Tarantina as Nice Guy |
Co-Guest Stars: Peggy Scott as Mrs. Scott | David Fonteno as Father Kent | Megan Neuringer as Paula | Clark Jackson as Young Pastor | Kevin Isola as Technician | Brandon Gill as Student | Jasper McGruder as Control Room Tech | Chris Fischer as Uni Cop | Mira Tzur as Anna Jiminez

4 :01x04 - The Arrival

Broyles calls in the team to investigate a deadly explosion and its source: a strange cylinder unharmed despite the destruction. Olivia determines that the same cylinder, or a similar one, is responsible for similar events in widely diverse locations.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Michael Kelly (1) as Rouge / John Mosley | Nestor Serrano as Colonel Henry Jacobson |
Co-Guest Stars: Lisa Joyce as Young Waitress | Nancy Ticotin as Older Waitress | David Sajadi as Technician | Jennifer Ikeda as Agent Chaperone | Ash Roeca as Agent Rodriguez
Songs: Roger Miller -- King of the Road

5 :01x05 - Power Hungry

A deliveryman discovers he has the ability to control electrical devices and discharge current, leading to an elevator crash. Walter recognizes the accident as caused by someone who has undergone electrical augmentation, similar to a project he conducted using homing pigeons. Meanwhile, Olivia gets a visitor from her past.
Guest Stars: Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Joseph Meegar | Max Baker as Jacob Fischer | MaryLouise Burke as Flora Meegar |
Co-Guest Stars: Diane Davis (1) as Bethany | Glenn Fleshler as Ron (Boss) | Harold Surratt as PK Simmons | David Bishins as Crewcut | Hoon Lee as Richard (Co-worker) | Ash Roeca as Agent Rodriguez | Benim Foster as Man (Clinic) | Marcel Simoneau as Bethany's Co-worker | Doug Yasuda as Reporter
Songs: REO Speedwagon -- Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

6 :01x06 - The Cure

A missing woman appears at a diner where within minutes she and everyone present dies a painful death. The evidence points to illegal human drug trials and the possibility of human weaponization. Meanwhile, Peter makes a deal with the devil to get information from Nina Sharp, and Olivia celebrates her birthday.
Guest Stars: Chris Eigeman as David Esterbrook | Maria Dizzia as Emily Kramer | Marjan Neshat as Claire Williams | William Hill (1) as Officer Marty Pitts | Lisa Emery as Paula Kramer | Robert Eli as Ken Williams | Alok Tewari as Dr. Sanjay Patel |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Evans as Ben | José Ramón Rosario as Gary | Jane Kim as Elizabeth
Director: Bill Eagles

7 :01x07 - In Which We Meet Mr. Jones

A genetically-engineered parasite attaches itself internally to a FBI agent. Olivia goes to Germany to meet with a man who knows about the parasite. Meanwhile, Walter conducts experiments to tap into a dead man's brainwaves, which puts Peter at risk when he is the one who has to hook up to the corpse.
Guest Stars: Billy Burke as Lucas Vogel | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Trini Alvarado as Samantha Loeb | Kenneth Tigar as Warden Johann Lennox | Chance Kelly as Mitchell Loeb |
Co-Guest Stars: Lars Gerhard as Prison Guard | Paul Urcioli as Doctor #1 | Leslie Eva Glaser as Nurse #1 | Cindy Cheung as Nurse #2 | Guiesseppe Jones as FBI Agent
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: Ray LaMontagne -- Let It Be Me

8 :01x08 - The Equation

Walter thinks the abduction of a young music prodigy is linked back to his old bunkmate at St. Claire's Hospital, a mathematician who was driven insane after a similar abduction. Olivia wants Walter to return to the mental institution much to Peter's outcry. Walter is determined to help, which ends up having chilling ramifications.
Guest Stars: William Sadler as Dr. Sumner | Randall Duk Kim as Dashiell Kim | Gillian Jacobs as Joanne Ostler | Charlie Tahan as Ben Stockton | Adam Grupper as Andrew Stockton | Chance Kelly as Mitchell Loeb |
Co-Guest Stars: Kate Hodge as Abby Stockton | Nance Williamson as Maureen Stockton | Kevin Carolan as Frank the Orderly | Christopher Sapienza as Tow Truck Driver (as Chris Sapienza) | Constance Boardman as Woman at Door | Jabari Gray as ND Agent #1 | Darby Totten as ND Agent #2 | Avis Boone as ND Agent #3

9 :01x09 - The Dreamscape

The team is called in to investigate why a man jumps out a window because he thinks he's being attacked by butterflies. Olivia gets some breaks in solving the case from her former partner and that she is so desperate to rid herself of him that she demands to go back into the tank. Meanwhile, some former friends and current foes of Peter find out that he's back in Boston.

Guest Stars: Yul Vazquez as George Morales | Susan Misner as Tess Amaral | Ptolemy Slocum as Mark Young | David Vadim as Michael Kelly |
Co-Guest Stars: Cindy Katz as Charlotte | Tom Riis Farrell as Gregory Worth | Carlo Alban as FBI Tech Agent | Juliet Pritner as Forensics Agent | Catia Ojeda as Melanie (Secretary) | Robert Arcaro as Brian Cole | Harry Sutton Jr. as Paul | Dianne Zaremba as Nurse | Matt Martin (2) as Agent #1 | Darby Totten as Agent #2

10 :01x10 - Safe

The team is called in on a bank robbery similar to other robberies in the area but this particular bank has the thief embedded inside the steel wall of the bank. Somehow the thieves have found a way to defy the law of physics. Walters thinks their after something of his. As the investigation deepens it all comes to a head when the thieves ambush one of the team.
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Paul Fitzgerald as Ryan Shawn Eastwick | Chance Kelly as Mitchell Loeb | James Frain as Kohl |
Co-Guest Stars: Angel David as Raul Lugo | Vince Cupone as Evan McNeil | Brian Cromwell as Robert Norton | Brian Slaten as Man #1 | Frank Deal as Bank Mgr. Grimes | Sean Mahon as Bartender (as Sean F. Mahon) | Belinda Sinclair as Bar Patron | Jennifer Van Dyck as Chief Technician | Rosa Arredondo as Susan Lugo | Amir Arison as Dr. Bruce Miller | André Blake as Ed "Smitty" Smith | Karl Kenzler as Special Agent Martin | Village Dumetz as Bradley | Emily Brownell as H.I. Worker | R.J. Foster as Surveyer #1 | Greg Schmalbach as Surveyer #2 | John J. O'connor as Surveyer #3 | Evan Chan as Surveyer #4 | Matt Martin (2) as ND Agent | Darby Totten as ND Agent #2 | James Hook as ND Agent #3
Director: Michael Zinberg

11 :01x11 - Bound

Olivia soon escapes from her abductors, only to discover that she's the target of a supervisory investigation by an old nemesis. Meanwhile, a epidemiology professor chokes to death on a giant single-celled cold virus, and Olivia's sister Rachel comes to visit.
Guest Stars: Michael Gaston as Sanford Harris | Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Chance Kelly as Mitchell Loeb | Trini Alvarado as Samantha Loeb |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarah Wilson (3) as Tara Coleman | Peter Jay Fernandez as Dr. Simon | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella | Chinasa Ogbuagu as Lloyd | Stephen Schnetzer as Professor Stewart Kinberg | Chad Gittens as CDC Agent | Brian Slaten as Man #3

12 :01x12 - The No-Brainer

A trail of deaths across the country has a consistent pattern: in each case, the victim's brain has been liquefied after they viewed a downloaded computer file.
Guest Stars: Chris Bauer as Brian Dempsey | Michael Gaston as Sanford Harris | Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Mary Beth Peil as Jessica Warren | Noah Fleiss as Luke Dempsey | Gbenga Akinnagbe as Akim |
Co-Guest Stars: Susan Elaine Knight as Cynthia Wiles (as Susan Elaine Knight) | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella | Mark Lotito as Paul Wiles | Randy Kovitz as Mark | Kelly Kirklyn as Miriam | Mark Elliot Wilson as Salesman | Jake O'connor as Gregory Wiles
Director: John Polson
Songs: Midlake -- Bandits, Beyonce -- Single Ladies, The Killers -- Spaceman

13 :01x13 - The Transformation

When bizarre twisted remains are found among the debris of a crashed jumbo jet, Olivia and Peter end up going undercover as part of their investigation.
Guest Stars: Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Felix Solis as Daniel Hicks | Neal Huff as Marshall Bowman | Armando Riesco as Gavin |
Co-Guest Stars: Al Sapienza as Conrad | Guiesseppe Jones as Agent #3 | Chris Lapanta as Gavin's Man #1 | Olivia Jones as Female Flight Attendant | Mike Realba as Male Flight Attendant | Judy Sinclair as Woman | Dina Comolli as Mom (as Dina Ann Comolli) | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella (as Lily PIlblad) | Darby Totten as Agent #1 | Ash Roeca as Agent #2
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: Colbie Caillat -- Oxygen

14 :01x14 - Ability

A newsstand vendor dies when all of his orifices seal over. Meanwhile, the mysterious Mr. Jones turns himself over to the FBI and warns that if Olivia cannot pass a test, hundreds of other people will die in the same way.
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Michael Gaston as Sanford Harris | Noah Bean as FBI Agent | Chance Kelly as Mitchell Loeb | Kenneth Tigar as Warden Johann Lennox |
Co-Guest Stars: Philip LeStrange as Tommie | Chinasa Ogbuagu as ND Agent #1 | John Wu as Paramedic | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham | Eric Lenox Abrams as Davis | Adam Ludwig as German Prison Guard #1 | Henning Fischer as German Prison Guard #2 | Elizabeth Davis (2) as Joanne | Chad Gittens as ND FBI Tech | Darby Totten as ND Agent #2 | Anthony Mazza as ND Swat #1 | Robert Matzelle as ND Swat #2 | Ben Van Vergen as Customer
Director: Norberto Barba

15 :01x15 - Inner Child

A mysterious pale-skinned mute child is found in a 70-year-old chamber beneath a building scheduled for demolition. Olivia bonds with the child as she helps investigate a serial killer, the Artist. However, it soon becomes apparent that the Child has a unique link to the killer.
Guest Stars: Erik Palladino as Eliot Michaels | Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Spencer List as The Child | Victor Williams as Phil |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Mulhern as Dennis | Sandra Daley as Dr. Winick | Jimmy Palumbo as Mike | Jeremy Shamos as The Artist | Lecy Goranson as Tattoo Girl (as Alicia Goranson) | Carolyn Feldschuh as Older Woman | Carrie Keranen as Heavy Set Woman | Mary Lou Schriber as Nurse | Chad Gittens as Agent #2 | Phil Nee as Archie Donelly | Robyn Payne as Agent | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella

16 :01x16 - Unleashed

Animal rights activists inadvertently unleash an experimental creature made up of the genes of various animals. The creature goes on a rampage, and it attacks Charlie. He survives the attack but the team discovers that the creature implanted larvae in him which will grow to maturity in only a few hours.
Guest Stars: Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | David Pittu as Robert Swift | Keith Nobbs as Carl Bussler | Kiersten Warren as Sonia Francis |
Co-Guest Stars: Tim Gallin as Cameron Deglmann | Robyn Rikoon as MIT GIrl #1 | Arjun Gupta as MIT Guy #1 | Kevin Rogers as MIT Guy #2 | Rafi Silver as Jonathan | Ana Berry as Newscaster | Craig Alan Edwards as Matt | Christopher Neal Jackson as EMT (as Chris Jackson) | Robyn Payne as NID FBI Agent #1 | Laura Liz Perloe as Receptionist | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella | Marnie Schulenburg as Mom | Jeremy Zorek as Tucker
Director: Brad Anderson

17 :01x17 - Bad Dreams

Olivia is plagued by dreams where she appears to kill two people hundreds of miles away. However, she soon discovers her real connection to the deaths, a connection dating back to her childhood... and William Bell's experiments on her.
Guest Stars: Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | David Call as Nick Lane | April Grace as NYPD Detective |
Co-Guest Stars: Johanna Day as Mouse Willis | Victor Verhaeghe as Billy Willis | Kelly Briter as Dancer | Rebecca Naomi Jones as Risa Pear | Ed Vassallo as Manager | Laurie J. Williams as Doctor Miller | Christine Toy Johnson as Doctor | Jim Coope as Detective | Nelson Pena as Tech One | Shawn T. Andrew as Cop | Manuel Cabral as Man | Darren Copeland as Bouncer | Duane McLaughlin as Todd Pears | Christian Pedersen as Tech Two | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella |
Uncredited: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell
Director: Akiva Goldsman
Songs: Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy & Flo Rida -- Starstruck

18 :01x18 - Midnight

When victims turn up with their spinal columns ripped open, Fringe is called in and they determine that the scientist involved is a former ZFT member. Now he offers to tell them everything he knows about ZFT, if they find his wife... the woman responsible for the deaths.
Guest Stars: Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Jefferson Mays as Nicholas Boone | Trieste Dunn as Valerie Boone | Richard Short as Bob Dunn |
Co-Guest Stars: Ward Horton as Mustang Man | Lauren Fox as Diane | Justin Hagan as Neil | Kate Guyton as Helen | Daniel London as Agent Feiken | Nelson Pena as NID Agent | Angelina Asseretto as Club Girl | Victor Chan as Guard #1 | Kam Ming Chang as Waiter | Ashley Hinshaw as Blonde | Anthony Mazza as Swat Team Member | Stacey Nelkin as Reporter | Dante Nero as Mako | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella
Director: Bobby Roth
Songs: Barhaus -- Bela Lugosi's Dead, Ladytron -- Burning Up, Daniel Ash -- Candy Darling, Nine Inch Nails -- Discipline, She Wants Revenge -- Tear You Apart

19 :01x19 - The Road Not Taken

While investigating a seeming case of spontaneous combustion, Olivia begins having visions of an alternate reality that is somehow connected to the case. Meanwhile, the FBI tries to connect William Bell to ZFT, Peter reveals his latest project, and Nina Sharp pays Broyles a visit.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Jennifer Ferrin as Nancy Lewis | Michael Gaston as Sanford Harris | Clint Howard as Emmanuel Grayson |
Co-Guest Stars: Frank Bonsangue as Bus Driver | Richard Bekins as Isaac Winters | Cheryl Ann Leaser as Tech Agent | Ignacio Rada as NID Agent

20 :01x20 - There's More Than One of Everything

David Robert Jones launches an attack on someone associated with Fringe Division in an attempt to gain what he needs to hunt down William Bell. Meanwhile, Walter goes on a trip with an acquaintance, and Nina and Olivia make a deal.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Michael Cerveris as The Observer |
Co-Guest Stars: Victoria Barabas as MD Woman | Victor Cruz as EMT | Xanthe Elbrick as Woman | Jim Ford (2) as Tech #1 | Jared Grimes as Teenager | Albert Jones as Witness #1 | Sue Jean Kim as ER Doctor | Brian Christopher O'Neill as NID FBI Agent #3 | Shabazz Ray as NID Agent #2 | Vivienne Sendaydiego as NID Agent #4 | Kevin Sibley as NID Agent | Deborah Twiss as ER Nurse
Director: Brad Anderson

Season 2

21 :02x01 - A New Day in the Old Town

An amnesiac Olivia makes her return from the parallel universe, while Walter, Pete, and Junior Agent Amy Jessup investigate the mysterious death of a man found with puncture holes in his palate. Meanwhile, Broyles defends the Fringe Division from a Senate subcommittee threatening to shut the organization down.
Guest Stars: Luke Goss as Lloyd Parr | Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Simone Kessell as Nurse / Shapeshifter | Meghan Markle as Junior Agent Amy Jessup | Tegan Moss as Rebecca |
Co-Guest Stars: Adrian Holmes as Forensic Chief | Ken Camroux-Taylor as Old Senator (Senator Kenneth Taylor (as Ken Camroux-Taylor)) | Douglas Chapman as Agent | Stefan Arngrim as Store Owner | Neil Schell as Second Senator (Senator Neil Schell (as Neill Schell)) | Chris Shields as Special Agent Fisher | Jeremy Jones as Paramedic | Christian Vincent as Surgeon | Elizabeth Thai as ER Doctor | Trevor Carroll as Morgue Attendant | Allison Riley as Receptionist | Michael Mitchell as George
Director: Akiva Goldsman
Songs: Blind Faith -- Can't Find My Way Home

22 :02x02 - Night of Desirable Objects

A highway construction worker is the seventh in a series of mysterious disappearances in Lansdale, PA. The team come to investigate and finds traces of a mysterious paralytic. Meanwhile, Walter tries to send frogs to an alternate reality and Olivia realizes her recent trip has altered her in ways she can barely understand.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Meghan Markle as Junior Agent Amy Jessup | John Savage as Andre Hughes | Charles Martin Smith as Sheriff Golightly |
Co-Guest Stars: Stefan Arngrim as Store Owner | Matthew Kelly as FBI in Parking Garage (as Matt Kelly) | Chad Cole (1) as Worker #1 | Craig March as Co-Worker | Marsha Regis as Nurse | Raahul Singh as Doctor | Chris Eastman as CSI Investigator
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: Rick Nelson -- Poor Little Fool

23 :02x03 - Fracture

When an American officer who served in Iraq blows up in a Philadelphia train station, the Fringe Division investigates and determines that something turned the man into a living bomb. Peter and Olivia travel to Iraq to determine if Peter's contacts can shed some light on the situation.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Stephen McHattie as Colonel Raymond Gordon | Navid Negahban as Dr. Malik Yusef | Claudette Mink as Diane Burgess | Patrick Sabongui as Ahmed |
Co-Guest Stars: Barclay Hope as Andrew Burgess | Kirsten Robek as Susan Gillespie | Aaron Pearl as Agent Tevez | Keith Dallas as Slim Joe (as Keith Blackman Dallas) | Phillip Mitchell as Officer Gillespe (Officer Daniel Gillespie) | Cam Cronin as Tech #1 (as Cameron Cronin) | Leanne Adachi as Medical Examiner | Dalila Bela as Jenny Burgess | Miles Meadows as Ponytail Man | Walcott E. Morgan as Transit Cop | Ian Rozylo as Nocifaro | Christian Sloan as Courier
Director: Bryan Spicer
Writer: David Wilcox
Songs: The Hollies -- The Air That I Breathe

24 :02x04 - Momentum Deferred

Olivia begins to regain her memories of her encounter with William Bell. Meanwhile, the "First Wave" tries to collect the head of their leader, and the traitor makes his move.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Roger R. Cross as Smith | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton | Theresa Russell as Rebecca Kibner |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Aaron Craven as Larson | Anna Van Hooft as Nina's Assistant | James Michalopolous as Security Guard | Andy Nez as Truck Driver | Amitai Marmorstein as Store Clerk
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Yes -- I've Seen All Good People

25 :02x05 - Dream Logic

A man in Seattle goes berserk, attacking his boss and claiming his victim is a demon. After the killer dies of what appears to be exhaustion, the Fringe Division discover it's only the first in a series of killings where the persons initiating the attacks were in a dreaming state while awake.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Ravi Kapoor as Dr. Laxmeesh Nayak | Travis Schuldt as Agent Kashner |
Co-Guest Stars: Emy Aneke as Captain (Jack) | Stephen Dimopoulos as Mr. Lamia | Emily Holmes as Jill Leiter | Lane Edwards as Lawyer | Kurt Evans as Co-Pilot | Steven Garr as Rob Rosiello | Nico Ghisi as Young Peter | Jovanna Huguet as Diana Lamia | Mia Ingimundsen as Secretary | Jarrett Knowles as Zack Miller | Derek Morrison as Mover | Drew Nelson as Carl Langdon | Kevan Ohtsji as Medical Examiner (Shayne Wilson) | Jim Thorburn as Greg Leiter | Alex Zahara as Detective Green
Writer: Josh Singer

26 :02x06 - Earthling

Human beings are reduced to ash statues and Broyles realizes that the same person responsible murdered five other persons four years ago... a case that he never solved.
Guest Stars: Ravil Isyanov as Timur Vasiliev / Tomas Koslov | J.R. Bourne as CIA Mystery Man (as JR Bourne) | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn |
Co-Guest Stars: Blaine Anderson as CSI Officer | Jeanetta Antonio as Hospital Security | Charisse Baker as Girl's Mother | Megan Charpentier as Little Girl (Tara) | Chris Eastman as CSI Investigator | Michelle Harrison as Natalie | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Linnea Johnson as Nurse #1 | Linda Ko as Nurse Darla | D. Neil Mark as ND Agent #2 | Johanna Marlowe as Nurse Maxine | Matteo Mazziotti as Boy in Restaurant | Dean McKenzie as Wife's Boyfriend (as Dean Monroe McKenzie) | Angela Moore as Another Nurse | Yaroslav Poverlo as Tomas' Brother (Alex) | Chris Shields as ND Agent | Veena Sood as HR Head | Joe Towne as Randy Dancik
Director: Jon Cassar

27 :02x07 - Of Human Action

Two men kidnap a teenage boy using mind control abilities. The boy's father works for Massive Dynamic but Nina insists that the company hasn't been developing mind control, and has no idea who the two kidnappers are. The truth or falsehood of her statements are soon confirmed when Peter encounters the person responsible for the boy's abduction.
Guest Stars: Cameron Monaghan as Tyler Carson | Andrew Airlie as Dr. Carson | Vincent Gale as Tom Dobbins |
Co-Guest Stars: Doron Bell as Officer Gibson (as Doron Bell, Jr.) | Ryan Booth as Officer Jenks | Philip Cabrita as Clerk | Peter Graham-Gaudreau as Seth Davies | Irene Karas as Officer Williams | Jacqueline Ann Steuart as Renee (Renee Davies (as Jacqueline Steuart)) | Shawn Stewart as Truck Driver | John Tench as Hickey (Patrick Hickey) | Anna Van Hooft as Assistant
Director: Joe Chappelle

28 :02x08 - August

The Observer chooses to do something other than observe, abducting a college student. However, when the Fringe team investigates, they discover that there is more than one Observer.. in both time and space.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Jennifer Missoni as Christine Hollis | Paul Rae as Donald Long | Peter Woodward as August |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Antonakos as Waiter (as Mike Antonakos) | Richard Cohee as Pin Seller | Ali Liebert as Danielle | Eugene Lipinski as December | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Norman Misura (1) as Security Guard | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella | Sunita Prasad as Waitress | Ray Sammel as Mr. Hess | Amos Stern as July | Mireille Urumuri as Receptionist
Director: Dennis Smith

29 :02x09 - Snakehead

A Chinese Triad is using illegal aliens to breed parasitic worms that eventually kill their hosts. When a ship runs aground, Fringe Division learns of the operation and tries to locate a second ship before the passengers on it suffer a slow, agonizing death.
Guest Stars: Tzi Ma as Ming Che | Colby Paul as Matt Jarvis | Ingrid Torrance as Elizabeth Jarvis | Jack Yang as Tao Chen |
Co-Guest Stars: Sean Carey as Paramedic | Brett Chan as Dock Worker Yang | Simon Chin as Chinese Worker | Melody Choi as Daughter | Linda Feng as Chinese Woman | Diana Ha as Fae | Gordon Lai as Chinese Man | Susie Lee (2) as Terrified Woman | Zen Shane Lim as Pan Che | Fane Tse as Husband | Rene Wang as Mei Lin | Raymond Yu as 2nd Chinese Man
Director: Paul Holahan
Writer: David Wilcox

30 :02x10 - Grey Matters

The First Wave breaks into a mental hospital and cures a long-term patient suffering from schizophrenia. When the Fringe team investigates, Olivia discovers that the group's leader has one of the heads stolen from cryogenic storage months earlier. Meanwhile, two other mental patients are cured of their schizophrenia and the team soon realize that something was taken from each patients' brain... and Walter holds the key to realizing what First Wave is after.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Jeanetta Arnette as Dr. West | Roger R. Cross as Smith | Jeff Perry as Joseph Slater | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton |
Co-Guest Stars: Derek Anderson (2) as Team Leader | Daniel Boileau as Thin Man | Lindsay Collins as Nurse #1 | Vee Dubois as Nurse #2 | Dee Jay Jackson as Security Guard | Ken Kramer as Mr. Rabel | Darryl Quon as Orderly | Donna Yamamoto as Deborah Crampton
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

31 :02x11 - Unearthed

A teenage girl pronounced brain dead wakes up in the middle of the operation to remove her organs... speaking numbers in Russian. When the Navy confirms that the numbers are nuclear launch codes and a missing officer named Rusk knows them, the search is on for the missing man.
Guest Stars: Amy Carlson as Maureen Donovan | Alice Kremelberg as Lisa Donovan | Annie Parisse as Teresa Rusk | Scott William Winters as Jake Selleg | Sean Dugan as Priest |
Co-Guest Stars: Demetrius Cornell as EMT | Mark Dobies as Will Turlough | Tibor Feldman as Dr. Halperin | Deepti Gupta as Dr. Newell | Chazz Menendez as Andrew Rusk

32 :02x12 - Johari Window

A state trooper picks up a runaway boy, but when he undergoes a strange transformation, three murders result. The Fringe team is called in to investigate and discover that a small town harbors a horrible secret.
Guest Stars: Michael O'Neill as Sheriff Paul Velchik | Martin Cummins as Joe Falls | Liam James as Teddy Falls | Laura Mennell as Rose Falls |
Co-Guest Stars: Kwesi Ameyaw as Agent Frug | Jacob Blair as Trooper Jerry | Teach Grant as Trooper Bobby | J.J. Makaro as Deputy Bill | David Orth as Trooper Pekarsky
Director: Joe Chappelle
Writer: Josh Singer

33 :02x13 - What Lies Below

A Dutch industrial consultant arrives for an appointment and dies in a painful explosion of blood. Olivia and Peter arrive on the scene first and discover that the blood contains a pathogen and everyone in the building may be contaminated. While Walter and Astrid work outside the quarantined building to create a cure, the virus develops unique characteristics that pose a danger to the entire world.
Guest Stars: Geoff Pierson as Arnold McFadden | Demore Barnes as Agent Hubert | Conrad Coates as Vincent Ames | Natassia Malthe as Linda | David Richmond-Peck as Detective Kassel |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Bax as CDC Suit | Brendan Beiser as Steve | Chris Casillan as Science Center Worker | Peter Grasso as Hazmat in Truck | Kristian Haas as Bike Courier (Mike) | Denise Jones as Teacher | Megan Leitch as Elaine | Tracy McMahon as Female Uniform | Kennedy Montano as Small Child | Robert Parent as Police Officer | Alan Wong as Karl | Nicolas Von Zill as Vandenkemp (Radjan Vandenkemp)
Director: Deran Sarafian
Writer: Jeff Vlaming

34 :02x14 - The Bishop Revival

When all of the groom's relatives asphyxiate at a wedding, the Fringe division investigates and quickly ascertain that a human agency is responsible. Walter realizes that the formula for the toxin was based on research conducted by his father, Robert Bischoff, and that the killer isn't stopping with a single test of his lethal concoction.
Guest Stars: Craig Young as Alfred Hoffman (as Craig Robert Young) | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Anderson (2) as George | Lauren Attadia as Amanda | Diana Bang as Nora | Sam Bob as Homeless Man with Dog | Aaron Brooks as Josh Staller | Robin Douglas as Lynn Arrendt | Eve Harlow as Cashier | John Macintyre as Young Usher | Magda Harout as Nana Staller | Dan Joffre as Detective Manning (Detective Burt Manning) | Barbara Kottmeier as Shelley | Nancy Linari as Eliza Staller | Alberta Mayne as Young Mother | Albert Miro as Neal (as Al Miro) | Omari Newton as Security Guard | Sierra Pitkin as Jordan | Natalie Von Rotsburg as Speaker | Ecstasia Sanders as Jenna | Leonard Tenisci as Harry Staller | Ronald Thompson as Officer | Max Train as Eric Franko | Francisco Trujillo as Agent Dobie | Brendon Zub as David Staller
Director: Adam Davidson

35 :02x15 - Jacksonville

The arrival of a building from the alternate Earth causes massive death and destruction to those occupying the site at its arrival. Walter soon realizes that to equalize the balance between universes, another building will have to disappear... along with everyone inside it. The team's only chance is for Walter to activate Olivia's long-buried ability to distinguish objects from the other universe.
Guest Stars: Jim True-Frost as Ted Pratchett | Sarah Edmondson as Pauline Hess |
Co-Guest Stars: Ada Breker as Young Olivia | Ellen Ewusie as Paramedic #2 | Veronika Hadrava as Tech #2 | D. Garnet Harding as Paramedic #1 (as Garnet Harding) | Chris Logan as Hotel Manager (as Christopher Logan) | Casey Manderson as Tech #1 | Ryan McDonald as Brandon
Director: Charles Beeson

36 :02x16 - Peter

Walter explains to Olivia how Peter came from the alternate universe, and how he was willing to risk everything to save his son.
Guest Stars: Jenni Blong as Dr. Carla Warren | Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Michael Cerveris as September | Peter Woodward as August | Serge Houde as General Hames | Quinn Lord as Young Peter |
Co-Guest Stars: Julian D. Christopher as General Tonks (as Julian D. Christopher) | Eugene Lipinski as December
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Strange Advance -- World's Away (opening)

37 :02x17 - Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.

A healthy woman dies of rapid-onset cancer in a matter of minutes, and the Fringe team is called in to investigate. The killer has connections to Jacksonville... and Olivia is a potential victim. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to come to terms with her knowledge of Peter's origins.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Omar Metwally as James Heath / Neil Wilson |
Co-Guest Stars: Catherine Barroll as Mrs. Lane | Curtis Caravaggio as Ken Messing | Lossen Chambers as Cashier | Peter Ciuffa as Driver | Michael Scholar, Jr. as Waiter | John Shaw as Medical Examiner (John Potash) | Jaime Switch as Lloyd Becker |
Uncredited: Diane Kruger as Miranda Greene
Director: Brad Anderson

38 :02x18 - White Tulip

When the passengers on a commuter train all die instantly of massive power loss, the team realizes that a time traveler is responsible... and that it may be impossible to apprehend him. Meanwhile, Walter writes a letter to Peter explaining his origins.
Guest Stars: Peter Weller as Alistair Peck | Laara Sadiq as Carol Bryce |
Co-Guest Stars: Marie Avgeropoulos as Waitress | Jackson Berlin as ND Agent / Agent #2 | Zoltan Buday as Worker | Robert Gauvin (1) as Uniform Cop | Richard Harmon as Teenager | Jennifer Kitchen as Female CSI | Tariq Leslie as Assistant M.E. | Andrew McIlroy as Professor Lime | C. Douglas Quan as M.E. Tech | Kristen Ross as Arlette Turing | Duncan Spencer as ND Tactical Agent / Sniper | Michael Vairo as Commuter
Director: Tom Yatsko

39 :02x19 - The Man from the Other Side

Two teenagers turn up dead and evidence indicates that shapeshifters have borrowed their forms for some special mission. While the Fringe team tries to track them down, Peter grows increasingly suspicious of Walter's secretive behavior.
Guest Stars: Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Peter Bryant as Ben McCalister | Katie Findlay as Jill Redmond |
Co-Guest Stars: Fraser Aitcheson as Cop #1 | Morris Chapdelaine as Shapeshifter Embryo | Viviana Dal Cengio as Bank Teller | Silver Kim as FBI Agent #3 | Shawn MacDonald as Daniel Verona | Holland Miller as Featureless Figure | James Pizzinato as Dave | Mary Alison Raine as Passerby #1 | James Tsai as David Wu
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Songs: Rush -- Tom Sawyer

40 :02x20 - Brown Betty

When Peter disappears, Walter seeks solace in marijuana. In that state of mind, he and Astrid babysit Olivia's niece Ella, and Walter tells her a fairy tale of a gentle inventor, a stolen glass heart, a detective looking for true love, and a mysterious group of bald men known as the Watchers.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September / Mr. Gemini | Ari Graynor as Rachel / Kelsey Ashley | Ryan McDonald as Patent Clerk | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella (as Lily Pilblad) |
Co-Guest Stars: Candus Churchill as Dead Singer / Corpse #3 | Sarah Hayward as Nurse | Tom Pickett as Dead Singer / Corpse #1 | John Prowse as Dead Singer / Corpse #2 | Erica Van Briel as Assistant |
Uncredited: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell
Director: Seith Mann
Songs: Django Reinhardt -- Blue Moon, Stevie Wonder -- For Once in My Life, Miles Davis -- Freddie Freeloader, Tears For Fears -- Head Over Heels, Hamlisch & Kleban -- I Hope I Get it, Yes -- Roundabout, Bricusse & Newley -- The Candy Man, Traffic -- The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

41 :02x21 - Northwest Passage

In Noyo County, Washington, Peter stumbles across a grisly murder with ties to Newton and First Wave. He is forced to team up with a suspicious sheriff to get to the heart of the case. Meanwhile, Walter has trouble functioning without Peter, and worries he will be sent back to the mental institute.
Guest Stars: Martha Plimpton as Sheriff Ann Mathis | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton | Christine Chatelain as Krista Manning | Patrick Gilmore as Deputy Bob Ferguson |
Co-Guest Stars: Hamza Adam as Deputy | Paul Herbert as Tom | Darren Moore as Gun Store Owner | Scott Patey as Stock Boy | Juan Riedinger as Craig | Christian Tessier as Shapeshifter | Marie West as Heather
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Mason Williams -- Classical Gas, Band Of Horses -- Is There A Ghost, The Allman Brothers Band -- Midnight Rider, Violet Sedan Chair -- She's Doing Fine

42 :02x22 - Over There, Part 1

When Walter discovers that Peter has traveled to the alternate universe, he and Olivia gather three cortexiphan children with the ability to transition safely between the two Earths.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | David Call as Nick Lane | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Ari Graynor as Rachel Dunham | Pascale Hutton as Sally Clark | Omar Metwally as James Heath | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella Blake (as Lily Pilyblad) | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis |
Co-Guest Stars: Colin Banner as Bus Driver | Michael Denis as Witness / Jogger | Heather Doerksen as Assistant | Erin Lacourciere as Dying Woman | Miguelito Macario as Tech (as Mig Macario) | Diana Pavlovska as Nurse | Pablo Silveira as Pedestrian | Alison Wandzura as Olivia Body Double
Director: Akiva Goldsman

43 :02x23 - Over There, Part 2

Walternate asks Peter to help complete the device, while the fugitives Walter and Olivia are reunited with William Bell. Meanwhile, the alternate world's Fringe Division closes in on the invaders, and Peter must make a life-shattering decision.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis |
Co-Guest Stars: Stefan Arngrim as Store Owner | Kaaren deZilva as Attendant (as Kaaren De Zilva) | Heather Doerksen as Assistant | B.J. Harrison as Nurse 2 | Marilyn Norry as Nurse 3 | Diana Pavlovska as Nurse
Director: Akiva Goldsman

Season 3

44 :03x01 - Olivia

Olivia manages to escape imprisonment and tries to return to her own universe, only to discover that all possibilities are blocked and her memories are not her own.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham | Andre Royo as Henry Arliss Higgins | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Dr. Anderson | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Juliana Wimbles as Nurse Melissa | Lucas Wolf as Male Nurse | Darryl Scheelar as MP | Fraser Corbett as Second Man | Viv Leacock as Cop | Crystal Balint as ND Agent | Dino Cocomello as Gas Station Attendant
Director: Joe Chappelle

45 :03x02 - The Box

Three robbers dig up a mysterious box from a suburban home, but it soon proves deadly to anyone exposed to it... with one exception. The alternate Olivia works with Newton to find the box, while accompanying Peter and Walter as they investigate the deaths. Meanwhile, William Bell's last will and testament is read, and Walter gets a surprising gift.
Guest Stars: Russell Harvard as Joe | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton |
Co-Guest Stars: Artine Brown as Mitch | Kyle Cassie as Darryl | Robert Egger as Bank Manager | Steve Elliott as Dad | Hiro Kanagawa as Executor | Khaira Ledeyo as FBI Tech | Eric Lynch as Homeless Man | David Neale as Police Captain | Stephanie Hudd as Grown Daughter | Tracy Trueman as Mom | Jordan Weller as BPD Officer | Nancy Whyte as Grandma
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt

46 :03x03 - The Plateau

The Other Side's Fringe Division investigates a mysterious series of bus accidents that resulted in the deaths of specific individuals. Meanwhile, Olivia begins to have mysterious visions of people she finds strangely familiar, and Secretary Bishop tells Colonel Broyles why he has placed an impostor on his team.
Guest Stars: Michael Eklund as Milo Stanfield | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Kacey Rohl as Madeline Stanfield | Malcolm Stewart as Dr. Levin | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Rocky Anderson as Police Officer | Charles André (1) as Older Gentleman | Paul Bae as Delivery Man | Douglas Chapman as Jeffrey Meyer | Dave Collette as Marco | Graeme Duffy as Male Victim | C. Ernst Harth as Bus Driver | Winnie Hung as Bus Passenger | Ntsiki Kheswa as Female Patient | Christopher Kim Sing as Teenage Boy | Georgia Hacche as Female EMT (as George Mae Hacche) | Matthew Mandzij as Fringe Agent | Kimani Ray Smith as Bike Messenger (as Kimani Smith) | Sal Sortino as Grocer | Larissa Stadnichuk as Jillian Foster | Adam Thomas (1) as Male EMT | Daesha Danielle Usman as Receptionist | Jason Vaisvila as Homeless Man (as Jason Wade Vaisvila) | Kristopher West as Lawyer | Kyra Zagorsky as Nurse | Gabriela Zimmerman as Female Victim
Director: Brad Anderson

47 :03x04 - Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

A deep-cover shapeshifter is inadvertently exposed, and the Fringe team hopes to probe its body and download critical information about the Other Side's infiltration plans. Bolivia orders Newton to acquire the data, and Newton calls a sleeper agent into play. Meanwhile, Walter adjusts to life as the owner of Massive Dynamic.
Guest Stars: Shannon Cochran as Patricia Van Horn | Marcus Giamatti as Ray Duffy | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn | Sebastian Roché as Thomas Jerome Newton |
Co-Guest Stars: Dean Atwal as Scientist | Mittita Barber as Hostess | Chelsea Bourdages as Young Woman | Erica Carroll as FBI Newbie | Nikolas Filipovic as Nate Duffy | Herod Gilani as Celebrity Look-alike | Havana Guppy as Girl #2 | Madison Guppy as Girl #1 | Tanya Hubbard as Emergency Nurse #2 | Ron Knight (1) as Older Man (as Ron M. Knight) | Jennifer Mawhinney as EMT #1 | Eliza Norbury as Lisa Duffy | Iris Paluly as Emergency Nurse #1 | Shaughnessy Redden as Doctor #1 | Chad Riley as Agent #1 | Veenu Sandhu as Senator's Aide | Melanie Walden as Resident Doctor
Director: Kenneth Fink

48 :03x05 - Amber 31422

When a man frees his twin brother from an amber quarantine zone, Secretary Bishop realizes he must keep the knowledge secret before the public learns that it can be done... at the cost of weakening the quarantine zones. Meanwhile, Olivia agrees to help the DOD test her ability to travel between worlds, and tries to cope with visions of Peter Bishop warning her that something isn't right.
Guest Stars: Aaron Ashmore as Matthew Rose | Shawn Ashmore as Joshua Rose | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham | Holly Dignard as Danielle Rose | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Nate Bell as Rose Son - Age 5 | Chaz Chamberlain as ND Agent | Darren Dolynski as Mark Wilner | Miguelito Macario as Agent #1 | Peter Macrae as Young Boy (Cameron) | Matthew Mandzij as Tech | Rafael Pellerin as Nurse Maud | Lilly Pilyblad as Ella | Ricki Prosper as Nurse Alice | Nicolas Russo as Rose Son - Age 7 | Quelemia Sparrow as Agent #2 | Yolanda Ulmer as Mother
Director: David Straiton

49 :03x06 - 6955 kHz

On This Side, Fringe Division investigates fifteen people who were all stricken with retrograde amnesia after hearing a mysterious radio transmission. Meanwhile, Walter disagrees with Peter's experiments on the destruction device.
Guest Stars: Kevin Weisman as Gemini (Joseph Feller) | Ryan McDonald as Brandon | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham |
Co-Guest Stars: Mark Acheson as Murray Harkins | Raul Herrera as Bomb Tech | Rena Kawabata as State Trooper | Paula Lindberg as Becky Woomer | Minh Ly as Dan Liang | Daniel Martin (2) as Foreman | Tyler McClendon as Laird Woomer | Vincent Tong as Shen Chan | Andy Thompson as Pilot | Xavier Wilson as Woomer Baby (Aaron)
Director: Joe Chappelle

50 :03x07 - The Abducted

On the Other Side, a serial kidnapper abducts another in a series of children, all of who have been eventually discovered with massive cellular atrophy. One of the victims is Christopher Broyles... the son of Colonel Broyles. Olivia and her team pursue the case, but Olivia also secretly makes arrangements to get to Liberty Island and find her way back to her world.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Will Rothhaar as Wyatt Toomy (as William Rothhaar) | Andre Royo as Henry Arliss Higgins | Curtis Harris as Christopher Broyles | Michael Strusievici as Max Clayton | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jason Diablo as Detective | Lawrence Haegart as Harold | John Hainsworth as Old Wyatt | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Tristen Leffler as Emily Clayton | Elizabeth McCarthy (1) as Cleaning Woman | Barry Nerling as Head MP | David Nykl as Reverend Marcus

51 :03x08 - Entrada

Olivia struggles to return to her world and gets help from an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Bolivia's ruse is uncovered and the race is on as she attempts to return to the Other Side before Peter and the others can catch her.
Guest Stars: John Cassini as Shapeshifter | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Primo Allon as Alt. Bartender | Stefan Arngrim as Equipment Store Owner | Julie Brar as FBI EMT | Luke Camilleri as Luke | Demord Dann as Uniformed Cop #1 | Michelle Goyns as Young Woman | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Terry Howson as Lead Cop | Sachin Sahel as Snack Shop Clerk | Anthony Shim as Operating Assistant | Alex Stevens (3) as Old Woman | Nigel Vonas as Alt. DOD MP #1
Director: Brad Anderson

52 :03x09 - Marionette

As Olivia returns to work, the Fringe team is called in to investigate the case of a man who temporarily survived the removal of his heart. While they hunt down the serial organ thief, Olivia deals with the discovery that Peter unwittingly had a romantic relationship with her counterpart.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Mark Ivanir as The Gentleman (Roland David Barrett) | Barbara Tyson as Mrs. Walsh |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bean as Grant Russo | Genevieve Buechner as Tabatha | Michael Coleman as Ben Killenburg | Jarod Joseph as FBI Agent | Aileen Laurel as Nurse | Dean Marshall as Uniform | Elizabeth McLaughlin as Dr. Alexandra Ross | Robin Nielsen as EMT #2 | Samuel Vincent as EMT #1 | Anja Savcic as Amanda Walsh
Director: Joe Chappelle

53 :03x10 - The Firefly

The Observer contacts Walter and asks for his help in setting the balance straight and rectifying a shared mistake. Meanwhile, a retired musician emerges from obscurity when the staff at his hospital discover that he received a visit from his son... who has been dead 25 years.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Christopher Lloyd (1) as Roscoe Joyce |
Co-Guest Stars: Nancy Bell (1) as Adorable Old Woman | Olivia Cheng as Victoria (Victoria Dimorio) | Rob Boyce as Tough Man | Kory Grim as Man #1 | Marci T. House as Pam | Gigi Jackman as Nurse | Arvind Johal as Courier | Owen Kwong as EMT | Eugene Lipinski as December | Nick Ouellette as Bobby Joyce (as Nicolas Ouellette) | David Quinlan as Joe | Ivan Vance as Adorable Old Man | Rhys Williams (2) as Tattoo Man
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Jeremy Little -- If I Only Had a Brain, Piero Umiliani -- Mah-Nà Mah-Nà

54 :03x11 - Reciprocity

The Fringe team discovers the connection between Peter and the world-destroying Machine, and try to determine what it is and how they can control it. Meanwhile, a mysterious assassin stalks the remaining shapeshifters on This Side, an assassin who is always one step ahead of the team.
Guest Stars: Sean Campbell (1) as Zach Alpert | Ryan McDonald as Brandon Fayette | Charles Parnell as Dr. James Falcon |
Co-Guest Stars: Lars Anderson as Tech | Noah Beggs as Lieutenant Pike | Michael Charrois as John | Brett Delaney as Agent Goldin (FBI Agent Michael Nicholas Goldin) | Melissa Demmers as Aide | Ian Hawkins as Civil Servant | Paula Giroday as Agent Ruiz | Hector Johnson as PFC Tomforde | Nimet Kanji as Dr. Grant | Neelam Khabra as Tech #2 | Byron Noble as Jack | Ray Sammel as Transient (as Raymond Sammel) | Melissa R. Stubbs as Woman (Jackie Bermudez, as Melissa Stubbs)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Writer: Josh Singer

55 :03x12 - Concentrate and Ask Again

A trio of ex-soldiers use a chemical that dissolves human bones against the scientists they hold responsible for the plight of their families, and Walter tracks down one of the Cortexiphan suspects to help them find the men before it's too late. Meanwhile, Nina discovers who the author of The First People book is.
Guest Stars: Omid Abtahi as Simon Phillips | Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | J.R. Bourne as CIA Agent Edwards | Jody Thompson as Sara |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Beauchesne as Waiter | Alexandra Castillo as Doctor | Carlos Diaz (1) as Randall | Natalie Gibson as Grace | Paul Jarrett as Warren Blake | Richard Keats as Don | Matthew MacCaull as Vannoy | Emmanuel Matovu as SWAT #2 | Judith Maxie as Hospital Administrator | Tyler McMaster as SWAT #1 | Ian Robison as George | Todd Scott as Aaron Downey | Aaron Sholomenko as Security #2 | Duncan Spencer as Agent Harrison | Sylvesta Stuart as Dillon | Richard Stroh as Security #1 | Anna Van Hooft as Nina's Assistant | Greg Webb as Dick
Director: Dennis Smith

56 :03x13 - Immortality

On the Other Side, a scientist uses human hosts to develop a new form of skelter beetle to produce a vaccine, unconcerned about the cost in lives. The alternate Olivia and her team hunt the scientist down, and she learns a startling secret about herself.
Special Guest Stars: Joan Chen as Reiko |
Guest Stars: Alon Aboutboul as Dr. Armand Silva | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Philip Winchester as Frank Stanton | Julie McNiven as Mona Foster | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Donovan Cerminara as EMT | Tristan Jensen as ND Agent #1 | Eric Keenleyside as Jeremy Bissell | Lea Kovach as Movie Star | Siobhán McCarthy as Waitress | David Milchard as Harry Millman | Roz Murray as Neuro Psychologist | Chris Shields as ND Agent #3 | Haig Sutherland as Ned Dolan | Jarrod Terrell as Danny | John Treleaven as Lone Traveler
Director: Brad Anderson

57 :03x14 - 6B

A woman is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband, but it soon becomes apparent that much more is at stake when partygoers in the same building plummet to their deaths... through a solid stone balcony.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Phyllis Somerville as Alice Merchant | Ken Pogue as Derek Merchant | Ryan McDonald as Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Brezinski as Mrs. Marcello | D. Harlan Cutshall as SWAT Agent | Conan Graham as Rick | Colby Johannson as Chris | Monica Mustelier as Sylvia | Peter New as Doorman (Jimmy Smith) | Erin Simms as Kim
Director: Tom Yatsko
Songs: The Velvet Underground -- Pale Blue Eyes

58 :03x15 - Subject 13

The secrets of the past are revealed, as Walter attempts to use the cortexiphan children to return the Other Side's Peter to his home dimension. Meanwhile, Young Olivia discovers the trigger for her abilities, and the Other Side's Walter realizes what has happened to his son.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Chandler Canterbury as Young Peter | Karley Scott Collins as Young Olivia | Sarah Jane Redmond as Mrs. Ashley |
Co-Guest Stars: Chris Bradford as Olivia's Stepfather | Jay Jay Jackson as Boy #1 | Peter Kawasaki as Lab Employee | Sophie Lui as Newscaster | Christopher Pearce as Soldier | Mike Russell as Second Policeman | Liam Smerchinski Mackie as Nick Lane

59 :03x16 - Os

The Fringe team is called in to investigate the death of a thief whose corpse defies gravity. Meanwhile, Walter becomes obsessed with bringing William Bell's spirit back so that he can use his friend's help to stop the breakdown of barriers between the two universes.
Guest Stars: Greyston Holt as Vince | Alan Ruck as Dr. Krick |
Co-Guest Stars: D. Harlan Cutshall as FBI Tactical Agent | Jase-Anthony Griffith as Museum Security Guard | Robert Hayley as Coach | Khaira Ledeyo as FBI Tech | Ash Lee as Security Guard | Jeff Sanca as Koenig | Tom Stevens (1) as Michael Krick | Michael Teigen as Bill | Nelson Wong as Scott Watts |
Uncredited: Jorge Garcia as Kevin the Security Guard
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: Cream -- Strange Brew

60 :03x17 - Stowaway

While investigating reports of a woman that can't be killed, the Fringe team deals with the return of William Bell.
Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Paula Malcomson as Dana Gray |
Co-Guest Stars: Patti Allan as Landlady | Nicholas Carella as Jim | Jason Poulsen as Brian | David Leach as Friend Two | Catherine Lough Haggquist as Lucy | Brandon Nadon as Friend One | Jean Paul Najm as Uniform | Kerry Sandomirsky as Nun | Howard Siegel as Conductor | Michael R. Smith as FBI Tech Carl (as Michael Smith) | John Stewart (2) as Male Passenger | James Tyce as ND Agent | Lee Vincent as FBI Tech
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Supertramp -- Give a Little Bit, Dave Brubeck -- Take Five

61 :03x18 - Bloodline

On the Other Side, a mysterious team of doctors abducts Bolivia and attempts to induce childbirth. Lincoln and Charlie race desperately to find her, while learning the truth about their comrade and her recent adventures on This Side.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Amy Madigan as Marilyn Dunham | Andre Royo as Henry Arliss Higgins | Kendall Cross as Nurse Joyce | Darcy Laurie as Doctor | Ryan McDonald as Alt Brandon | Françoise Yip as Dr. Rosa Oporto | Kirk Acevedo as Charles Francis (Guest Appearance by) |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather Doerksen as Walternate's Assistant | Randal Edwards as Fringe Agent #2 | Ben Geldreich as Kidnapper #2 | Peter Hanlon as Doctor #1 | Nicole Hombrebueno as Young Woman | Achara Kirk as Fringe Agent #1 | Courtney Lancaster as Pediatric Nurse | Amos Mitchell as Kidnapper #1 | Matthew Thiessen as Doctor #2
Director: Dennis Smith

62 :03x19 - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

In an effort to remove Bell's consciousness from Olivia's mind, Peter, Bell, and Walter enter Olivia's subconscious and attempt to find her personality, which has hidden itself somewhere safe.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell (Special Appearance By) |
Guest Stars: Ryan McDonald as Zombie Brandon | Ulrich Thomsen as Man in Zeppelin |
Co-Guest Stars: Marina Allen as Nurse #1 | Chris Bradford as Olivia's Stepfather | Ada Breker as Young Olivia | Lee Majdoub as Paramedic | John Emmet Tracy as ER Doctor
Director: Joe Chappelle

63 :03x20 - 6:02 AM EST

On the Other Side, Walternate uses his grandson's blood, containing Peter's DNA, to activate the Machine and unleash a series of cataclysmic vortexes on This Side. While Peter ponders whether to enter the Machine to shut it down, Fauxlivia takes things into her own hands to save both worlds.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Ackerman as ER Doctor | Forbes Angus as Science Director | Richard Ian Cox as Donnie | Tobias Der as Scientist | Heather Doerksen as Walternate's Assistant | Matt Ellis as Ritchie | Gigi Friedman as Jean | Jennifer Koenig (1) as Nurse Gail | David Lloyd (6) as EMT #2 | Elfina Luk as EMT #1 | Todd Mann as Alt. MP #1 | Travis Nelson as Jack | Ken Roberts (1) as Landlord | Jim Shield as Joe | Sheila Tyson as Mary | Andrew Zacher as Tommy
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

64 :03x21 - The Last Sam Weiss

As the East Coast is hit by an outbreak of dry lightning storms, Olivia and Sam Weiss join forces to find something capable of unlock the Machine. Meanwhile, Walter and Astrid try to figure out the source of their problems, and Peter goes shopping.
Guest Stars: Kevin Corrigan as Sam Weiss | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon |
Co-Guest Stars: Sienna Bohn as Tech | Michael Challenger as Guard | Dean Paul Gibson as Cabbie | Anthony Harrison as BPD Sergeant | Roger Haskett as Dr. Harris | Paulette Hinz as ER Nurse | Hilary Jardine as Nurse #1 | Patrick Keating as Manager | Suzanne Kelly as Nurse | Kathryn Kirkpatrick as Nurse Sheila | Karin Konoval as Dr. Albright (Dr. Christine Albright) | Gary Peterman as Man on Street | Denise Pillott as Nurse on Phone | Ryan Michael as Gary | Duncan Spencer as Fringe Agent | Carri Toivanen as Kara (as Carri Ann Toivanen) | Keenan Tracey as Nate | Kelly Woods as Screaming Woman | James Yi as Doctor #2
Director: Tom Yatsko
Songs: The Doors -- Riders on the Storm

65 :03x22 - The Day We Died

Peter is thrown forward into the year 2026, where he is forced to face the consequences of his decision to activate the Machine and destroy the Other Side. Meanwhile the Observers gather at Liberty Island to witness the outcome as worlds collide.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Brad Dourif as Moreau | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon | Emily Meade as Ella Dunham |
Co-Guest Stars: Jackie Blackmore as ND Agent #2 | Jeremy Guilbaut as ND Agent | Kevin James (3) as Tactical Officer | Lea Kovach as Nurse #2 | Gwenda Lorenzetti as Fringe Doctor #1 | Eugene Lipinski as December | John Paul McGlynn as Trenchcoat | Shannon Powell as Nurse #1 | Lisa Sanson as Fringe Nurse #3 | Jesse Scarf as Fringe Agent #1 | Mark Wynn as Oscar
Director: Joe Chappelle

Season 4

66 :04x01 - Neither Here Nor There

FBI agent Lincoln Lee insists on helping Olivia investigate a series of killings by a translucent man who left his victims in the same condition. Meanwhile, the two worlds exchange information and Walter is haunted by visions of a mysterious man in his mirrors.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as The Observer | Joe Flanigan as Robert Danzig | Michelle Krusiec as Nadine |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Adamthwaite as ND Agent #2 | Trevor Addie as Sergeant | Sean Carey as Military Guard | Mark Curtin as Soldier | Natalie Grace as Teenage Girl | Peter Hall as Shop Proprietor | David Haysom as January | Shauna Johannesen as Julie Danzig | Jarod Joseph as FBI Agent Two | Sean Michael Kyer as Jonathan Danzig | Colin Lawrence as FBI Agent Roach | Nancy J. Lilley as CD Tech (as Nancy Lilley) | Eugene Lipinski as December | Stephen Lobo as FBI Agent Frazier | Lisa Norton as ND Agent #1 | Michael Karl Richards as Translucent Man | Charlotte Williams as Amy Danzig
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: composed by Prokofiev, performed by Ukraine National Symphon -- "Cinderella In The Palace", The Mamas and the Papas -- California Dreamin', Bobby Day -- Rockin' Robin

67 :04x02 - One Night in October

A serial killer on the Other Side has killed 23 victims and Fauxlivia comes to This Side to ask for the loan of the serial killer's duplicate, a mild-mannered Forensics Psychologist. Meanwhile, Walter deals increasingly vivid hallucinations.
Guest Stars: John Pyper-Ferguson as John McClennan |
Co-Guest Stars: Enid-Raye Adams as Noreen Miller | Daniel Arnold as Agent Perez | Marlene Ginader as Alt. Female Agent | Jordyn Olson as Megan Miller (as Jordyn Olson) | Julie Schnekenburger as Margery | Dariusz Slowik as ND Fringe Agent #1 (Guard) | Toby Verchere as Young John | Ben Wilkinson as Jeremy Roman | Winson Won as Agent Bergmann
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: composed by Berlin Philharmoniker -- "Kyrie from Requiem" composed by Mozart, Mozart -- "Requiem In D Minor"

68 :04x03 - Alone in the World

A 12-year-old boy makes an unusual friend, a friend who causes the death of two bullies. While the Fringe team attempts to deal with a growing field of contagion, Walter takes drastic measures to deal with his hallucinations.
Guest Stars: Evan Bird as Aaron Sneddon | William Sadler as Dr. Sumner |
Co-Guest Stars: Morris Chapdelaine as Morgue Worker #2 | Pamela Diaz as Morgue Worker #1 | Paula Giroday as ND Agent #2 | Tristan Jensen as ND Agent #1 | Gary Sekhon as ND Tech | Connor Stanhope as Matthew Mitnovitz | Matteo Stefan as Brian O'Toole | Monte Thompson as Flamethrower Agent
Writer: David Fury
Songs: Billy Swan -- I Can Help, Manfred Mann -- Quinn the Eskimo

69 :04x04 - Subject 9

When a bizarre energy mass attacks Olivia, she turns to Walter for help. When they realize the attack is related to Walter's Cortexiphan experiments on Olivia, they track down another test subject who had the ability to project his astral self.
Guest Stars: Chadwick Boseman as Cameron James |
Co-Guest Stars: Glynis Davies as Landlady | Kathryn Dobbs as Older Waitress | Marina Lazzarotto as Waitress | Elliot Mandelcorn as Dr. Janns | Lucas Mccann as Paramedic | Brent Stait as Lieutenant Daniels
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Climax Blues Band -- Couldn't Get It Right, Fool's Gold -- Leave No Trace

70 :04x05 - Novation

While Olivia and Walter attempt to deal with the appearance of the man from their dreams, Fringe Division deals with a shapeshifter who is tracking down a former Massive Dynamic scientist in the hopes of getting him to stabilize her metabolism.
Guest Stars: Arye Gross as Malcolm Truss | Michelle Krusiec as Nadine |
Co-Guest Stars: Umberto Celisano as Gas Station Attendant | Clayton Chitty as Patrol Officer | Paula Giroday as ND Agent Jill | Jeremy Guilbaut as Agent Warrick | Paul Lazenby as FBI Agent #1 | Kurt Max Runte as Man (Donald Kellen) | Lori Ann Triolo as Karen (as Lori Triolo) | James Tyce as ND Agent
Director: Paul Holahan
Songs: Violet Sedan Chair -- Seven Suns (Rising), Up Down Up -- Wild Eyes

71 :04x06 - And Those We've Left Behind

Time anomalies apparently connected to Peter's arrival start manifesting in the Boston area, but the Fringe team soon discovers that they are caused by a husband desperate to be reunited with his ailing wife.
Guest Stars: Stephen Root as Raymond Green | Romy Rosemont as Kate Green | Victoria Bidewell as Anne |
Co-Guest Stars: Sophie Crowell as Baby Samantha | Leanne Lapp as Passenger Girl | Chloe Mattei as Samantha | Miles McCarthy as Teen Boy (Dylan, as Myles McCarthy) | Chad Riley as ND Agent | Arielle Tuliao as Backseat Girl | Colleen Wheeler as Neighbor
Director: Brad Anderson
Songs: The Allman Brothers Band -- Ain't Wastin' No More Time, C-Note -- Eine Kleine, The Guess Who -- No Time, Styx -- Too Much Time On My Hands

72 :04x07 - Wallflower

The Fringe team investigates a man with a broken neck who was drained of his pigmentation. Meanwhile, Olivia suffers from headaches and Peter begins trying to recreate the Machine.
Guest Stars: Tobias Segal as Eugene | Monte Markham as Leland Spivey | Nancy Sivak as Nurse Jaffe |
Co-Guest Stars: Justin Breault as Tactical Officer #1 | James Clayton as Ned | Jason Coleman (2) as Cop #2 | Arthur Corber as Pharmacist | Eric Gibson as Boy | Shaine Jones as Tactical Agent Spencer | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | Justin Kim as First Man | Jane McGregor as Julie | Alvin Sanders as Doorman | Chris Shields as ND Agent | Todd Thomson as Jack | Karly Warkentin as Jack's Wife (Meg) | Mike Waterman as Cop #1
Songs: Mazzy Star -- Fade into You, Violet Sedan Chair. -- Long List Of Lovers, Bryan Ferry -- Me oh My, Fillmore Slim -- Thunder And Lightning

73 :04x08 - Back to Where You've Never Been

Peter asks Olivia to help him go to the Other Side and ask Walternate for help when Walter refuses to help him employ the Machine to return to his own timeline. Meanwhile, the threat of the prototype shapeshifters grows and an old enemy returns.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Michael Cerveris as September | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Daren A. Herbert as Sgt. Elias Kane | Ryan McDonald as Alt-Brandon (as Ryan James McDonald) |
Co-Guest Stars: James Bamford as Agent Murphy | Jakob Davies as Little Boy | Aurelio Di Nunzio as Business Man (as Aurelio Dinunzio) | Chantele Francis as ND Agent | Stephen Huszar as Guard | Marc-Anthony Massiah as Agent Cole | Matthew Mylrea as Shapeshifter | Michael Rinaldi as Transit Cop | Juno Ruddell as Mother | Brady Schlecker as Lead MP (Corporal Wheeler)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: The Airborne Toxic Event -- Changing, Tommy James & The Shondells -- Crystal Blue Persuasion

74 :04x09 - Enemy of My Enemy

Peter reaches an uneasy alliance with the Other Side's Fringe Division, and helps them once they capture the mastermind behind the shapeshifters. Meanwhile, the Other Side's Elizabeth Bishop comes to see This Side's Walter Bishop to ask for his help.
Guest Stars: Orla Brady as Elizabeth Bishop | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Michelle Krusiec as Nadine |
Co-Guest Stars: Chaz Chamberlain as ND Agent #1 | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | Achara Kirk as ND Agent #2 | Harrison Macdonald as Teenage Boy | Henry Mah as Nurse (as Henry J. Mah) | Edwin Perez as Techie | Maja Stace-Smith as Shapeshifter in Tank | Desiree Zurowski as Doctor (Dr. Samuels)
Director: Joe Chappelle

75 :04x10 - Forced Perspective

The Fringe team discovers a girl who can see the future, and she warns that her vision always come true. Now, Olivia and the others must find the source of her newest vision, which shows a courthouse collapsing and killing hundreds of people.
Guest Stars: Currie Graham as Jim Mallum | Alexis Raich as Emily Mallum |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Casta as Superintendent | Marc Gaudet as Boston Police Officer | Tammy Hui as Joyce Rayner | John Innes as Judge O'Malley | Andrea Kelly Konno as Court Clerk (as Kelly Konno) | Toby Levins as Bomb Tech | Meredith McGeachie as Diane Mallum | Dylan Schmid as Danny Mallum | Patrick Spencer as Rob Englehart | Ian Thompson (1) as Bus Driver | Jonathan Walker as Albert Duncan
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Ethan Gross
Songs: Mayer Hawthorne -- The Walk

76 :04x11 - Making Angels

While the Fringe Division on This Side deals with a murderer who uses a poison that can't possibly exist, Agents Farnsworth and Dunham from the Other Side come to pay the team a visit.
Guest Stars: Chin Han as Neil | G. Michael Gray as Jared Colin | Adrian Hough as MIT Professor | Blu Mankuma as Stephen Farnsworth |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Andrews (1) as Boston Cop | Eileen Barrett as Medical Examiner | Jeb Beach as Chet Williams | Brent Chapman as TSA Agent | Brad Dryborough as Doctor #1 | Jessie Fraser as Kerry Watson | Janet Kidder as Doctor Brady | Eugene Lipinski as December | June Kyoto Lu as Anne Chung | Kris McRonney as Guard | Steven Weller as March
Director: Charles Beeson
Songs: Little Feat -- Dixie Chicken, Mozart -- Violin Concerto No. 1 in B-Flat Major, K. 207: II

77 :04x12 - Welcome to Westfield

While investigating a plane crash near the small Vermont town of Westfield, Peter, Olivia, and Walter discover that they are trapped in the town and surrounded by people who are going insane.
Guest Stars: Tim Kelleher as Cliff Hayes |
Co-Guest Stars: Michelle Addison as Angela Hayes | Kevin J. Andruschak as Crazy Man (as Kevin Andruschak) | Simon Bradbury as Tim | Paul Duchart as Man With Doll | Rebecca Husain as Woman in Car | Ronnie James as Truck Driver | Jill Morrison as Margaret | Rochelle Okoye as ND Agent | Roman Podhora as Willy | Sean Owen Roberts as Brian | Alissa Skovbye as Lacey Hayes | Tracy Waterhouse as Teresa
Director: David Straiton
Songs: Billy Bragg & Wilco -- California Stars, Conway Twitty -- Crazy Dreams, John Coltrane & Thelonious Monk -- Epistrophy, The Shirelles -- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

78 :04x13 - A Better Human Being

Olivia and the team investigate a mental patient who heard voices that describes a real-life murder. While she conducts the investigation, Olivia begins to be overwhelmed by the memories of Peter's Olivia, and they must decide if they wish to give in and accept Olivia's new persona.
Guest Stars: John Aylward as Dr. Owen Frank | Harrison Thomas as Sean Keenan | Sandra Ferens as Mrs. Keenan | Allison Hossack as Bernadette |
Co-Guest Stars: Yasmin Abidi as Nursing Home Assistant | Matthew Macdonald-bain as Hive #2 | David. B. Brown as Cashier | Colby Chartrand as Silbiger | Jason Duiven as Jacket | Mark Gash as Daniel Greene | Anna Van Hooft as Nina's Assistant | Viv Leacock as Police Officer | Donny Lucas as Orderly Sam | Joel McGowan as Hive #1 | Shawn Robidoux as Hoodie | Munish Sharma as Orderly Charles
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Karen Elson -- The Ghost Who Walks

79 :04x14 - The End of All Things

As David Robert Jones tortures a captive Nina in an effort to activate Olivia's cortexiphan-enhanced abilities, the dying Observer visits Peter and Walter at their lab and Peter must merge minds with him to learn his secrets.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Monte Markham as Leland Spivey |
Co-Guest Stars: Eugene Lipinski as December | Amos Stern as July | Steven Weller as March
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Writer: David Fury

80 :04x15 - A Short Story About Love

While Olivia deals with the ramifications of the memories of Peter's "Olivia" subsuming her, the Fringe team investigates the deaths of two couples and discovers that a twisted killer is trying to capture love in a bottle.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Michael Massee as Anson Carr | Ona Grauer as Dianna Sutter | Paul Andrich as Man in Park |
Co-Guest Stars: Devin Johnston as Andrew Sutter | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | Babak A. Motamed as Medical Examiner James | Moya O'Connell as Linda Grimley | Diana Pavlovska as Jane Hall | Russsell Thomas as Medic | Debbie Timuss as Woman in Park
Director: J.H. Wyman
Songs: Jon and Vangelis -- The Friends of Mr. Cairo, Jefferson Airplane -- White Rabbit

81 :04x16 - Nothing as It Seems

When a passenger on a Paris-to-New York flight transforms at the NY terminal and kills two TSA agents before dying himself, Peter realizes that the case is the same as one that he dealt with in the original timeline four years earlier. Meanwhile, Olivia is put on leave when Broyles discovers that 40% of her memories as an agent for him are now missing.
Guest Stars: Neal Huff as Marshall Bowman | Gina Holden as Kate Hicks | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham | Gabrielle Rose (1) as Dr. Anderson |
Co-Guest Stars: Martin Christopher as TSA Agent #2 | Daniel Cudmore as Hicks | Emily Jackson as Melinda Bowman | Olivia Jones as Female Flight Attendant | Alessandro Juliani as Marco | Ken Kirzinger as Air Marshal | Mike Li as Agent Fanning | Kevin O'Grady as TSA Agent | Mike Realba as Male Flight Attendant | Judy Sinclair as Woman in Plane | Timothy Webber as Man
Songs: Peter Noone -- I'm Into Something Good, Dawes -- Time Spent In Los Angeles

82 :04x17 - Everything In Its Right Place

Feeling left out on This Side, Lincoln travels to the Other Side to help Fringe Division investigate a vigilante who genetically damages his victims as he kills them.
Guest Stars: Max Arciniega as Antonio Dawes / Canaan #2 | Tim Guinee as Mugger / Canaan #1 | Biski Gugushe as Bill | Zahf Paroo as Ted |
Co-Guest Stars: Nickolas Baric as Security Guard (as Nicholas Baric) | Sebastian Bertoli as Agent Raymonds | Patricia Cullen as Volunteer Helen (as Patricia Ann Cullen) | Aiden Finn as Daniel | Gary Gill as Agent Salerno | Erynn Desiree as Bree Collins (as Erynn Lavallee) | Nelson Carter Leis as Mikey (as Nelson Leis) | Kirby Morrow as Maddox & Maddox Canaan | Elysia Rotaru as Paige Randall | Michael Rys as Vagrant | Michelle C. Smith as Canaan (Female Victim) | Max Teichman as Father Luis
Director: David Moxness

83 :04x18 - The Consultant

When three men die under mysterious circumstances on This Side, Walter travels to the Other Side to determine how the same three men died over there and what the connection is.
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Curtis Harris as Christopher Broyles |
Co-Guest Stars: Carolyn Anderson as Red Haired Woman (Nancy Elizabeth Guerring) | Josh Blacker as MP | Chilton Crane as Alt Lincoln's Mother | Karen Holness as Diane Broyles | Stephen Huszar as Guard | David Lewis (1) as Brian Bauer | Broadus Mattison as Guard at Bridge | Adrian Neblett as Cab Driver | Wesley Salter as Man in Suit | Daryl Shuttleworth as Alt. Lincoln's Father | Ryan Swanson as Clerk | Scott Vickaryous as Jeremy (Jeremy Delman)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc

84 :04x19 - Letters of Transit

In the year 2036, the Observers have conquered mankind and taken the planet for themselves. Only two brave Fringe agents stand between the Observers and the total subservience of Man... but to triumph, they'll need the help of a legendary figure from the past.
Guest Stars: Henry Ian Cusick as Simon Foster | Georgina Haig as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop | Ben Cotton as Impound Clerk | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Bradley Stryker as Rick |
Co-Guest Stars: Marlo Franson as Club Doorman | Juliet Jarikre as Kitty | Sooraj Jaswal as Lead Tattie | Yurij Kis as Neo-Observer | Hrothgar Mathews as Observer #1 | Christie Watson as Transit Tattie | James Yi as Agent Romick
Director: Joe Chappelle

85 :04x20 - Worlds Apart

Walter realizes what David Robert Jones' end game is, and how it involves the cortexiphan subjects. The two Fringe teams work together to stop the pending crisis and realize that one world will have to make a sacrifice to stop Jones.
Guest Stars: David Call as Nick Lane | Pascale Hutton as Sally Clark |
Co-Guest Stars: Cameron Dent as American Tourist | Rhea Fedorchuk as Brunette Woman | Larry Hoe as Chinese Worker | Jarod Joseph as Agent Tim | D.C. Lee as Chinese Customer | Patrick Roccas as Blond Man | Brady Schlecker as MP
Director: Charles Beeson

86 :04x21 - Brave New World (1)

While dealing with multiple cases of spontaneous combustion, Walter realizes who is responsible for Jones' plan and sets out to get proof. Meanwhile, Jones launches a series of new attacks after the bridge is shut down, in his bid to create a new universe for himself and his superior.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Jared Harris as David Robert Jones | Rebecca Mader as Jessica Holt | Samantha Noble as Dr. Benlo |
Co-Guest Stars: Ruby Ahn as Escalator Rider #1 | Reese Alexander as Neal | Jason Clift as Hazmat Agent #1 | Yvette Dudley-Neuman as Escalator Rider #3 | Jane Hancock as Escalator Rider #2 | Raphael Kepinski as Warehouse Employee | Ken Lawson (1) as Orderly | Adam Lolacher as Security Guard #1 | William MacDonald as Security Guard #2 | Janet Pinnick as Coffee Barista | Timothy Webber as Man in Warehouse (Tom)
Director: Joe Chappelle
Songs: Billy Idol -- Eyes Without a Face

87 :04x22 - Brave New World (2)

Peter and Olivia attempt to stop William Bell from destroying the world, while Water is forced to watch. However, to save two universes, one of them will have to die.
Special Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as William Bell |
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Rebecca Mader as Jessica Holt | Gerard Plunkett as Senator Dennis Van Horn |
Co-Guest Stars: Alistair Abell as Chief Scientist | Liam Carter as FBI Agent #2 | Babak Haleky as Doctor | Heming Hopkins as FBI Agent #3 | David Ingram as Pilot | Jennifer Lines as FBI Agent #1 | Marcia Moulton as Nurse
Director: Joe Chappelle

Season 5

88 :05x01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

In the year 2036, Peter, Astrid, Walter, and Peter's daughter Etta seek out to find Olivia, who holds the secret to uncovering the master plan that will allow the rebel fights to defeat the occupying Observer force.
Guest Stars: Georgina Haig as Etta | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Clark Middleton as Edward Markham | Shaun Smyth as Anil |
Co-Guest Stars: Giacomo Baessato as Guard | David Bloom as Neo-Observer | Jennifer Cheon as Triage Nurse | Alex Dafoe as Loyaltist | Lindsay Drummond as Crying Woman | Abagayle Hardwick as Young Etta | Don House as Consoling Man | Robin Jung as Medic | Dejan Loyola as Klopinski | Jason Hampton (1) as Amber Gypsy | Andy Thompson as Anon-Observer
Writer: J.H. Wyman
Songs: Yazoo -- Only You

89 :05x02 - In Absentia

After Walter's memories of the plan to defeat the Observers is destroyed, the team goes to his old Harvard lab to uncover a vital clue to stop the invasion.
Guest Stars: Georgina Haig as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop | Eric Lange as Gael Manfretti |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrew Coghlan as Loyalist Guard #2 | Jennifer Cheon as Nurse #1 | Mark Ferns as Observer | Abagayle Hardwick as Young Etta | Robin Jung as Medic | Bronwyne Sloley as Woman with Shaved Head | Troy Anthony Young as Loyalist #1 (as Troy Young)
Director: Jeannot Szwarc
Songs: The Moody Blues -- Nights in White Satin

90 :05x03 - The Recordist

To find a mineral necessary for their plans, the Fringe team travels into the wilds of Pennsylvania and finds an encampment made up of people who are recording human history since the invasion.
Guest Stars: Connor Beardmore as River Massey | Georgina Haig as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Paul McGillion as Edwin Massey | Shaun Smyth as Anil |
Co-Guest Stars: Gaelan Beatty as Loyalist Scout | Bojan Dulabic as Bark Man #1 | Gaalen Engen as Bearded Man | Edward Foy as Holden | Evan Frayne as Eames | Darren Moore as Bonner | Michael Rogers as Mueller | John R. Taylor as Winston
Director: Jeff Thomas

91 :05x04 - The Bullet That Saved The World

The team attempt to recover part of Walter's plan from a subway station and discover that an old friend is risking his life to help them... or is he?
Special Guest Stars: Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Georgina Haig as Henrietta "Etta" Bishop | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Abrams (1) as Tester | Sean Baden as Lead Guard | Noah Beggs as Egg Face Screaming Loyalist | Nathan Dales as Loyalist Guard #2 | Edward Foy as Holden | Andrew Hedge as Observer Under Bridge | H.A. Hunter as Rastafarian Clerk | Kasey Keller as Loyalist Guard With Tracker | Terrance Leigh as Half Egg Face Loyalist | Steve Makaj as Loyalist Commander | Austin Middleton as Small Boy | Phillip Mitchell as Checkpoint Loyalist | Jaren Moore as Loyalist Guard #1 | Graham Myers as Loyalist Guard #3 | Michael Rogers as Interruption Observer | Jordan Schartner as NID Observer | Alan Silverman as Observer With Widmark | Dave Thompson as Oxford Observer | Charles Zuckermann as Checkpoint Observer
Director: David Straiton

92 :05x05 - An Origin Story

When the team learns of a way to cut off the Observers from their future, Peter interrogates an Observer prisoner while Olivia tries to come to grips with their daughter's death.
Guest Stars: John Prosky as Captive Observer | Michael Rogers as Mueller | Shaun Smyth as Anil |
Co-Guest Stars: Ted Cole as Scientist Observer | Paul Moniz de Sa as Niemann | Abagayle Hardwick as Young Etta | David Stuart (1) as Observer Supervisor
Director: P.J. Pesce
Writer: J.H. Wyman

93 :05x06 - Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

Walter discovers that one of his tapes holds the key to defeating the Observers. To obtain it, he must travel to an abandoned apartment building where time and space are compressed. Peter, Olivia, and Astrid follow, and Peter discovers that he may be able to fight the Observers directly.
Guest Stars: Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Zak Santiago as Cecil | Georgina Haig as Etta |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Hayley as Observer #3 | Rowan Longworth as Child Observer | Bob Phipps as Passenger | Michael Rogers as Mueller | Monte Thompson as Observer #2 | Colleen Winton as Woman & Woman Aged 20 Years
Director: Jon Cassar
Writer: David Fury

94 :05x07 - Five-Twenty-Ten

Peter brings his new powers to bear as he plots out a way to destroy the Observers. Meanwhile, the team meets with Nina and Walter realizes he may be losing the struggle against his old self.
Special Guest Stars: Blair Brown as Nina Sharp (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Shaun Smyth as Anil |
Co-Guest Stars: Samantha Claude as Nina's Assistant | Ted Cole as Observer in Town Car | Gabe Khouth as Hastings | Jordana Largy as Coat Check Girl | Michael Rogers as Mueller | Robbie Segulam as Motorist #2 | Raahul Singh as Bartender | Marco Soriano as Royce the Observer | Shawn Stewart as Motorist #1 | Victoria Waterhouse as Lady in Red
Director: Eagle Egilsson
Songs: David Bowie -- The Man Who Sold the World

95 :05x08 - The Human Kind

Olivia goes to pick up another piece of equipment for Walter's plan and encounters a woman who informs Olivia that her coming was foretold. Meanwhile, Peter continues to use his Observer implant to plot Windmark's demise.
Guest Stars: Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Jill Scott (1) as Simone | Shaun Smyth as Anil | Kett Turton as Briggs |
Co-Guest Stars: Nathan Dashwood as Stanton | Claude Duhamel as Carlos | Eliza Faria as Little Girl (Darby) | Brian McBride (2) as Man With Bag | Jason McKinnon as Loyalist Guard | Colby Wilson as Uniformed Loyalist | Charles Zuckermann as Observer #1
Director: Dennis Smith

96 :05x09 - Black Blotter

Walter takes LSD in an attempt to learn more of the plan he created to defeat the Observers. Meanwhile, Olivia and Peter trace a mysterious signal and find Walter's secret weapon.
Special Guest Stars: Blair Brown as Nina Sharp (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Jenni Blong as Dr. Carla Warren | Tom Butler as Richard | Maria Marlow as Carolyn | Shaun Smyth as Anil |
Co-Guest Stars: Allie Bertram as Pixie | Faustino Di Bauda as Cab Driver | Rowan Longworth as Child Observer (Michael) | Brian McGugan as Waiter (as Brian Knox McGugan) | Andrew Moxham as Observer in Street | Michael Nyuis as Loyalist Guard #1 | William "Big Sleeps" Stewart as Gerald
Director: Tommy Gormley
Songs: Georges Bizet -- Carmen Suite no 2: Habanera, Donovan (1) -- Hurdy Gurdy Man, Frank Weir -- The Happy Wanderer, Steppenwolf -- The Pusher

97 :05x10 - Anomaly XB-6783746

The Fringe team turns to Nina for help after finding the child Observer, Michael. However, to help her friends, Nina is forced to risk her cover at the Ministry of Science.
Special Guest Stars: Blair Brown as Nina Sharp (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark |
Co-Guest Stars: Alexa Asjes as Nina's Assistant | Ian Butcher as Observer #1 | Mike Carpenter as Loyalist Guard #3 | Gabriel Carter as Loyalist Guard #5 | Jonathan Collins (1) as Loyalist Guard #1 | Justin Doran as Loyalist Guard #2 | Shane Warren Jones as Loyalist Guard #2 | Gabe Khouth as Darryl Hastings | Rowan Longworth as Child Observer (Michael) | James O'Sullivan as Mr. Roe
Director: Jeffrey G. Hunt
Writer: David Fury

98 :05x11 - The Boy Must Live

Using the sensory deprivation tank, Walter learns of Donald's address and the team goes to see the former Observer known as September. Donald tells them of the plan and of the young Observer Michael's role in it.
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September / Donald | James Kidnie as Observer Commander | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark |
Co-Guest Stars: Sage Brocklebank as Loyalist Guard | Ian Butcher as Second Observer | Steve Elliott as Loyalist at Station | Adam Henderson as Observer at Conference Room | Cory Leclerc as Ticket Agent | Rowan Longworth as Michael | Terry Mullett as Observer in Tank | Jordan Schartner as Subordinate Observer | Kristian Thorson as Lead Observer Scientist
Director: Paul Holahan

99 :05x12 - Liberty

To rescue Michael, Olivia must travel to the Other Side and meet with old friends so that she can enter the lab and save the boy before he is dissected. Meanwhile, Windmark tries to determine exactly what danger Michael poses to the Observers.
Special Guest Stars: Seth Gabel as Lincoln Lee (Special Appearance by) | Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September / Donald | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | James Kidnie as Observer Commander |
Co-Guest Stars: Sarwan Badesha as Alt Universe Fringe Agent #2 | Natalie Brooke Edwards as Young Fringe Agent | Jonathan Fitzgerald as Observer #2 | Peter Flemming as Loyalist Lieutenant | Craig Fraser as Loyalist Guard #1 | Mackenzie Gray as Observer Physician #1 | Rustin Gresiuk as Trevor | Abagayle Hardwick as Young Etta | Simon Hill as Observer Surgeon | Eugene Lipinski as December | Peter Kelamis as Tobin | Rowan Longworth as Michael | Kurtis Maguire as Lead Observer | Tara Pratt as Alt Universe Fringe Agent #1 | Ivan Wanis-Ruiz as Agent | Jordan Schartner as Observer #1 | Lucas Wolf as Observer Physician #2 | Andrea Yu as Alt Universe Fringe Agent #1 | Vanessa Zachos as Loyalist Nurse
Director: P.J. Pesce

100 :05x13 - An Enemy of Fate

To save the present, the Fringe team must send Michael into the future and stop the Observers from ever being created. To succeed, a father must sacrifice everything.
Special Guest Stars: Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles (Special Appearance by) |
Guest Stars: Michael Cerveris as September / Donald | Michael Kopsa as Captain Windmark | Shaun Smyth as Anil |
Co-Guest Stars: Ray Boulay as Observer #5 | Ian Butcher as Observer on Street #2 | Thomas Cadrot as Young Resistance Fighter | Bruce Macnab Crawford as Loyalist Driver in Hummer | Charlie Gallant as Loyalist Guard at Desk | Abagayle Hardwick as Young Etta | Ryan Hesp as Butterfly Observer | Howard Lai as Loyalist Guard in Hummer #2 | Eugene Lipinski as December | Rowan Longworth as Michael | Timothy Lyle as Loyalist Tunnel Operator | Chad Matchette as Traffic Control Loyalist | Gardiner Millar as Observer #2 | James Fredrick Ralph as Observer #4 | Dan Shea as Observer #2 on Street | Michael Soltis as Resistance Member in Truck | Hugo Steele as Loyalist in Apartment #1 | Sharon Taylor as Broyles' Secretary (Carol) | Russell Thomas as Loyalist in Parkade | Felipe Vecino as Loyalist in Apartment #2 | Greg Zach as Dying Observer (Egg Face)
Director: J.H. Wyman
Writer: J.H. Wyman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi
Status: Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 2008
Ended: January 18, 2013
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