There's More Than One of Everything - Recap

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In New York City, a badly injured Nina is brought condition to a hospital. A hole has been cut in her cybernetic arm. The Fringe team goes over the security footage and watch as the men take out the guard, go upstairs, and shoot Nina. A bandaged man enters the elevator and then the camera goes black for four minutes. Olivia enhances the audio and run it through voice recognition, and identifies the man as David Robert Jones. They wonder why Jones is disguising himself with bandages and going after Nina if he works for Bell, and Olivia suggests they bring in Bell. Broyles finally gets a word in edgewise and tells her he’s already ordered Bell brought in for an interview. They get a call that Nina is out of surgery.

Peter goes to the lab and wonders where Walter is, and Astrid thought Walter went home with Peter. Olivia arrives and Peter notes she’s not looking well. She wonders if Walter left because of her accusations but Peter says that his father understands. They have no luck finding Walter and Olivia apologizes for being hard on him.

Walter goes to a cemetery and stands over a tombstone, while the Observer watches him.

Nina wakes up and looks at her damaged cybernetic arm. Broyles is there and notes she survived because of her Kevlar ribcage. He asks what Jones did to her arm, but Nina says she needs to talk to Olivia.

Jones and his men park on a New York street and unload equipment. Meanwhile, specialists from Massive Dynamic arrive to repair Nina’s arm. Olivia arrives and waits. Meanwhile, Jones and his men set up equipment in the street.

Nina insists that Bell isn’t the head of ZFT, and Jones was one of their first employees at Massive Dynamic. He viewed Bell as a father figure, and Nina suggests Jones is trying to prove something. She tells Olivia that Jones has been requesting meetings with Bell but Nina refused and treated the matter as an internal affair. Broyles figures that Jones plans to kill Bell but Nina admits she doesn’t know where Bell is and has only communicated with him electronically. Nina tells Olivia that if she stops Jones, she’ll arrange a meeting with Bell. If she doesn’t stop Jones, Bell’s answers will die with him. Olivia demands to know what Jones did in the elevator, and Nina admits Jones stole a power cell that Bell hid in her arm.

On the street, Jones inserts the power cell into his equipment and focuses it on the street. People start to sense the sonic vibrations. They lock in the equipment and a portal opens in the street. A truck drives through it but they lose the signal and the portal closes, cutting the truck in half. Jones says they have the wrong coordinates and they’ll need to try again.

Walter and the Observer are on a beach at an abandoned house. The Observer asks if Walter recognizes a metal coin. Walter does, but the Observer says it’s not the same coin, and there are two of everything. He then admits he’s said too much, and tells Walter he needs to go on from here and remember what he needs to find, as time is running out.

Broyles takes Nina to the lab and confirm that Walter isn’t there. Broyles and Nina both have their people start searching. Meanwhile, Olivia and Charlie talk to the witnesses and examine the truck.

Nina gets footage of Walter from a security camera and shows it to Peter. He recognizes it as in the vicinity of a beach house that they used to live at, and asks for the chance to go get Walter himself.

Charlie and Olivia examine the records of the truck and determines that there are no records of the driver, who died in the accident, or of the truck itself.

Peter drives to the beach house and goes inside. He finds a dusty photo of the family, and finally locates Walter. Walter insists there’s something important in the house, but he can’t remember what it is.

At FBI Headquarters, Olivia wonders where the truck came from and Nina suggests she already knows. Nina finally tells her that Bell isn’t in their world, but in a parallel one.

In Providence, Rhode Island, Jones and his men pull up to a soccer field. Meanwhile, Olivia and Nina try to explain to Charlie about the concept of alternate realities. Jones is using the energy cell to cross over to the alternate reality to get to Bell. They’re interrupted when everyone gets cell phone calls.

Walter is turning the beach house upside down and growing increasingly agitated, while insisting there’s something he did a long time ago that he needs to finish. Walter momentarily calms down and Peter remembers to how he and his mother came there and he spent his time looking at the ocean, waiting for the Saturdays when Walter would come home from his work and make pancakes. Walter remembers that he made the pancakes in the shape of whales, and he knows where to find what he’s looking for.

Olivia and others go to the soccer field where the players report they saw an energy portal open up. One of the kids hit the shimmer and collapsed, partially cut in half with the upper half missing. They wonder why Jones has picked the two particular locales. Back at headquarters, Olivia has agents pull together files on any unexplained phenomena. She identifies all the phenomena on a map of the Eastern seaboard and then tells Broyles that she’s found a connection and they need to call Nina.

Walter finds an old crate containing a metal lockbox… with a twin of the coin from the beach on it. He tries to open the box but discovers it’s locked.

Olivia shows Nina the pattern of occurrences and how they are spread out from the two locations Jones used.

Peter gets the box open and they find a device inside. Walter explains he and Bell took LSD and caught glimpses of another reality. Bell thought that children treated with Cortexiphan could travel to the alternate reality on their own. Walter explains that he lost something and believed he could go to the other world to recover it. He warns that they needed to find the right place to crossover.

Nina explains that Bell determined that there were “soft spots” in reality that would lend themselves to crossover. As people gained scientific knowledge and resources, they created more soft spots. Jones believes that if he can find such a soft spot, he can break through.

Walter warns that objects from the other reality could pass into this world, which would be dangerous. The device in the box is a “patch” that can be used to seal a portal, and he knows where the portal is.

Olivia, Broyles, and Nina locate the first and oldest occurrence, Reiden Lake, and they realize that Jones is heading there.

Jones and his people arrive at Reiden Lake and prepare to go to the other side. Meanwhile, Walter and Peter drive to Reiden Lake and Walter says that the Observer warned him. Peter wonders what else Walter hasn’t told him. They come to a chain across the road and stop. Walter takes out the patch device, and then tells Peter about how he was sick, and used to collect coins. Suddenly men arrive and pull them out of the car, but Olivia arrives to call her people off. They see an energy surge up ahead and head for the lake. They watch as Jones and his people start to open another portal. Jones’ men spot the FBI agents and open fire. Olivia goes in and Walter tries to go after her to give her the patch device. Peter insists on taking it and demonstrates how it works.

Jones and his assistant almost synchronize the coordinates when Olivia arrives and tells them to surrender. Olivia shoots the assistant just too late and Jones heads for the portal. Olivia tells him to stop but he refuses. She shoots him in the leg but he keeps going. She shoots him a second time and he turns to tell her that her bullets are just going through him due to the teleporter process. Jones keeps going and Peter arrives to activate the patch device. The portal closes… with Jones halfway through.

Later back in Boston, Olivia is putting away the files when Broyles admits he isn’t expecting her report anytime soon. He passes on Nina’s gratitude, but then tells her they’ve been told by their higher-ups to cease the investigation of William Bell.

Astrid returns to the lab to find an envelope on the table from Walter addressed to Peter. Peter comes in and reads it, and it says that Walter is stepping out and knows where he’s going. Peter observes it’s the first time Walter has written a note and decides to let it go.

Walter is at the cemetery examining the coin. Crying, he puts it on a gravestone… a gravestone belonging to Peter Bishop.

Olivia is at her apartment and gets a call from Nina saying she’s going to hold up her end of their bargain. She invites her to a hotel in Manhattan the next day. Nina ask Olivia not to tell anyone and she’ll understand why when she arrives. Olivia goes to the hotel and waits in the restaurant. No one arrives and Olivia is unable to get hold of Nina, who is out of the country. Nina gets in the elevator and pushes the button for the first floor. Suddenly the elevator flares white and a group of passengers briefly appear and then disappear. The doors open and a woman arrives to escort her down a white hallway to an office. Inside, there’s an oxygen tank and a headline referring to the President moving into a new White House.

A man enters the room. He says he’s been waiting a long time for this and introduces himself as William Bell. Olivia looks out the window and realizes that she’s in one of the World Trade Center towers.