Night of Desirable Objects - Recap

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A construction crew is working on a highway in Lansdale, PA. The radio news reports on recent disappearances of the locals, while Raymond, one of the workers, notices something in the field, He walks over and finds a blue-tinged hand buried in the dirt. As he starts to dig it up, the hands grabs him and pulls him beneath the cornfield.

In New York City, the nurse discharges Olivia and Peter comes to get her. She insists on walking out on her own and Peter points out she has trouble accepting help from others. As they leave, the shapeshifter, disguised as Charlie, watches them go.

Raymond wakes up in a tunnel deep beneath the earth. Something has injured his legs and covered them with a blue liquid that keeps him from feeling them. Raymond uses his cigarette lighter and looks around, and finds corpses scattered throughout the tunnels. Some kind of humanoid creatures emerges from the shadows and drags him away.

In Boston, Broyles tells Peter that the FBI has signed off on his requests for equipment and new housing. Peter informs Broyles that since Olivia's disappearance, he's been checking for other similar incidents and has discovered people disappearing in Lansdale. Broyles okays the mission and tells Peter to keep an eye on Olivia.

Walter and Astrid try to recreate Olivia's disappearance in the lab using frogs, but Walter doesn't have any success. Olivia arrives and Walter admits that when he saw Olivia lying dead, he doesn't know what he would have done without her. When Olivia says that she's okay, Walter warns that there could be side effects of a trip from an alternate reality but quickly dismisses any concerns. Peter arrives to tell them they're heading for Lansdale.

In Lansdale, the team meets with Sheriff Golightly, who is suspicious of their involvement and Walter's strange activity. Once the CSI techs leave, Walter examines the cornfield and finds traces of the blue liquid. They go back to the sheriff's office and Golightly hands over his files while wondering why the FBI is there. Olivia stares into space, her attention drawn by the loud buzzing of a fly that only she can hear. Peter distracts Golightly by talking about the officer's collection of fishing lures, including a Night of Desirable Objects. Olivia's hearing returns to normal and she calls "Charlie" and asks him to check on the names of the suspects. "Charlie" agrees but says he has something to do first. He goes to the shop and uses the Selectric typewriter to communicate with his superiors, telling them that Olivia trusts him.

Back at Harvard, Olivia and Peter examine Golightly's files while Walter concludes that the blue liquid is a paralytic containing male DNA. Olivia finds one Lansdale resident, Andre Hughes, who visited the victims' families just after the victims disappeared.

In Lansdale, Andre Hughes goes through the tunnels beneath his house and finds Raymond's corpse.

Olivia and Peter go to Hughes' house and he invites them inside. He explains that he spends a lot of his time digging underground for water wells and says he has to clean up. Olivia hears someone breathing but Peter doesn't. She asks Hughes if anyone else lives there but Hughes says he doesn't. As he goes, Olivia tells Peter to distract Hughes while she searches the house. She goes upstairs and finds a room filled with medical equipment. She hears something from a closet and throws open the door, but discovers that it's empty. When Olivia hears a noise behind her, she turns and shoots, just missing a startled Peter.

The duo takes Hughes to FBI headquarters and checks his file. Olivia interrogates Hughes and points out he was a doctor 20 years ago. However, Hughes says that he retired and just works the land. Peter is watching through a one-way mirror as Broyles comes in. He informs Broyles that Walter is examining the lab equipment. In the interrogation room, Olivia asks Hughes why he visited the victims' families and if they were former patients. Hughes says that he went to try and comfort them, and that he lost his wife and son 17 years ago when she died in childbirth. He insists that he could never harm anyone but Olivia asks for a blood sample to match it with the DNA from the blue liquid. Hughes refuses and Broyles prepares to get a warrant. He asks Peter what happened at the Hughes house and Peter claims that it was a simple misfire.

After her checkup, Olivia is dressing when Nina Sharp comes in and apologizes for not having visited sooner. Nina says that she went through something similar when she was diagnoses with cancer and she overcame it with the help of a Dr. Sam Weiss. Olivia wonders if Weiss is a psychologist but Nina says he isn't.

The FBI team goes over Hughes' house and Junior Agent Jessup finds a cabinet with a Bible. Inside it is an article on the death of Hughes' wife and child, saying it occurred under mysterious circumstances. There's also a note from a local pastor saying they're with God. Jessup passes the information onto Olivia, who gets a court order for an exhumation. The team goes to the cemetery in Lansdale and discovers that while the wife's body is still there, the son's corpse is gone. Something has dug in—or out—of the coffin and taken it. Olivia goes to see Hughes in the interrogation room only to discover that he's hung himself.

At his lab, Walter performs an autopsy and discovers that Hughes' wife had lupus and couldn't have born a child to term. As Walter examines the body, Peter tells him about the empty coffin and the missing boy, and Walter looks upset.

Olivia meets with Broyles to bring him up to speed on the investigation. As they walk through a parking garage, Olivia suddenly hears a FBI agent at the far end quietly talking on his cell phone. Meanwhile, Walter finishes the autopsy and explains that Hughes' son wasn't completely human. Based on an analysis of the afterbirth, Walter has concluded that the fetus had scorpion and mole rat DNA injected into it, in an attempt to let it live despite its mother's disease. Olivia arrives and they figure that the boy is hiding in or beneath the Hughes house.

Sheriff Golightly drives out to the Hughes house to contain the crime scene. The ground behind him moves as he goes back to his car. He hears a noise and sees a blue stain spread across the earth. Something moves beneath him and pulls him under.

Olivia and Peter go back to search Hughes' house and find Golightly's abandoned truck. Inside, Peter finds a hidden nursery while Olivia finds a storage room filled with bear traps and human teeth. Olivia finds a tunnel leading away from the house and the Hughes boy pulls her in. Peter crawls in after her and manages to pull Olivia away. The Hughes boy attacks him and Olivia manages to give Peter a bone from one of the victims to defend himself. He wounds the creature and it tries to burrow away, only to weaken the earth beneath the sheriff's truck and bring it down on him.

Peter and Olivia call in the authorities. they find dozens of corpses accumulated over the years and the bear traps that Hughes set to try and capture his son.

Later, Olivia meets with "Charlie" and discusses her amnesia. She wonders if her mind is trying to protect itself by keeping her from forgetting what happened. "Charlie" says that the information may be critical and she'll have to remember, but promises he'll be there for her when she does. Olivia is touched by his concern.

At the lab, Peter comes in and tells Walter that he had a friend who when he was young, saved up to buy a fishing lure so he could go night-fishing with his son. Peter shows Walter the Night of Desirable Objects lure he's bought and Walter asks if he can come along. Peter agrees.

Olivia is in the bath at her house and her heightened hearing kicks in. She starts to hear individual soap bubbles popping, then the neighbor voices, and finally voices and sounds from all over the city. Her heightened hearing shuts off again and she decides to see Dr. Weiss. The address Nina gave her is a bowling alley. When she goes there, the owner tells her that Weiss went to Atlanta with a girl he met. Olivia walks away and the owner admits he's surprised she's giving up so easily. Olivia realizes that he's Sam Weiss and goes back to talk. He asks her if the headaches have started yet. When she admits they haven't, Weiss warns that they will and says they need to get started.

"Charlie" reports to her superiors that Olivia doesn't remember anything. They tell him to help her recover her memories.