Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep? - Recap

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On This Side, Bolivia goes out to dinner with an unsuspecting Peter. They analyze their fellow diners, including an older man dating a younger woman. Peter talks about how you can't judge people without understanding their position, and then begs off and says he has to go home and check on Walter. As they go, Bolivia asks for a moment alone in the restroom. Once she's in private, she leans against the door, weakened.

In Brookline, Massachusetts, Senator Van Horn is driving past a lemonade stand and stops to buy a drink from the two girls. As he pulls away, a truck hits his car. He's taken to the hospital and the doctors are surprised to discover that he's still breathing, despite the fact they can't get a heartbeat. Broyles arrives to console Van Horn's wife, Patricia. In the operating room, the doctors are trying to determine what's wrong with Van Horn when the Other Side operative, Newton, breaks in. He shoots one doctor who tries to intervene, and then wheels Van Horn out on a Gurney. Broyles hears the shot and comes to investigate. When Newton realizes he can't escape with Van Horn, he shoots him in the head and leaps down a stairwell to make his escape. Broyles checks on Van Horn and discovers that he's bleeding mercury from the head wound.

At Massive Dynamic, Peter asks Nina Sharp if she's okay with Walter's new ownership of the company. She insists that despite Walter's problems, he has a keen scientific mind, and that's why William Bell left him the company. They arrive in a conference room to find Walter lecturing a group of scientists while removing his pants. Peter tells him that they have a case, and warns Nina that Walter is using drugs.

The Fringe team arrives at the hospital and they review surveillance footage of Newton's attack. They figure that he came there to recover his fellow shapeshifter after he learned about the crash. Broyles tells the team to find out what "Van Horn" was involved in, and Bolivia goes to the senator's office. Meanwhile, Walter goes to the morgue to examine the shapeshifter's body and Broyles starts running blood tests of everyone in Washington that might also be an infiltrator.

In the morgue, Walter determines that the shapeshifter is part organic and part machine. Peter arrives and notes that Newton's headshot was intentional. Walter figures that Newton was trying to destroy the Van Horn shapeshifter's power source and data storage, and they decide to get it working again.

Bolivia contacts Newton, who is in a deserted stretch of woods treating himself with mercury supplements. He insists that he had to act quickly once the Van Horn shapeshifter was "killed," and assures her that her cover is intact... for the moment. However, he warns her that Peter will eventually see through her impersonation, and that if she isn't committed to their task, she'll fail.

When Walter is unable to reactivate the shapeshifter in the hospital morgue, he gets Peter to move it to his new lab at Massive Dynamic. As Walter finishes up, the shapeshifter's hand moves and they realize he's activated something. Bolivia arrives and they tell her what they've learned.

Astrid arrives at Massive Dynamic with a box of Walter's belongings. She brings them to her new lab and he explains that he plans to visually stimulate the shapeshifter's memories so they can track the neural pathways and find where the critical data is stored.

Peter and Bolivia go to Van Horn's office, and she tries to get him to leave. Peter insists that Walter is fine and he's needed there, and insists the shapeshifter must have left something behind since it didn't know it was going to die. Newton calls Bolivia, who takes the call outside. She tells him that the shapeshifter is alive and at Massive Dynamic, and tells him to recover it. Peter shows her what he's found: a photo of Olivia... along with photos of the rest of the team.

In Yonkers, Ray and Lisa Duffy are eating with their son, Nate. Ray goes to answer a knock at the door, and finds Newton on his doorstep. Newton tells Ray, a sleeper agent, that he has to break into Massive Dynamic and steal the shapeshifter's body. Ray notes that it's been five years since they last met and that he wasn’t' prepared, and Newton tells him to eradicate all traces of his life as Ray Duffy once the current mission is done.

Broyles, Bolivia, and Peter arrive at Massive Dynamic, and Walter tries to tell them that they can ask the shapeshifter who the other infiltrators are. He takes them to the lab and demonstrates that the shapeshifter still responds to visual stimuli, and has a strong reaction to Van Horn's wife Patricia. Walter speculates that the shapeshifter formed a strong emotional bond to her as part of its mission, and that they can use that to access its data. He wants to have Patricia interact with the shapeshifter directly. Bolivia objects, insisting that Patricia can't be trusted as a civilian, but Broyles vouches for her.

Ray, a policeman in his cover identity, goes to see Nate before he leaves. When Nate complains that there are monsters his bed, Ray tells him that there are no monsters there and says that some monsters are capable of love, and can become your best friend. When Nate says that Ray is his best friend, Ray agrees and promises to check on him when he gets back.

Patricia arrives at Massive Dynamic and agrees to help so she can find out who killed her husband. She talks to the shapeshifter and holds its hand, and the shapeshifter's neural activity increases. It starts to respond as Patricia blames herself for not realizing that her husband was no longer himself. Astrid detects increased neural activity in the spine, and the shapeshifter suddenly awakes with a jerk and starts reciting numbers and names. Peter pulls the plug, and Patricia recognizes the words and numbers as hotels that they were going to stay at during their upcoming anniversary, on the dates the numbers match up with. Broyles thanks her for her help and takes her home.

As Walter concludes that the shapeshifter's systems are too badly damaged to learn anything more, Bolivia gets a text message from Ray to get everyone out. She gets Walter to visit the cafeteria and get some food. As he talks with Astrid, the conversation turns to animal crackers and dinosaurs, and Walter gets an idea. He tells Astrid to stay behind and takes the elevator up to the lab. Ray gets in with him, and Walter starts talking about how the stegosaurus had a second brain in its spine. Ray prepares to use his shapeshifting device to take on Walter's form and kill him.

In the cafeteria, Peter talks to Bolivia about how Patricia refuses to see the signs that indicated that "Van Horn" was a shapeshifter. He admits that he's been doing the same thing with Bolivia, but attributes the changes to her time on the Other Side. When Astrid comes over, Peter realizes that his father has left.

The elevator arrives at the lab before the shapeshifter can kill Walter. The guard lets Walter into the lab, but notes that police aren't allowed past the cordon. Walter goes into the lab and discovers that the shapeshifter has a data disk in its spine. Ray comes in and takes the disk. Walter stabs him in the chest and Ray knocks him out and leaves.

Peter and Bolivia get into the elevator as ray leaves. When Peter sees mercury on the floor buttons, he realizes that Ray is a shapeshifter. Bolivia goes after him and sends Peter up to the lab. He confirms that Walter is alive, and Bolivia returns to tell them that Ray escaped. Walter tells them what happened and helps Peter access the surveillance footage so they can identify the intruder.

Ray returns home and finds Newton waiting for him. He hands over the disk, and Newton wonders why he didn't change form. Ray insists that he didn't have to, and starts to go inside. Newton tells him that he already took care of the "loose ends," shocking Ray. However, Newton then says that he lied to find out if Ray had become too close. He warns his fellow shapeshifter that they were created to infiltrate, strike, and then move on. When Ray objects, Newton kills him and starts to leave. Peter and Bolivia arrive and Newton drives away. They follow and chase him into a tunnel, where Newton's car crashes. Bolivia checks on him and takes the disk, while Peter calls the authorities.

Later, Bolivia secretly visits Newton. She tells him that she has the disk and gives him a small metal chip. As she turns to go, Newton warns her that she will have trouble completing the mission without him. Bolivia insists that she'll do fine, and can always find another machine, and Newton warns her that she is having trouble accepting what she's doing. He warns her that when it comes to self-respect and integrity, there are lines she won't cross. Bolivia turns and walks away.

Peter is drinking when he gets a text message from Bolivia asking him to come to her place.

Newton swallows the chip and dies, oozing mercury.

When Peter arrives, Bolivia tells him that she lied to him, but doesn’t want to talk about it right now. She brings him in and they go to bed.