Marionette - Recap

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A well-dressed gentleman follows another man, Grant Russo, to a train station. The Gentleman arranges to entangle Russo’s legs with his umbrella, pricking him. An increasingly woozy Russo goes home and finally collapses. The Gentleman comes in and converts Russo’s living room into a makeshift operating theater. When Russo wakes up, he finds himself strapped down to a table and covered in blood. The Gentleman is busy calling 911, saying there is an injured man at the house. He apologizes to Russo and says that he wishes there was another way, gives Russo an injection, and leaves. Russo stares in horror, and then passes out.

When the EMTs arrive at the house a few minutes later, they go into the living room and find Russo. They assume that he’s dead, since his chest has been pried open and his heart removed. However, Russo opens his eyes and begs them not to let him die.

At the train station, the Gentleman prepares to depart. He’s carrying a cooler with Russo’s heart.

When Broyles arrives at his office, he finds Olivia waiting for him. She’s eager to get to work, and explains that on the Other Side, Secretary Bishop is close to finding a way to cross over and destroy This Side so that he can save his own world. Broyles tells her that he’s giving her a leave of absence, but Olivia insists on working the case. She explains that she made a promise to a friend to see it through. Realizing that she’s referring to his now-dead counterpart, Broyles asks what his other self was like. Olivia tells him that Colonel Broyles was an honorable man who tried to do what was right, and that he had two children and a happy marriage.

As Peter drives Walter to Russo’s house, Walter asks his son if he’s told Olivia about his relationship with her counterpart. Peter assures his father that he’ll tell Olivia the truth, even though he suspect sit will fundamentally change their relationship. Walter tries to reassure Peter, saying that he’s a good man and that Olivia knows that as well. They arrive at Russo’s home, and Broyles tells them that Olivia has been approved for duty. Broyles then confirms that Russo lived for three minutes after the EMTs found him, even though his heart was removed from his chest. Walter examines the body and determines that whoever removed the heart was a skilled surgeon. He also finds scar tissue indicating that Russo had heart surgery before. While Peter checks Russo’s medical cabinet, Walter confirms that the body is not suffering from rigor mortis, and admits that it’s difficult to tell if Russo is dead, since he’s displaying no post mortem symptoms. Peter finds a full cabinet of drugs, all prescribed for Russo by a Dr. Alexandra Ross.

As Peter and Olivia wait at the hospital to see Dr. Ross, Olivia enjoys coffee, a rarity on the Other Side. She talks about how it feels strange to return to a life that someone else has been living in her place. Peter tells her that he did notice some differences in “Olivia” after she returned from the Other Side initially, but he figured she had just decided to change her life after the experience. Olivia assures him that it’s okay he didn’t attach any greater significance to them, but Peter tells her that he had an intimate relationship with Bolivia. Shocked, Olivia seemingly recovers and says that her counterpart had a full life, and if her fiancé hadn’t been out on assignment, she might have had something similar happen with him. Before Peter can pursue the issue, a nurse arrives to take them to Dr. Ross. Ross tells them that Russo was a transplant recipient, and all of the drugs were the standard post-operation prescription for a man in his condition.

In the basement of his home, the Gentleman listens to classical music while stitching a young woman’s corpse together. He tells “her” that he’ll soon be done.

Walter is at his Harvard lab examining Russo’s corpse, while Astrid checks the files on a series of experiments he and Bell conducted called Project Yatsko. Peter comes in and Walter demonstrates to him that Russo’s corpse isn’t rotting. Walter says that he and Astrid isolated a serum in Russo’s body that is slowing the decay process to almost non-existent levels. Peter wonders why the killer would have done that, but Walter speculates that the person who took the heart wanted his victim to live. He took the heart but called 911 and gave Russo an injection of something that would keep him alive long enough for them to put him on a heart-lung machine. Peter admits to his father that he told Olivia the truth, much to Walter’s surprise.

At her apartment, Olivia is getting dressed when she looks in the mirror and sees the tattoo on the back of her neck. She looks through the clothing and then throws it all on the floor. Next, Olivia rips the sheets off the bed and takes them to washer, only to find more clothing inside. She finally drops down to the floor, crying in shock and pain.

The next morning, Olivia arrives at work and drinks coffee with Astrid. When Astrid asks how she’s doing, Olivia tells her about Peter’s confession, and asks Astrid what he was like around her counterpart. Astrid admits that Peter had feelings for Bolivia, but they’re the same feelings that he has for Olivia, and they haven’t gone away. Broyles calls Olivia in to meet with him and Peter. The FBI has confirmed that there have been a series of organ thefts with the same MO over the last few months. The common factor is that they were all organ transplant recipients, and they all received organs from the same donor. The only donor part not accounted for by a victim are the corneas, and Broyles starts a trace to find the donor.

The Gentleman is preparing to operate on the cornea recipient, Ben Killenburg.

Astrid identifies the donor as an Amanda Walsh. She calls Broyles and the others with the information as they arrive at the restaurant that Killenburg owns. They search the place and find signs of a recent operation, and find Killenburg in the walk-in freezer. His eyes have been removed, but he’s still alive thanks to the same injection that kept Russo alive. Once Killenburg has been taken to the hospital and stabilized, Peter and Olivia interview him. Killenburg confirms that his abductor apologized for removing the corneas, but insisted that they didn’t belong to Killenburg.

At the lab, Walter is trying to isolate the serum, and explains to Astrid that he believes that it could be used as a food preservative. Astrid produces the files on the Yatsko Project, and Walter says that they need to locate Amanda’s body.

Olivia and Peter talk to Mrs. Walsh, who explains that Amanda was a lonely child whose sole interest was ballet. The girl suffered from clinical depression, and eventually killed herself. Before that, she went to a number of group therapies and Olivia asks for the name of the doctors. Astrid calls to tell Peter about his father’s request, and he asks Mrs. Walsh if they can exhume Amanda’s remains. She gives them her daughter’s ashes: Amanda was cremated. However, when Peter takes them to the lab, Walter tastes them and confirms that it’s wood ash, not human. He figures that whoever stole the body is the one gathering the organs, and is trying to put Amanda back together.

The Gentleman straps Amanda’s corpse into a wire setup and dangles her from the ceiling. Using a series of levers, he manipulates her into dancing for him.

Broyles confirms that Amanda’s body was stolen from the funeral ho and the owners covered it up to avoid a scandal. Walter isn’t at all surprised, and admits that people have stolen corpses for hundreds of years. Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia go through the files on Amanda’s group therapy sessions. Peter finds two likely suspects, but Olivia brusquely dismisses his suspicions. When Peter wonders why, Olivia pointedly says that the person who took Amanda clearly loved her, and none of Peter’s suspects match that profile. He finally comes up with a likely suspect, Roland David Barrett. Barrett was a member of one of Amanda’s therapy groups, and stopped going on the same day that Amanda died. As they drive to Barrett’s house to meet Broyles and the FBI, Peter checks Barrett’s background and learns that he inherited a chemical company, and that he’s been doing pioneering work in the slowdown of decay in human flesh.

In his basement, Barrett shocks Amanda back to life. However, when he looks into her eyes, he doesn’t see any signs of recognition, or even intelligence. The FBI team arrives and Barrett tries to sneak out, but Olivia quickly captures him. While the others look for Amanda’s corpse, Olivia interrogates Barrett. He readily admits that he loved Amanda, and that he wanted to give her a second chance after she killed herself. However, when Barrett looked into her eyes, he realizes that she isn’t the Amanda he knew and loved. Meanwhile, Walter examines Amanda’s corpse and confirms that she’s dead.

In the aftermath, Peter finds Olivia in the backyard, crying. He asks what’s wrong and she says that Barrett could tell that Amanda wasn’t the real Amanda when he looked into her eyes. She wonders why Peter couldn’t tell the difference, when it was her memories of him that kept her alive. Olivia says that she can’t handle having anything or anyone around that her counterpart spoiled with her presence. Olivia gets up and walks away, while Peter looks after her and mutters that he’s sorry.

The Observer watches as Walter and Peter go to an ice cream parlor. He then makes a call to someone and informs them that he has arrived. He looks at Peter and Walter, and says that the one they’re interested in is still alive.