Subject 13 - Recap

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In the 1980s, Elizabeth Bishop his cleaning the family home near Reiden Lake when she discovers that the Other Side’s Peter Bishop, who Walter abducted, has left his room. All he’s left is a note saying, “I’m going home.” Elizabeth runs to the lake just as Peter ties a concrete block to his waist and throws it into the lake. It pulls him down with it, and Elizabeth dives in to rescue him. She manages to pull the rope free and get him to the surface, as Peter screams that she’s not his mother and he wants to go home.

At the Jacksonville facility, Walter is putting the cortexiphan children through a series of exercises to enhance their abilities. Olivia talks with one of the boys, Nick, and Walter tells her to focus. Walter’s assistant, Miss Ashley, comes in to tell him that his wife has flown to Florida to talk to him. Walter ends the class early, and Olivia looks disappointed at the idea.

Walter talks to Peter, who insists that there are things “wrong” with the world. He doesn’t believe that Walter is his father and demands to go home. After Peter goes to sleep, Elizabeth admits to Walter that they can’t keep deceiving him, but Walter says they don’t have an alternative because they have no way to take Peter back to the Other Side without destroying both worlds. She insist that she can’t keep Peter save if he doesn’t trust her, and Walter says that he just needs a little more time so that the cortexiphan children can master their abilities and take Peter back.

At home, Olivia is reading when her stepfather angrily tells her to go to bed. He chases her through the house, and she suddenly finds herself in a field as something huge passes above her. A second later, she is back in her house.

Elizabeth makes breakfast for Peter the next day, and he warns her that he knows she’s not his mother. She tries to blame her gaffes on his memory, but Peter says that Walter took him from the other world at the bottom of the lake. He admits that he sounds crazy, but insists that he isn’t. Elizabeth suggests that they go out of the house to get some air.

At Jacksonville, Walter tells Miss Ashley that he wants to separate the children to conduct further testing. He notices that Olivia is alone and Miss Ashley explains that the girl claimed that she didn’t sleep well the previous night. Walter talks to her and notices that she has a black eye. Olivia insists she got it when she fell at her house, even when Walter says that she can trust him. He notices that she’s drawing a dirigible airship and determines that she saw it the other night when she “fell.”

As they drive into town, Elizabeth shows Peter a field of tulips that a scientist managed to breed to grow. She asks Peter what he’d change if he had the power to alter the world, and he says he’d go home. They go to a toy store and Elizabeth tells him to pick out one toy. She watches as he goes through various toys until he finally picks a toy airplane.

Walter decides to trigger Olivia’s ability by applying emotional stimulus. Elizabeth arrives with Peter, and the boy notices Olivia in the common area. Miss Ashley takes him to get a snack while Walter explains about Olivia and says they’re close to a breakthrough.

Later, Walter designates Olivia as Subject 13 and records his experiments on her, to send to William Bell later. He then begins triggering emotional responses of joy, exhilaration, anger, loneliness, and fear. Walter finally gets the idea of combining love with fear, and sets up an experiment where he has her friend Nick Lane made up to look like a corpse. Olivia screams and then disappears in a flash of energy.

At the nearby house, Elizabeth hears the fire trucks going by and tries to call the lab without success. She takes Peter to the facility. Meanwhile, Water cleans up Nick and then tells Ashley that they’re on the right track. Ashley tells him that they have another problem and goes out to greet Elizabeth, who wants to know what’s going on. The assistant aids that one of the children has disappeared but everything will be fine. Elizabeth and Peter go inside and as Peter waits, he notices Olivia’s cubby and looks through her sketchpad. Among the pictures is one of a field of tulips, and a scowling ogre.

Elizabeth leaves a note on her husband's desk and spots a memo that she reads. Walter comes in and his wife notes that he is proposing sending Olivia back to her home to her abusive stepfather, in the hopes that the unique combination of love and terror will stimulate cortical reaction. Elizabeth wonders if there is some other way, but Walter insists that there isn't and that soon, the Walter on the Other Side Ashley comes in and asks where Peter is, and Elizabeth confirms that Peter has disappeared.

On the Other Side, Walter is drinking heavily and watching a newscast about the six-month disappearance of his son. When Elizabeth tries to intervene, Walter admits that he has no idea what to do now that the police have given up on his son. He continues drinking and interrogates Elizabeth yet again about the Walter lookalike that abducted Peter. She refuses, saying they've done everything they can and they're long out of options. Elizabeth warns that they're marriage is falling apart, but her husband refuses to let it go. He goes into Peter's empty bedroom and sits for a while, then returns to Elizabeth. As he brushes her hair, he admits that he can't continue obsessing over Peter. Elizabeth says that she prays every day that someone is looking after Peter and keeping him safe, and that one day she 'll see him safe. Until then, she won't break or let their marriage break. She asks Walter to stay so they can put their marriage back together, rather than go to his office in Florida.

The next morning, Elizabeth wakes up in bed... alone. In Florida, Walter arrives at his office at Bishop Dynamic, takes a drink, and goes to work.

On This Side, Ashley shows Walter Olivia's drawing of the ogre, her stepfather.

Peter finds Olivia sitting in the field of tulips, surrounded by burnt flowers. When she wonders how he found her, he points out the drawing she made of the tulips, and says that it's the only happy drawing she made. He sits down next to her and Olivia tells him that her stepfather hit her. She believes that Walter will send her home, and Peter asks if she told Walter. When she admits that she didn't, Peter repeats Elizabeth's story of using imagination to make things the way that one wants, When Olivia asks what she should do, Peter says that she needs to trust someone and that she should tell Walter. It begins snowing and Peter asks if she imagined that.

At the daycare, the police are talking to Elizabeth and Ashley. The children return and Elizabeth embraces Peter. Inside, Olivia asks to see Walter immediately, and runs off to his office. She goes in and tells Walter, in shirt sleeves, that her stepfather beats her, and that's when she crossed over to the Other Side. She gives Walter her sketch pad and asks if he can stop her stepfather. A second later, the Walter in front of her disappears, while Walter comes in behind her, wearing a jacket, and asks what's wrong. Olivia looks down and realizes her drawing has disappeared from the desk where she gave it to the shirt-sleeved Walter.

Walter escorts Olivia to her waiting stepfather. and tells him that if anything happens to harm Olivia or make her uncomfortable, he'll inform Social Services and use his government contacts to make sure that the stepfather ends up in a great deal of trouble. he then tells Olivia to go home and get some rest, and the next day they'll figure out a new way to activate her abilities.

At home, Peter apologizes to Elizabeth for running off. He asks her if he's ever going back, and Elizabeth tells him that she will take care of him and make sure no one ever takes him away. When Peter asks if she's really her mother, Elizabeth says that he's confused due to his long illness and that she's his mother. She sends him off to wash his hands, and he gives her a hug and calls her "Mom" before leaving. Once he's gone, Elizabeth pours herself a glass of whiskey and starts drinking.

On the Other Side, Walter contemplates the drawing that Olivia left on his desk. He calls Elizabeth and tells her that he knows where Peter was taken.