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Making Angels - Recap

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Chet Williams meets with his doctor, who tells him that his melanoma can be treated and he has a 95% chance of recovery. Chet is less than happy. He goes to take the bus and an Asian man, Neil Chung, sits down next to him. Neil explains in graphic detail that the melanoma treatment will fail and Chet will spend the last few years of his life in agony. The bus arrives and Chet is lying on the bench, dead with blood dripping from his eyes.

The Other Side

Colonel Broyles calls Dunham and Lee in and informs them that Agent Farnsworth used her authority to forge a set of transit papers so that she could take the bridge to This side. Dunham points out that Farnsworth has had a tough day and that they know she’s no traitor, and offers to retrieve her on her own.

This Side

Peter and Walter are working on the Machine plans, trying to find a way to get Peter back to his timeline. Walter is more interested in making eggs, and complains that Peter isn’t as good a companion as Lincoln. Peter explains that Lincoln is attending his goddaughter’s birthday party, but Walter isn’t cheered up. Agent Farnsworth comes in and Walter at first thinks that she’s his Astrid. However, when she corrects his mispronunciation of her name, he realizes that it’s the Farnsworth from the Other Side. Astrid and Olivia come in and the two Astrids meet. Farnsworth talks about how she attended her father’s funeral and then asks if Astrid loves her father. Broyles calls Olivia to inform them that Dunham has come over to retrieve her teammate, and that they have a case. Walter assures them that he can take care of Farnsworth and that they should check on the death.

Olivia, Peter, and Astrid go to the bus stop and meet with Broyles. Walter, watching via Astrid’s camera, is intrigued by the blood leaking from the dead man’s eyes. He has Astrid confirm that the corpse’s organs are intact, and speculated that the symptoms match those of the Tears of Ra, a potion the ancient Egyptians used to euthanize their pets. Walter asks Astrid to bring the body back to the lab, and Farnsworth is intrigued by how Walter and Astrid work in tandem. He admits that talking and seeing through Astrid is a pleasant experience. Meanwhile, an Observer steps out of an office building window, calls his fellow Observers, and says that he thinks he’s located the item they’re looking for.

Back at Harvard, Astrid and Farnsworth work together to dissect the body. Walter is fascinated by the cause of death, which appears to be a variation of the Tears of Ra. However, he explains that the compounds could not have been anticipated to interact the way that they did. The only way someone could have created the poison was to have known the unknowable of how the compounds would interact. Farnsworth suggests the hand of God, and Walter, pleased, asks her to discuss the matter with him. Dunham arrives to get Farnsworth but decides to stay and help with the case, but Walter still remembers how she betrayed him when she impersonated Olivia.

Kerry Watson, a young woman, buys a bottle of liquor at a store3. As she walks away, she throws it in the garbage. However, Neil comes up behind her and tells her that she will eventually lose her struggle, drink, and ruin her life. Worse, she’ll ruin the lives of everyone she knows. Kerry says that he can’t know the future, but Neil says that everything is happening even as they speak and sprays her in the face with poison.

At the lab, Walter gives Dunham back all of the things she left when she abruptly returned to the Other Side. She suspects that he actually likes her despite his complaints, but Walter denies it. The team is called to the scene of Kerry’s murder, and they confirm that her eyes bled blood as well. Walter gives instructions to Astrid, but is dismayed when Peter manages to predict what he’s thinking and does them first.

When Peter returns to the lab, Walter refuses to let him help with the autopsy. Farnsworth notes that Walter is angry and wonders if he loves Peter. Walter explains that the new Peter is a reminder of the son he lost, and Farnsworth asks him if it would be preferable if Walter pretended that Peter is his son. Meanwhile, Olivia and Dunham go over the files on the two victims and try to find a common denominator. Dunham talks about Peter and says that he’s sneaky, and admits that she prefers nice guys. The two agents are unable to find a connection between the victims, but Olivia insists that there must be one.

At Logan International , Neil is working as a TSA inspector. He checks each passenger against the information on a blue glowing rod, and finally finds the one that he is looking for, Jared Colin. Later, Neil catches up to Jared in a parking lot. He explains that because he’s on his cell phone when he’s driving, he’ll be in a car accident and end up a paraplegic. He’ll then be sent to a home where he’ll die due to neglect. Neil pockets the blue rod as he finishes his recitation and then tries to spray Jared with the poison, but Jared blocks it with his briefcase and runs off.

The Fringe team gets word of the incident and go to see Jared at the hospital. His doctor tells them that Jared was paralyzed due to the collision. When they talk to Jared, he tells them that he didn’t recognize Neil but that he had a blue rod. Jared planned to start over after selling his business to his partner, but his flight was delayed. He doesn’t recognize the other two victims, and describes Neil as acting like a saint. Well aware that he will never walk again, Jared wishes that Neil had killed him after all.

At the lab, Astrid and Farnsworth go over the files on Jared and the others. While Astrid gets coffee for her counterpart, Walter tries to focus on the case. Dunham keeps bothering him, and Walter insists that he’s trying to work out how to find a compassionate killer. Farnsworth finally gets a break and confirms that all three victims went through Logan International in the last month, but at different times. The common denominator is that they were all three screened by TSA Badge 0047.

Olivia and Peter go to Logan to arrest Neil. He spots them and slips away in the crowd, while a guard stops them under Federal regulations. They then track down Neil to MIT where he worked as a mathematics professor. His former co-worker explains that Neil went insane after a summer at his lake house. When he came back, he became obsessed with high-level differential equations that Neil thought could flatten time and space, letting him see the past, present, and future simultaneously. The duo confirm that Neil’s lake house was at Reiden Lake, where Peter came back and where he did (or didn’t ) die as a child. Peter points out that the Observers exist simultaneously in time, and one of them saved his life. Olivia speculates that an Observer may be using Neil, and they drive to Reiden Lake.

At the lab, Farnsworth realizes that her counterpart treats Walter like a father. She admits that because of the way she is, she couldn’t love her father and that he wished she could. Farnsworth asks Astrid if her father would have loved her if she was normal and then walks away.

Peter and Olivia go to Neil’s lake house. Inside hundreds of equations taped the wall, along with newspaper articles on a car accident that claimed the lives of Neil’s father and twin brother Alex. Neil has also taped pictures of various historical saviors to the wall, and Olivia finds a photo of Neil with his mother Anne.

At his mother’s home, Neil locks the blue rod in a safe and then loads a gun. He goes out to the living and Anne asks why he is there to say goodbye. Neil tells her that he heard her the night that Alex died, wishing that God had taken Neil instead of her precious “angel.” He tells Anne that she was right and that now he can see the future and has helped others. When Anne tries to get through to him, he speaks simultaneously with her, knowing what she’s going to say. He explains that God gave him way to see the future so that he could spare others pain. Anne apologizes, insisting that she should never had heard what she said that night. However, Neil figures that God noticed him because of what he said. Now, he knows just as Jesus did that people are coming for him, and that it’s part of God’s plan.

Olivia and Peter break into the house, but Neil ignores them and reminds Anne that at his brother’s funeral, the preacher said that angels don’t belong on Earth. He then fires a shot at Olivia, missing and hitting the window behind her. She returns fire and kills him. Later, the EMTs take Neil’s body away. Olivia realized that Neil couldn’t kill himself because it would be a sin, and that he thought he would go to Heaven despite the murders because he was doing it out of compassion. As she leaves with Peter, Olivia admits that he makes a good partner.

That night, Farnsworth and Dunham prepare to leave. Walter gives Farnsworth a hug that she awkwardly accepts. Dunham shows him the metal object, which turns out to be a mint holder, and shares a mint with him. Warming up, Walter offers her some licorice and admits that she might have some positive qualities. Meanwhile, Astrid tells her counterpart that she isn’t close to her father, Stephen, who is not an emotional man. However, she insists that her father loves her, and tells Farnsworth that she should regret being more for her father. Astrid offers her hand and Farnsworth shakes it.

That night, Astrid goes home and her father, a warm and compassionate man, greets her. Astrid tells him that he loves her. Surprised, Stephen assures her that he loves her, too.

That night, the Observers March and December go to the Chung house and recover the blue rod from the safe. They confirm that it belongs to their fellow Observer, September, and it’s the one that he lost in 1985 when he didn’t save Peter. As they leave, March informs December that September didn’t follow his orders and now Peter Bishop has returned.