The Consultant - Recap

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The Other Side

Agent Lee is buried with honors as Lincoln watches from the car with Agent Farnsworth. At the grave, Altivia promises Lee’s parents that the people responsible will be brought to justice.

At Fringe Division, Altivia offers Alt Nina a reduced sentence in return for the identity of the mole within the Department of Defense who works for David Robert Jones. Alt Nina refuses and Altivia warns that she’s making a mistake. However, Alt Nina says that she isn’t going to be there very long and warns that soon things on the Other Side will become much worse.

This Side

Brian Bauer is holding a business meeting and rounds on one of his employees, Jeremy Delman. He demands to know why he and his partner had to cancel their flight, and Jeremy admits that he didn’t do his job. Bauer suddenly flies up into the air. He vibrates briefly and then crashes down... his body shattered.

The Fringe team is called to the office building and Walter notes that he tried to call Peter the previous night and didn’t get an answer. Olivia explains that two men died simultaneously in the building but nobody else was harmed. Walter examines the body confirms that the two men died as if they had been in some kind of high-velocity impact as if they were dropped. Meanwhile, Olivia talks to Jeremy, who says that Bauer was more angry than he had ever seen him.

Walter finds a laceration on Bauer’s abdomen and Astrid finds a similar abrasion on the other man. Peter suggests that the marks match those of a seat belt, and that they appear to have been in a car crash. Olivia gets a message from Broyles saying that a third man, a pilot, died in his apartment at the exact same moment. Walter realizes that the injuries are consistent with a plane crash, and then notices a widescreen TV on the wall.

The Other Side

Agent Farnsworth checks with This Side and confirms that there was a plane crash. As she reports to Broyles, Altivia comes in and he tells Farnsworth to coordinate information on the crash. Altivia has narrowed the list of suspects to 108 people that could be a mole, and Broyles reluctantly agrees to authorize surveillance. He then tells Altivia that a charter plane crashed and their counterparts on This Side died at the same time with the same injuries. Broyles tells her to cross the bridge and coordinate with their counterparts on The Other Side to conduct the investigation.

This Side

Olivia escorts Walter through the bridge and he thanks her for trusting him. Altivia and Lincoln arrive and she escorts Walter out. Lincoln tells Olivia that Altivia is coping as best she can and Olivia says that her counterpart is lucky to have his help. Altivia and Lincoln then take Walter out and he notices a sign listing all of the hotspots. The security guard at the gate offers his condolences to Altivia on Agent Lee’s death. Walter admits that he doesn’t have a theory yet about the dual deaths, and Altivia wonders if someone could have caused it on purpose, telling them what Alt Nina said. Walter admits that it’s possible, but if so then it’s nothing that he and Bell never conceived of.

At the Fringe Division lab, Walter examines the corpses and uses a sound machine to tune to a perfect G. He then takes out the severed hand of one of the victims on This Side and confirms that it is vibrating on the same frequency as other things on The Other Side. Walter believes that the events were somehow linked and Lincoln asks if they have the flight record. They listen to the recording and hear the pilots talk about it breaking part. Walter believes that the person responsible attached a device to the craft to cause the synchronization, but admits he has no idea what was intended.

David Robert Jones meets one of his contacts, who says that the experiment went well. Jones tells him to surprise him with the next target.

Broyles returns home and his wife Diane greets him, and then says that she’s been entertaining his friend. Jones is there, talking to Broyles’ son Chris. Broyles gets him alone and says that he’s violating contact protocols, and Jones gives him a packet of syringes and says that it’s overdue. He comments that Chris is responding well to the treatments and reminds Broyles that his son was in constant pain. Broyles says that he’ll have to pay for what he’s done eventually, and Jones notes that love makes everyone vulnerable but human. As he leaves, Jones tells Broyles that they’ll soon be calling on him for assistance.

This Side

In Springfield, Massachusetts, Jones’ man takes a taxi. As he gets out of the taxi when he reaches his destination, he leaves a device under the seat. A woman, Nancy Guerring, gets into the taxi and has the driver take her to Liberty Heights.

The Other Side

Nancy’s counterpart is buying pet food at a store.

This Side

The device activates and the taxi starts to vibrate.

The Other Side

Nancy is thrown across the floor and starts coughing up blood.

This Side

The next day, Peter and Olivia check out the crash site. They check in with Astrid, who is at the bridge and coordinating with Agent Farnsworth. Astrid has a gift of coffee for Farnsworth. Altivia and Walter are at the pet store examining the other Nancy. They confirm that the injuries on the two women are identical, while Peter searches the taxi for the device responsible. He finally locates the case and opens it, confirming that there’s amphilicite inside.

The Other Side

Walter, Altivia, and Lincoln report to Colonel Broyles, and Walter irritably admits that he doesn’t know what Jones is doing. Altivia offers to put him up at her house and goes to get Walter’s bag. While he waits, Walter apologizes to Colonel Broyles for snapping at him and admits that if he hadn’t crossed over years ago, they wouldn’t be in the current situation. Colonel Broyles asks if he would do it all over again if he had the chance, and Walter admits that now that he’s met the adult Peter, he believes he would do the same thing despite the consequences.

Agent Farnsworth approaches Altivia and says that she checked the 108 names, and found nothing to implicate any of them.

That night, Colonel Broyles meets with Jones, who gives him a device and tells him to affix it to the control panel on the Machine. When Colonel Broyles points out that the Machine is healing their world, Jones says that he’s healing Chris and walks away. Broyles goes home and gives Chris another injection, and the boy talks about how he got picked first for a sports team at school. Chris also learned that Stacy, the girl he has a crush on, told a friend that she likes Chris. Broyles tucks him in and says goodnight.

At Altivia’s apartment, Walter gets up and discovers that his host is drinking. She’s going over the evidence from Agent Lee’s murder and tells Walter her theory about the mole. Altivia also has all of Lee’s personal belongings, but admits that she can’t face his parents and has been drinking. Walter makes her some eggs to help her sober up and suggests she sleep on it, but Altivia says that there is no evidence. He suggests that the lack of evidence is evidence and casually notes that Colonel Broyles could have done it.

Once she sobers up, Altivia goes to see Alt Nina and turns off the surveillance cameras in her cell. She then tells Alt Nina that they found the mole and have Broyles in custody. Altivia assures the prisoner that he won’t be able set her free, but Alt Nina dismisses him as a pawn and their knowledge changes nothing. She insists that Jones will come for her, but Altivia points out that Jones may consider her as a pawn as well. Altivia then goes to Fringe Division and tells Lincoln what she learned. Agent Farnsworth interrupts them to explain that Broyles didn’t come in and his subcutaneous tracker was deactivated two hours ago.

Colonel Broyles goes to Liberty Island with the device. He hesitates for a few seconds and then gets out and enters the DoD facility. The soldier checks his show-me and confirms that he’s good to go.

Agent Farnsworth tracks Broyles’ show-me to Liberty Island and reports to Altivia. She and Lincoln go there and bypass security and enter the bridge.

Colonel Broyles goes to the chamber containing the Machine and looks up at it. Broyles from This Side arrives, saying he got his counterpart’s message. When Altivia and Lincoln come in, Broyles tells them that his counterpart has turned himself in and told them everything. Colonel Broyles apologizes to Altivia.

Later, Walter prepares to go back and Altivia hugs him. She thanks him for everything and Walter tells her not to judge Colonel Broyles, because he knows more than most what people will do for love. Altivia notes that Lincoln isn’t going back, and he reminds her that he promised to stay and help find the people who killed both their partners. As they leave, Lincoln assures Altivia that eventually it does get better.

Colonel Broyles is placed in a cell near Alt Nina’s.

This Side

Back at his lab in Harvard, Walter calls in Peter and Olivia. He tells them that Jones was doing a test and taking readings to find a common denominator, a frequency that could link both universes. Walter warns them that if Colonel Broyles had attached the device, Jones could have collapsed both universes.