In Absentia - Recap

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In the park, Peter tells Olivia that he would be glad to stay there the rest of their lives. They call to Etta, telling her that it's time to come home. As the girl turns toward them, Observers teleport into the park as a wave of energy sweeps across the nearby city. Olivia runs to grab Etta, but she blacks out and finds herself in a medic tent as Peter talks to the medics and they tell him that no one brought in a girl...

Olivia wakes up from her nightmare to find Peter seated by her bed. He realizes that his wife was having a nightmare about when Etta disappeared as a child, but assures Olivia that everything is all right now that they are all there together. Later, Olivia goes to the bathroom and rinses off, and finds family photos on the shelves.

Walter is in the kitchen wearing the unifier device and muttering. Astrid says that it's having an adverse effect on him and tries to remove it, but Walter stops her, insisting that he needs it to recover the plan to defeat the Observers. He puts the unifier back on and starts talking in Swedish as Olivia comes in to join the others. She points out that Walter already documented things and wondered if he wrote anything down. He doesn't remember and Etta says that they can't go to Harvard because the Observers took it over as a base for years ago. However, Walter says that there are already steam tunnels that they can use to get in.

The team goes to the Cambridge Electric Plant and Walter directs them to the hidden steam tunnels. They head toward the lab and they hear something moving nearby. Avoiding bursts of steam, they emerge into the lab only to discover that Walter ambered it to keep it safe. Walter finds the point where he was standing when he unleashed the blast, in front of a Betamax recorder embedded in the amber, and he realizes that he may have made a video journal.

A Loyaltist security guard comes in on patrol and the team captures him. They check his ID and confirm that his name is Gael Manfretti and he refuses to tell them why he was there. Walter says that he'll need a laser to cut the camera out of the laser, but there is no power. Astrid says that they'll need to turn on the power from the substation at the science building and Etta says that Gael can tell them. She locks him in the office and asks what he knows, but he refuses to talk. Etta takes a piece of equipment out of a case and attaches it to the nervous guard's hand. When Gael still refuses to talk, she activates the device and he vibrates and then ages, and Etta warns him not to waste anymore of his time.

Walter braces himself to smash open his laser disc player to get the necessary parts. He finally manages to do it, clears off a table, and goes to work. Olivia notices Etta torturing their prisoner and volunteers to get some parts Walter needs. She interrupts and asks Etta what she's doing, and she explains that she's using the angel device to age him and disorient him until he gives them what they need to know. Olivia offers him some water but Etta warns that it would prove lethal in his current condition. She tells her mother that the guard isn't worth their tears because the loyalists sell out their own kind, and warns Olivia that they're at war.

When Walter calls Etta out, she warns Olivia to stay away from the prisoner. When Etta comes out, Walter asks for her necklace so they melt down the silver for solder. Etta takes out the necklace, removes the bullet from it, and hands it over.

Gael tells Olivia that his absence won't go unnoticed but she doesn't believe him. She figures that he just came there to feed the pigeons that fly in and out of the building. Olivia tells Gael that he needs to tell Etta what he knows before he gets worse and says that he must have something to live for. Gael says that she doesn't have the authority to guarantee his safety on behalf of the resistance, and says that he isn't afraid to die. He offers to tell them everything if Olivia will tell his son not to come looking for him because he will never come home. Etta comes back in and turns up the charge on the angel device, and Olivia nods her head in agreement. Gael then tells them the main power grid is still in the science building and access requires a security code. All he knows is rumors that the Observers conduct experiments there, and gives them the first part of his security code. The second part is himself.

Olivia comes out and tells the others that there is an ocular scanner that they need to bypass. Peter realizes that something is wrong and Olivia explains what happened. Walter insists that the device is barbaric and Etta explains that the device is second-generation Observer technology that the loyalists used on the resistance. They hear loyalist guards outside and Olivia confirms that it's just a transport truck. Walter tells them that they have to bring Gael along to beat the ocular scanners, but Olivia points out that he can't survive the trip. After examining Gael's eye, he says that there's only one way. Realizing what he means, Etta agrees and Walter asks for a scalpel and a spoon, ignoring Olivia's objections.

Walter has Astrid get him a jar of pig eyes and starts altering it to duplicate the retinal pattern of Gael's eye. Meanwhile, Olivia stencils a loyalist tattoo on Peter's face after he dons Gael's uniform. Once she's done with her husband, she has Etta sit down to apply another tattoo. Etta thanks her mother for agreeing to go instead of her because she has the experience to restore the power.

Once Walter has made a duplicate eye, he gives it to Peter and warns that they have no way to know for sure if it's completed until they try it. Peter and Etta then go to the science center. They pass two Observers and one of them looks at them briefly.

At the lab, Olivia asks Gael why he joins the loyalists and he explains that they do it because of pain. One of his children was killed during a resistance battle against the Observers, and Olivia says that she knows what it means to lose a child. Gael wanted to be safe and he was angry at the resistance because they fight for a hopeless cause. In return for his cooperation, the Observers look after him and he doesn't have to worry about his surviving boy. Gael tells Olivia that they can't win and that the world would be safer if the resistance stopped fighting.

Peter and Etta got the security checkpoint at the medical science wing and Peter uses the pig eye. The security guards pick it up and call Gael to figure out why he's out of his sector. Olivia picks up the radio and tells Gael to answer it, reminding him of their agreement. She coaches him into telling them that he went to fix a fuse, and Gael tells them that Observer Number 19 ordered him to do it. Impressed, the guards tell him to fix the fuse and get out, and let Peter and Etta in. Olivia accuses Gael of setting them up, but he insists that he has never been there and didn't know what would happen.

As they pass the rooms, Etta sees Simon's severed head mounted and used for medical experiments. Peter stops her as she draws a gun and tries to break in, and he assures her that they can take vengeance later once they've won. He promises that they'll pay for what they've done.

Gael asks Olivia if she thinks they can win. She says that they have to win so that all those who died didn't do so for nothing.

Peter and Etta reroute the power to the lab and Astrid warns that they have to turn off the lights before someone sees them. Once Walter turns them off using the Clapper, he starts cutting into the amber and then offers Astrid the chance. She takes over while Etta and Peter return to the lab. Etta goes off alone to the office and Olivia asks Peter what happened. Once she explains, Olivia goes into the office and offers her condolences on Simon's fate. Etta dismisses it as a cost of freedom, frees Gael, and says that she's going to turn him over to the resistance. When Olivia objects, Etta says that the resistance will get everything else out of him and dispose of him. Her mother explains that Gael joined to protect his son but Etta says that Gael realized that he could manipulate Olivia and lied about his child. Olivia admits that she had hoped that Etta wasn't hardened by what the Observers did, and she's concerned about what they've taken from her. Unimpressed, Etta says that the world is what it is and goes out.

Once they're alone, Gael gives Olivia his address and the name of his son. Olivia tells him that she keeps his word and Gael says that he knows.

Etta asks Walter for a sedative and he prepares one for her. She then gesso back in the office and leaves with Gael, giving Olivia a comm device in case Walter needs anything else. Meanwhile, Peter finally removes the camera from the amber

Once they leave the lab, Etta drives away with Gael and takes him to an isolated area. She then demands to know if he has a son and Gael admits that he doesn't. He tells Etta that she was right about him and that he became a loyalist because he's a coward. Etta considers and then tells him to leave. Gael hesitates and then tells her that he's going to fight for the resistance. She doesn't believe him but Gael says that his active Tat ID should prove useful. He explains that he saw a certainty in Olivia's eyes that he's never seen before and that for the first time he felt that they were supposed to win. Gael asks why Etta is letting him live and she says that she saw something in Olivia's eyes as well: pity for all of them.

At the lab, Walter removes a tape from the Betamax camera but realized that it was damaged from the heat of the laser. They play it and get a distorted video of Walter warning that his plan to stop the Observers has failed. He says that he recorded his instructions on a variety of tapes and they have to recover them and complete his plan. The tape is damaged past that point and Peter carefully removes it. Meanwhile, Etta sends Olivia a video broadcast of Gael running away to safety. She then tells Olivia that she's on her way back.

After clearing the tape, Peter replays the part of the tape where Walter says that they must begin the journey and get the first tape.