The Same Old Story - Recap

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In Boston, a man is in a hotel room with an exotic dancer, Loraine Daisy. While she talks, the man goes into the next room and removes a bag full of surgical tools. He fills a hypodermic and then removes a refrigerated storage cylinder. However, Loraine starts screaming in pain and staggering around the room. Her stomach starts to swell and the man tries to reassure her. Her stomach growing by the instant, Loraine gets outside and the man gets her into his car and drives her to the hospital. He drops her off on the steps and leaves.

The doctors take her to the ER, concluding that she’s been pregnant for months. Her heart stops and they perform a Caesarean to remove the baby… and then recoil in horror.

Broyles meets with a shadowy group, including Nina Sharp, and introduces them to his new “team.” Nina is skeptical about recruiting Walter and Olivia, particularly since the latter was having an affair with the traitor John Scott. Broyles stands by his choice, noting she didn’t hesitate to go after John, and then calls Olivia to assemble her team to get to the medical center.

Olivia goes to the hotel room where Peter and Walter are staying. She tells Peter to get his father ready and meet her. Peter finds Walter in the closet, unable to sleep because a patient at the asylum isn’t there to sing Row Row Row Your Boat They head to the site where Broyles shows them the dead woman and the baby. The baby grew upon delivery and continued growing, and is now a dead old man. Walter provides a diagnosis and needs a lab, and Broyles reminds him he has one.

At the lab, Broyles explains the “Pattern” to Peter and Olivia. They determine what hotel that Loraine was staying at and Walter snaps at Olivia when she tries to get him to come with them. Peter goes with her to the hotel and finds an orange gel in the bathroom. They take the sample and Olivia realizes the man took everything that belonged to him. Olivia finds sheets in a cabinet and realizes that the man went to the hotel in advance and replaced the sheets with medical linens. She knows the man: he was a killer that she and John worked against together.

The next day, Olivia explains to Peter that 12 years ago the murderer, nicknamed “the Brain Surgeon,” killed five women, each time luring them to a hotel, giving them a muscle relaxant, and surgically removing a piece of their brain. She figures that he’ll kill again.

At a strip bar, the killer enters and attracts a woman’s attention.

Olivia goes to meet with Charlie to reopen the case. He wonders when she’ll be working for him again and be taken off special assignment. Olivia is feeling guilty that she didn’t realize who John really was and didn’t stop her. Charlie agrees to give her the case files.

In Stoughton, Massachusetts, the killer arrives at a warehouse with his victim and shows her a chair on a platform. He has her go to the window to check the view, and then injects her with the muscle relaxant.

Peter returns to the lab to find his father milking the cow. Walter shows Peter the test results, that Loraine was impregnated by a man who is the results of experiments similar to those that Walter conducted 30 years ago. However, Walter has remembered something even more important: where he parked his car 17 years ago. They go to the garage while Walter admits he’s hidden other things all over town, and they get the car back to the lab.

Olivia goes over the files outside the lab when Peter and Walter arrive. They go through Walter’s old research files while he mentions the pituitary gland. Olivia points out the Brain Surgeon removed his victims’ pituitary glands, and Walter notes that rapid aging ca be induced artificially by manipulating the pituitary gland. Olivia finds a case file connected to Dr. Claus Penrose, one of Walter’s former colleagues. Together they did research on rapid aging. They locate Penrose who has taken a college teaching position at Boston College.

The Brain Surgeon has strapped the woman down and prepares to operate.

Olivia and Peter meet with Penrose and show him a photo of the “baby.” He says his work was highly theoretical and wrong, and he resigned from the U.S. government after a year. He was threatened with deportation and came to believe that Walter’s imprisonment was for the best, so his knowledge wouldn’t be unleashed upon the world. They leave but neither one of them believe Penrose is telling them everything.

Charlie informs Olivia that they’ve found a body fitting the profile and it’s been taken to Walter. Olivia and Peter get to the lab and Walter explains that he was put in charge of a project to”grow” soldiers for the U.S. government through artificial insemination and advanced aging. The problem was how to stop the aging process. Walter believes the killer is a test tube subject, and is slowing the aging process by extracting the pituitary glands from his victims. The woman at the hospital was an accident: the killer had sex with Loraine, the condom failed, and the woman screamed before he could kill her and take her pituitary gland.

Penrose goes to the warehouse and confronts the Brain Surgeon, Christopher. The doctor knows what has happened, but warns Christopher that they have to be careful. They need only one more victim to cure Christopher.

At the lab, Walter comes up with a plan: they need to capture the image of the last thing the victim saw. She was given a muscle relaxant, which would have frozen the neural impulses at the moment of death. Together, Walter and Peter come up with a way to transmit what she saw to a TV screen. Meanwhile, Olivia is outside when Peter comes out and tries to reassure her, then asks for the equipment they need. Unfortunately, Massive Dynamic is the only corporation with the patent.

Broyles and Olivia go to meet Nina and while they wait, Olivia asks about John’s dying comment that her assignment to the case wasn’t a coincidence. In response he asks her if she practiced safe sex. He realizes she didn’t… and her stomach starts to swell. She screams in pain… and then wakes up, alone, as she waits to meet with Nina.

Nina thanks Olivia for keeping the company’s name out of the press and offers her condolences on John’s death. She gives the necessary piece of equipment, a pulse camera, to Olivia. In the lab, Walter removes the victim’s eyes while Peter taps into the optic nerve and hooks it to the TV screen.

Christopher goes to a bar and sets his sights on another victim. He gets her to the warehouse and prepares to operate.

In the lab, Olivia spots an image of the bridge and Astrid recognizes it in Stoughton. Using the image mapping database, they pinpoint the point of view and determine the location of the warehouse. They then check satellite imagery and locate a grey sedan at the warehouse at the estimated time of death of the victim.

Olivia and Peter head for the warehouse and Peter insists on going in with Olivia. They find Penrose standing over the still-living victim, and hear Christopher running away. Olivia goes in pursuit as the man runs outside while Penrose manages to hit the IV and give the victim an overdose of anesthesia. He escapes and Peter calls Walter for advice.

As Christopher runs through the streets, he starts to age. Meanwhile, Peter improvises a cardiac defibrillator and manages to revive the woman. Olivia catches up to Christopher who is now aged to the verge of death. Christopher admits that he was an experiment and someone paid Penrose to keep Christopher alive. Christopher dies while insisting that Penrose loved him.

Later, Olivia returns the camera to Nina, who congratulates Olivia on settling into her position. Nina then offers Olivia a job and hints that it might give Olivia more information on the Pattern.

Broyles informs Olivia that Penrose has escaped and that the operation is under top-security clearance. He asks her if Nina asked about the Pattern but Olivia notes that Nina offered her a job. When Broyles wondered if she took the job, she only notes that she told Nina that Broyles would be giving her a raise.

At the lab, Peter refuses to sign the confidentiality statement and Walter wonders at Penrose’s inability to distinguish between Man and God’s domain. He talks about Peter’s medical history, but Olivia doesn’t know anything about it. Walter then seemingly forgets about the issue, leaving Olivia puzzled.

Later at the hotel, Walter is trying to get to sleep by reciting numbers… and keeping Peter awake. Peter starts singing Row Row Row Your Boat... and Walter manages to get to sleep. As he dozes off, he dreams of Peter and two other men in a laboratory, undergoing experimentation.