Bound - Recap

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Peter arrives and watches his father feed LSD to a caterpillar. As he admits such things have become typical for him, Astrid arrives and asks if Olivia has called in. She tells them that Olivia has disappeared. At FBI HQ, Broyles is busy mobilizing everyone to find Olivia.

Olivia wakes up strapped down to a gurney in a warehouse. Several men are examining her, led by a man wearing a plastic Halloween mask. The man says it won't take long and then flips her over on the gurney, exposing her back. He performs a spinal tap and as he stands next to Olivia as she looks down, she notices his distinctive shoes with a white spot on the right one. The abductor goes into the next room and reveals his mask: he's Mitchell Loeb. As he leaves for his office, Olivia asks for a glass of water. One of the assistants gives her one and agrees to release her hand so she can sit up and drink it. She smashes it in his face, throws a scalpel into another man, cuts herself free, and subdues the others. She goes into the next room and knocks out the man on duty, then grabs a collection of sample yellow powder and puts it in an empty thermos.

Broyles gets a call from an old associate: Sanford Harris. Harris warns Broyles that he's been assigned to do a review of the Fringe Division.

Olivia grabs a set of keys and a cell phone and goes outside, where she finds the SUV that matches the keys. As she drives away, she calls Broyles and gives him the building's address. She tells him where she'll be and then pulls over en route to bury the thermos in an empty lot. She arrives at the rendezvous spot but FBI agents arrive and order her to put down the gun and surrender. When she tries to run, they shoot her with a tranquilizer dart.

Olivia wakes up handcuffed to a hospital bed at Boston Hospital. Sanford Harris is at her bedside and they clearly know each other. Harris comments she probably didn't expect to see him, and she says she doesn't think of him much. Harris notes she must take satisfaction from getting him convicted of sexual assault. He informs her that his conviction was overturned and he now works for Homeland Security. He questions her loyalty, pointing out that her partner and lover John Scott turned out to be a traitor, Peter is a criminal, and Walter is insane. She asks if she's under arrest and he gives her the handcuff key. As he leaves, he tells her she won't be investigating her own abduction.

Olivia returns to her office and prepares to go back to the building where she was held captive. Charlie tells her that the building is empty and the gun, car, and cell phone she stole are all clean. He tells her that a woman has come to see her and Olivia explains that the woman is her sister Rachel. Olivia goes out to greet Rachel and her daughter, Ella. Ella gives Olivia Magic 8-Ball as a present. Olivia tells them she's working a case and they can wait for her at her apartment, and she'll meet them later.

Olivia heads back to the Harvard laboratory and has Walter and Peter meet her outside. They drive to the empty lot where the samples are and Walter says he recognizes the substance.

Epidemiologist and professor Stewart Kinberg is giving a lecture at Boston College and takes a drink of water as he talks. He almost immediately starts to choke and his assistant Tara comes over to help. Despite her efforts he seemingly chokes to death, and then his throat swells. Tara and the audience look on in horror as a large spiked slug, almost a foot long, crawls out of Kinberg's mouth and scurries into the auditorium.

Broyles calls Olivia and the Bishops to investigate and Walter concludes that the creature grew inside of Kinberg and ripped him open from the inside. Peter tries to locate the creature with a heat-sensing device and they chase it through the auditorium until Walter slams a garbage can down over it. They take it back to the lab and after analyzing it, Walter concludes it has the same genetic structure as the samples that Olivia stole from her abductors.

Broyles talks to Harris and complains about his treatment of Olivia. Harris says that a junior agent like Olivia is the least of his concerns and that the Pentagon is worried about Broyles and how he's taken control of Fringe Division. He promises a fair hearing but Broyles is skeptical.

Olivia talks to Tara, who doesn't remember anything unusual in Kinberg's life before his death. Olivia notes that he's been coming home late the last few nights and his wife didn't know why. Tara finally admits she was having an affair, and that Kinberg had violated orders to tell her that he was taking a job with the CDC: member of a task force to deal with epidemics.

Olivia goes back to talk to Broyles after determining that Dr. Russell Simon, a Cambridge professor, received a similar job offer. She wants to put Simon in protective custody but Broyles warns that Harris is monitoring everything. Olivia wonders if he's in charge or not and Broyles tell her to do what needs to be done. After calling Rachel to tell her she'll be late, Olivia asks Charlie to come with her. As they leave, Mitchell promises them that he'll find Olivia's abductors.

Olivia and Charlie bring Dr. Simon to FBI as he tells them that no one but his wife knew he had taken the job with the CD. Harris talks to Olivia in private and disagrees with wasting taxpayer money putting Simon in protective custody. Olivia appeals to him, saying that Simon will die if they don't protect him. Surprisingly, Harris agrees.

Peter calls Olivia to inform her that Walter has discovered the creature is a murder weapon: the samples she found are eggs, and they react with stomach acid to grow at astonishing speed. As she talks, Olivia is unaware that Mitchell has brought Simon a glass of water with the yellow powder mixed in. He leaves and Charlie comes in a minute later, and watches helplessly as Dr. Simon chokes together.

Olivia gets back to the lab where Walter explains that the "slug is actually a single-celled organism spawned from a cold virus. Olivia is more worried about the dead men then herself, and Peter says that he cares about her too. Walter notices his comment but Peter looks blank when his father points out what he said.

That night, Olivia cooks supper for her sister and niece and asks Rachel about "Greg." Rachel says that she's worried she can't handle raising Ella on her own and Olivia promises that they can stay there as long as they need. When Rachel looks nervous, Olivia asks her if anything else is bothering her but she denies it.

The next day, Mitchell stops by Olivia's desk to assure her he's still working on her abduction case. He jokingly tosses her the Magic 8-Ball and when she drops it, she notices that his shoes are the same as her abductors, down to the spot on the right shoe. She quickly tells Charlie what's going on in private, and says she needs him to do her a favor since Harris is watching her.

Olivia goes to the Loebs' home and checks to see if anyone's home. Meanwhile, Charlie goes to the Harvard lab and asks Peter to put a wiretap on Mitchell's phone. Olivia starts to pick the lock but Mitchell's wife Samantha arrives. She's puzzled that Olivia is there and Olivia says she wanted to check on her since Mitchell's surgery. Samantha invites her in for tea and asks why she's in the area. Olivia says she's investigating a double agent in the FBI and asks to use the bathroom. Samantha is glad to let her go so she can call her husband.

Peter ha a friend set up a wiretap so he and Charlie can listen in. Samantha calls Mitchell while Olivia goes through their desk in the study. Mitchell tells Samantha to shoot Olivia dead and make it look like Olivia attacked her. In the study, Olivia finds photos of the cold-virus slugs.

Peter finally gets the wiretap in place and hears Mitchell telling his wife to kill Olivia. He quickly calls Olivia and warns her. Samantha goes after Olivia but Olivia gets the drop on her. Samantha drops her gun but then breaks into tears. She gets close enough to disarm Olivia and the two fight. They both manage to grab their guns and fire: Samantha misses and Olivia shoots her in the head, killing her instantly.

Olivia returns to headquarters and they realize Mitchell has escaped. Peter figures that since the FBI has secured the Loebs' house, Mitchell doesn't know hi wife's dead and they can send him a text message setting up a fake meeting. They put the plan in motion and wait for Mitchell at a phone booth. As they sit, Walter comments to Olivia that Peter was worried about him, and Peter says it's just natural concern.

Mitchell arrives and they manage to arrest him. He smirks at Olivia, who punches him in the face. Back at headquarters, he refuses to talk to Olivia and Charlie. Harris, watching through a one-way mirror, doesn't think Olivia can get a confession out of him. Olivia asks Charlie to leave them alone then asks if Mitchell wants to see his wife. She shows him a photo of Samantha, dead, and informs him she's the one who shot her. Mitchell breaks and admits he killed Kinberg and Simon, then asks if she understands the rules. He insists that they're working against the other side, and that they abducted Olivia to save her and then were going to release her later. Olivia has no idea what he's talking about.

As Olivia leaves with Walter and Peter, she wonders if Mitchell was telling the truth. Peter and Walter both insists that the double agent is nuts but Olivia isn't so sure.

At home, Olivia dozes off reading her niece a story. Rachel covers them both over and turns off the lights.