Unleashed - Recap

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Olivia is reading a bedtime story to Ella when Rachel comes in to tell her daughter to go to bed. Olivia gets a call from Peter and she wonders what’s wrong, but he says he’s calling for Rachel. As Rachel takes the call, Olivia reads about a monster and assures Ella there’s no such thing.

Four animal activists break into a lab and free the animals. One of the activists, Jonathan, checks out a special door, setting off an alarm. A security guard gets the signal and goes to investigate. Jonathan opens the door and goes inside. The guard comes in and ignores the activists, and tells them all to go out. As he checks out the door, something grabs him and pulls him inside. The activists run outside but something grabs Jonathan and pulls him inside. The creature attacks the truck and they go off the road. The activists survive the crash… but the creature attacks them.

The next morning, Pete arrives at the lab and tries to take some of Walter’s omelet. Walter warns him and Peter discovers that the omelet contains a human ear. Walter explains it was a protein incubator and Peter suggests he not leave toxic substances around the lab. Astrid interrupts to tell them that they’re needed in the field. Broyles explains that three people were found dead. Walter determines that the creature had enormous claws but in a configuration similar to an eagle. Olivia notices four paper cups and concludes they’re missing a body. Peter recognizes the cups from a cheap restaurant near MIT and Olivia uses the student database to identify the victims.

Olivia determines one of the victims, Chris, lived at a house with Carl Bessler. She talks to Carl who says Chris was an animal rights activist.

In the lab, Walter examines the bodies and discovers fang marks. The marks indicate a snake 8’ long. Olivia returns and confirms all the victims were animal right activists. Walter suggests that two or three animals would have had to been present to inflict all the wounds. Astrid and Olivia start checking nearby labs for reports of break-ins. As they go to work, Walter removes a stinger from one corpse and appears to recognize it.

Two animal control workers get a report from a housewife and go into the woods. They hear something moving in the wood.

Peter asks Olivia if she’s found the fourth victim, and she asks him if he’s friends with Rachel. Peter wonders if it bothers her and she claims it doesn’t. Meanwhile, Walter is going through his old files and finds information which he quickly hides. Olivia tells the team that Charlie is in the field investigating the animal control report and she’s going to help him. Walter tells her to be careful and Peter wonders why he’s so emphatic.

Charlie arrives at the animal control truck and finds one man dead in the cab. He calls for backup and goes into the woods. He finds the second worker, dead, and the creature attacks him. Olivia hears his gunshots and runs into the woods after him. She finds Charlie, injured but alive, and the creature gone. The EMT removes a stinger from Charlie and Walter collects it, and then asks for a detailed description of the creature. He finally says that he believes the creature is manmade and combines the DNA of various animals. However, someone would have to figure out a way to deal with the DNA rejection. Astrid calls and ells Olivia that she’s located a lab near the murder scene.

Olivia goes to the lab, Swift Laboratories, and talks to Dr. Robert Swift. He explains they do animal testing for allergic reactions but seems distracted by the cleanup work the staff is performing. When Olivia asks if she can take a look, Swift tells her that she needs to search warrant because he has to respect his client’s confidentiality.

Olivia returns to the lab and asks Walter for a list of items necessary to create a genetic hybrid, so she can trace any purchases Swift made. Olivia asks Peter to help Walter focus, but Walter explains that he found a book with sketches of genetic hybrids in with his old files. He tried to make such a creature 20 years ago, but his experiments failed. Walt says that he was working with Kelvin Genetics, doing classified work for the U.S. government. Astrid notices that one of the activists’ bodies is moving. They open it up and find larvae crawling out of the corpse. As they look on, the larvae grow larger, ripping open the corpse. Walter realizes that the creature injects them using its stinger, and Olivia remembers that Charlie was stung.

Charlie is at home with his wife Sonia when Olivia arrives to tell Charlie what the situation is. She takes him to the lab where Walter confirms there are larvae in Charlie’s stomach. They’ve spread too far for Walter to remove surgically. A guilty Walter tries to come up with a solution and tells Peter to get some trichlorimide. He has Astrid take a blood sample while Olivia tells Charlie he has about 16 hours left.

At a playground, a boy plays on a climbing structure, unaware that the creature is hiding in one of the tubes.

Broyles tells Olivia that no one that Walter worked with at Kelvin Genetics have any connection to the case. Peter calls and tells Olivia that the poison is killing the larvae, but is lethal to Charlie as well. Walter suggests they mix the mother creature’s blood with Charlie’s so the larvae don’t attack Peter’s system any more.

At the park, the boy’s mother notices something in the tube and pulls her son out just in time.

Olivia and Peter go over the sighting reports and note there are an unusually small number for such a large creature. Walter starts to tell Charlie that he helped create the creature, but Olivia interrupts to suggest that the creature is traveling through the sewers. Walter despairs of them ever finding the creature and walks out. Charlie starts to scream in pain as the larvae grow larger.

As the team checks the creature’s newest sighting, Carl calls and tells Olivia that a MIT student hasn’t appeared in class: Jonathan Swift. Olivia goes to the lab and confronts Dr. Swift. She figures that Jonathan learned about his father’s experiments and broke in with the other activists. Olivia explains that Charlie is dying and Jonathan may be injured. Dr. Swift breaks down and explains that the creature killed his son and a geneticist, Cameron Deglmann, who inspired Walter’s work 20 years ago. They get a list of the animals that went into the mix and one of them is a bat. Peter and Walter realize that the bat’s immune system makes it a perfect candidate for animal hybridization. However, they still need a sample of the creature’s blood. Walter suggests that since bats are highly maternal, they use the larvae from the corpse as bait. He believes they can kill it with incendiary rounds.

Olivia, Peter, and Walter equip themselves and head into the sewers near the creature’s last sighting. Charlie tells Olivia not to get hurt on his behalf, but she points out he’d do the same for her. As they go, Walter secretly pockets the bottle of trichlorimide.

In the sewers, Walter finds a spot to conduct the vibrations from the larvae so the creature will sense them and come looking for them.

Charlie calls his wife and has what might be his last chat with her. He doesn’t tell her his condition. Sonia shares a bad joke with him and he laughs out of politeness, and then tells her he’ll see her later.

Walter sings as they wait, then says he has to urinate. He goes off, but then locks the gate so they can’t follow him. He drinks the trichlorimide and explains if the creature eats him, it will poison itself and die. Before leaving, Walter tells them the antidote is in the lab and they have an hour to administer it. Moving through the sewers, he finds the hybrids droppings. The creature drops down behind him but Peter breaks through the gate and arrives. As the creature goes for Peter, Walter shoots it dead.

Back at the lab, Walter takes the antidote and injects the creature’s blood into Charlie. As they wait, Walter apologizes to Peter for not thinking of the consequences. Peter admits he knows that, but Walter was brave facing the creature. The larvae die off and Charlie is saved. Later, he gets into bed with his wife and holds her.

At her apartment, Olivia arrives home to find Rachel and Ella sleeping on the couch. She goes to bed with the window open. She turns off the lights… then reconsiders and turns them back on.